“SOOBIN is so handsome”. SOOBIN? “Handsome”. I’m always amazed by
how fast the comments are coming up. Why don’t you copy that? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. – Hello.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hello. “Cute”. It’s for me. I know it, everyone. “SOOBIN is so handsome”. I just pulled my hair up but my forehead
was too shiny. I have to let my bangs down. I don’t want to pull my bangs up
since you said so. How are you guys?
I’m fine. Thank you. And you? You learned it very well. I can’t see.
I need to side-sweep my bangs. What do you think?
We’re not wearing makeup. – Without hair and makeup done.
– Right, we’re quite natural and humble. These are our real faces. So natural.
It’s sad, right? I guess you’ve read it
before we started streaming. On Twitter, we added a hashtag – and received questions.
– Yes. So, we brought some questions. First, what was the hashtag? “SOOBIN and TAEHYUN
will answer your questions!” Anyways, that was the hashtag. The first question.
“Did you see the snow falling?” – Yes. – Yes, we did.
– Surprised. – Why?
– Never mind. I won’t drop any spoiler.
Don’t worry. We saw the snow falling yesterday. It was… How can I say? It didn’t snow a lot.
It wasn’t much. – But each snowflake was big.
– Each one was quite big. I thought it was a thin hail. I was surprised since it was too big. At first, I heard it snowed and went out.
But I couldn’t see anything. I stood up in front of the street lamp
and focused on the night sky. – It was like 6 snowflakes in 30 seconds.
– Right. – I went out again. It snowed a bit more.
– Right. After some time,
it snowed a lot. The 2nd question. “Do you guys have any
special memory about winter?” “I’m so curious”. “It might be something you shared.
Or it could be your childhood memory”. A special memory about winter
that we made together. In winter… We went to HUENING’s graduation ceremony. Right. That’s true. We went to HUENING’s graduation
ceremony together. – Right. Two of us went together.
– Right. We went to HUENING’s graduation
ceremony and celebrated it. Also, in winter… I practiced with him. We’ve practiced together for 3 years,
spent 3 winters together. We shared almost every moment
for 3 winters. What else? In fact, about the three winters
we spent together, there’s few memories to say special…
besides practices. We didn’t have much time
to go around and hang out. We just practiced… When it snowed a lot, we had a snowball fight. we had a snowball fight.
Oh, we have this.
When it snowed a lot, Oh, we have this.
When it snowed a lot, we lived on the top floor. So, snow laid thick
on our terrace. I put some snow in a bowl
to wake SOOBIN up. I put Oreo cookies on top of it
and said, “SOOBIN, enjoy your Bingsoo”.
(Ice flakes with toppings) – I woke him up like this.
– It was a rice bowl. he filled it with snow
and put some Oreo cookies. – Chocolate cookies.
– Okay. “Enjoy your Bingsoo”.
I brought my spoon and scooped it. It didn’t feel like ice flakes.
So funny. All right. We had snowball fights a lot
when we were on our ways home. When nit snowed, we went out
in the middle of practice at night. – We spent winters together for 3 years.
– Right. – At the agency building close to
Hakdong Station. – Right. And… Our childhood memories
about winter. – Childhood. – I went to ski
resorts many times when I was young. Right. Me, too.
Sledge parks and ski resorts. Right! Sledge parks
and ski resorts. I remember it was so much fun. It was fun to go to a pool in winter. That’s… – I think it’s going to be too cold.
– Do you? – Yes. I guess so. When I was young… What did I do? When I was young…
I don’t remember a lot. When it snowed, – I always went out and played
with my friends. – Me, too. When I was an elementary student,
I played with my friends all day. It was quite cold and my entire
body felt like frozen. I took a shower in hot water. – Do you know it feels itchy?
When your body is too cold… – Really? – You don’t know?
– I don’t know. It feels cool, too. I remember that, too. Snow doesn’t make me feel excited now. But when I was young,
I waited for snow. Right, right. You know, people say that snow is pretty trash. – But…
– Trash from the sky. When I was young, I thought,
“I love it! It’s so pretty!
When I step on it, it feels so nice”. It was fun when we had
a snowball fight. Now I look back,
that saying holds true. – Right. Also, these days,
snow is not that clean. – Right. If you want to make Bingsoo
with snow, like I did for SOOBIN, you need to go to New Zealand. – Where you can eat snow.
– Right. It is pretty when it snows
and it becomes dirty after several days. Right. It makes the street dirty. Next question. “Do you have something in common
when it comes to preferences? What is it?” “For example, you may like
similar scents”. – Well, we have many things
in common. – Right. – One of them is food. – We like seafood.
– Right, seafood. We are not picky. – We like chicken feet, grilled tripe.
– Right, chicken feet and grilled tripe. – We like most of food for which
there are pros and cons. – Right. – We don’t like mint chocolate much.
– Right. I didn’t know but some people
hate this ice cream flavor, “Rainbow Sherbet” as much as mint chocolate. – Really?
– But we like that flavor. – “Ho”. (Meaning I like it)
– “Ho”. Well, “Me”.
(Joke in Korean) Anyways, all right. What else?
Something in common? – What else?
