Two of the most
amazing experiences I ever had were going
on safari in Kenya, visiting the mountain
gorillas in Rwanda, and the third was
interviewing Ryan Gosling. I wanted to bring the safari
experience to Hollywood, so I set up the first ever
Los Angeles wildlife safari. I rigged a tour van
with hidden cameras. I had my writer, Adam,
act as a tour guide. He picked up unsuspecting
tourists on Hollywood Boulevard at night, and told
them they were going to go look for coyotes,
mountain lions, and bobcats. And, I mean, we have
Adam do a lot of things, but this is probably one
of my favorite things that he’s ever done. I was literally crying laughing
in my office this morning. Here’s what happened. [MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome, you guys. I’m Adam. I’ll be your guide. This is the inaugural tour
of our LA Wildlife Safari. Here in LA, we have everything
from small rodents and birds, up to large predators like bears
and mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes. So what animals are you guys
hoping to see here tonight? Cougars! Cougars. Looks like there might
be some movement. There might be
movement up there. I thought this was
a coyote at first. This is a person. We’ll go by slowly so
we don’t scare them. It looks like an
iPhone in his hand. Yeah, it is an iPhone. All right, now, we will
be getting out here. You can bring your
belongings with you or leave them on the van. Here’s a flashlight. Yeah, make sure you
guys get a flashlight. It is dark here. So this is called Sherman
Oaks Van Nuys Park. In this environment, there’s
three unique ecosystems. So there’s a temperate forest
here, where you see the trees. And then we also have fitness
equipment and a baseball diamond. [MUSIC PLAYING] No, there’s nothing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here’s a moth. Here, do you look at it
through the binoculars. Yeah. It’s right up
there by the light. Oh, jeez. That’s really bright. Is it OK if we get some
pictures with your dog? He’s not friendly sometimes. He’s not friendly. All right, everyone stay back. Stay back. He’s not friendly. Sir, with the
video camera, back. There are celebrities
that live in the Valley. George Clooney actually
lives in the Valley, and there are celebrity
animals around, also. I once saw a dog back at Aroma
Cafe, walking up front there, I saw a dog that was on
an episode of Frasier. Yeah. Yeah, right in here. Yeah. We can get out of the car here. And we’ll walk to
our next location. Can I stay? Yeah, you’re welcome
to stay on the van. We won’t be long here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Shh. So we have a pigeon here. This one appears to
be an alpha male. So you don’t want to
look directly at it. They do get
aggressive when you’re kind of near their home nest. But these are
California pigeons. So these are pretty
much genetically identical to the pigeons that
you would have anywhere else. Does anybody want
to get a picture? [MUSIC PLAYING] Is this his first
time to do this? Quite honestly, I don’t
think I’d pay $35 for this. No. Here you can see there is a
nest with three pigeons in it. There’s two females down
here, and then the alpha male is up there, the silverback. So they’ve actually
built their nest right into those wires that are put
there to keep the pigeons away. It’s like in Jurassic Park when
they say “life finds a way,” so these pigeons
have found a way. And then down here, you
can see the droppings. Where’d he take them? You do know this guy, right? Cockroach. Cockroach! It appears to be an alpha male. There it goes. Let’s see where it’s going. We’ll just follow
it for a little bit. You think they’re OK? I’m getting worried about them. I mean, I don’t even
see them at all. Let’s see– this is
right along the highway, this sort of pristine area. I see flashlights coming. All right, we’re back. Hopefully, you were able to bond
with Doug while we were gone. We’re going to try to
see some raccoons here. Oh, [BLEEP]. Here you go. I’ve seen the
raccoons here myself. There’s a family
that comes through. There’s two small ones and then
a large one, the alpha male. So we’ll just set up here in
this area by this dumpster here. It smells. It smells? That’s what attracts them
in, though, actually. The smell goes back
down that alley and through the bushes here
where they live, so yeah. I don’t see them around
yet, so we’re all just going to be quiet
for a little bit. We’ll see if they
show up, and just try to keep the
conversation to the minimum. [CLEARING THROAT] I’ll try to lure them
out a little bit. So I’m not actually
a tour guide. You guys watch The
Ellen DeGeneres Show? (ALL) Yes. So he’s taping for the
Ellen DeGeneres show. Oh, my god, guys! And there’s hidden cameras
on the tour bus, also. So you guys have all been on
the first and last LA Wildlife Safari. Thank you guys for
being good sports. You guys all want
to wave to Ellen! Ellen, you’re so cool! Ellen! I mean, they sat in
chairs around a dumpster on the street. Oh, Adam, thank you. And thanks to the tourists for
putting up with all of that. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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