Right now it’s time for another
edition of Ellen, Rate My Baby. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now all right, this
is not a competition. There are no losers, but
there will be a winner. Anna from Atherton,
California posted this photo of her son Adam. All right. I shall now rate her baby. I doubt he’s a real doctor,
but I like ambitious babies, so that plus seven points. His name tag reads Doctor Drool,
and drool is one of the reasons I don’t have kids, so
that’s minus three points. But I don’t see any
evidence of drool, so that makes me think
Doctor Drool is ironic. And I love a baby
who gets irony. So that’s plus
eight points, it’s a total of 12 out of 10 points. Congratulations Adam. Crystal. Crystal from Edmonton, Canada. Is that near Montreal
by any chance? No. OK. Do you know Crystal? She posted this baby. This post about her son Arshawn. And I shall now rate Arshawn. Bow ties are an
automatic eight points. Also it’s not a clip
on bow tie, it’s the real deal, that’s
another four points. He forgot to wear a
shirt, rookie mistake, that’s minus six points. Although he has a future
as a Magic Mike dancer, that’s plus 10 points. That gives him 16
out of 10 points. Shelley from Seattle,
Washington posted this photo of her daughter Kya. I shall now rate her baby. Her hair defies gravity,
so she might grow up to be an astronaut. We need more women in
that field, so that plus five points. This baby clearly
has a lot of energy, I like babies when
they’re sleeping, so that’s minus 3 points. And as the rules state,
it’s an automatic two points for every roll, that’s
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 4 more if you count
the knees, that’s a total of 20 out of 10 points. Kya is the winner. If you want me to rate your
baby, post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag
Ellen, rate my baby. But remember please don’t
try rating babies at home. I am a professional baby rater. I’m also a professional
host, both here and at TGI Fridays on the
weekends, and I am going to host some of my
viewers in our bubly sky box up there. bubly is a new
delicious sparkling water, and if you want to take my
bubly Skybox smile challenge, all you have to do is send
me a short video of you making a stranger smile. Here’s a video that
was just sent in. Hope he lets me. Some people can be picky. Hi. Hi. Knock knock. Who’s there. Little old lady. Little old lady who? Oh, I didn’t know
you could yodel. At least I put a smile
on your face, right? Yeah. All right. That was posted from– that’s good, she made him
smile, that’s the challenge. That’s great, because she
made him smile in that job. ‘Cause from what I hear
it can take a toll on you. [LAUGHTER] Ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha. Keep those videos
coming for a chance to sit-in my bubly Skybox.