– Height. Height? I’ll say so. If I kneel down,
I guess we’ll be similar in height. Anyways, such things. – TAEHYUN and I have many
things in common. – Right. When we say something… How can I say? How can I say?
Things like… Our beliefs are not different. – Right.
– Whenever we had to say if something was right or wrong,
we always had the same opinion. Right, most of times. So we can feel the same way. When we talk about serious stuffs,
TAEHYUN and I think alike. And the last question. “It’s too cold”. – Pronounce it clearly. “Cold”.
– Cold. “I want to wear something warm”. Sorry. The spacing was weird. “Please recommend
the color for a long padded coat”. “Excluding black”. I have two, black and white. A white one is pretty. If you want to stand out from the crowd,
I recommend pink. Pink will look nice, I guess. I said so last time, too. My favorite color is black and white. I recommended black
but this fan excluded black. But I don’t like white for
clothing. Because – it’s pretty but it can get messy easily.
– Right. Last year, I wore white things.
Since when we shot the introduction film, I had worn the white clothes. We went to many events
or shows, – it became dirty easily.
– Right. Excluding black, I don’t want to recommend white
if it’s for me. But it’s not for me,
so I recommend white. Please be careful when you wear it. You can wear it at clean places. Well, my family let me wear
yellow clothes when I was a kid. I don’t know why. But my parents bought me a yellow padded
coat, yellow T-shirts, yellow pants… So I wore a lot of yellow clothes. I can see so many yellow
clothes in my childhood pictures. Because of such childhood memories,
I am fond of yellow padded coats. Rather than thinking it’s pretty,
it reminds me of childhood memory.
Can I recommend it for that reason? It may not be so great,
but try it if you have a chance. If it’s just a padded coat,
we may recommend many colors. – But it’s a long padded coat.
– Right. – It’s hard to recommend a color. Because it draws attention. – Think about red. It’s like a Tteokbokki
rice cake. Imagine it walks on the street.
– Right. That’s the same with yellow or green. – Right.
– So.. . Actually, neutral colors are the best. If it’s a short padded coat,
the yellow one was so nice – which HUENING wore for the introduction.
– Right, it was cute. – He was like a chick.
– Red one is cute, if you carefully match. – Right.
– All right. For a long padded coat,
I recommend black or white. – I think black ones are nice
and pretty. – Right. And now… Give me a second. We have a locker in front of us. May we open it? – What’s this?
– What is this? What’s this? Like this… Let me show you. – What’s this?
– I can’t help but bragging about this. – As you can see…
– What’s this? It looks like this. If you put it over something black,
how does it look? It looks like a black jacket. Okay, that’s what this is for.
If you put it over the sky,
it will become a sky blue jacket. – That’s a key ring.
– So amazing. A key ring, a key ring. Okay. And we drew this ourselves. We drew this ourselves. SOOBIN’s uniform. – YEONJUN’s uniform.
– We drew these. BEOMGYU’s uniform. TAEHYUN’s uniform. HUENING’s uniform. Finish. These are all in one package. – So pretty, huh?
– Right. We’ll appreciate if you remember this.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t. – It was an indirect ad.
– We wanted to show it. To say there’s something like this. So beautiful. If I have this, I’ll add it
to my back pack. – Really?
– Look. This is my key ring. Isn’t it pretty?
Like this. I will walk around to brag about it. – Just saying.
– So nice. We can’t skip talking about this. – Was it two days ago?
– Yes. The day before yesterday.
“Magic Island” music video came out. “Magic Island”. Have you seen it? Have you seen it? – It’s not easy to watch since
it’s a bit long. – Right. This is a secret.
When I was watching, I saw our acting scenes. – When letters or a story came up…
– You skipped them? I just fast-forwarded by 10 seconds. – Saying “Okay, okay”.
– Too bad. I’ve seen all of that. Great job.
Everyone, was it easy to interpret it? – It’s really hard to interpret.
– Right. I’ve heard explanations
but I don’t understand still. And… What’s that? I understand. After it came out,
I searched online but nobody was interested
in the universe of the music video. Please interpret it for me. I’m curious, too. They don’t want to interpret it. Right, it is too hard.
Right. “TAEHYUN was so cute when he baked
his shoes”. He wasn’t baking his shoes! “TAEHYUN was so cute when he baked
his shoes”. He wasn’t baking his shoes! The shoes were wet
and I wanted to dry them. – How can you bake shoes?
– Did you expect us to eat them? You need to fry shoes. There’s a saying like
“Fried things are all delicious, even if it’s a shoe”. “Give us a hint to interpret it”. We don’t know it well. – Hint?
– Hint? It’s not like something you can
interpret with a hint. That’s… – It’s a part of a long story.
– Right, it’s hard. It’s really hard. But… There’s no fixed answer.
You can interpret as you want. – That’s nice. We’ll have many
interesting results. – Right. It was our first time to act.
Didn’t we do well? – It wasn’t easy to act.
– Right. – But we got a lot of compliments.
They said we did it better than expected. – Right. In fact… I was worried
because I had never done that before. But I had hidden talent in acting. I was good at acting. – You acted for that scene
and you’re saying that? – What? Which one? But this…. – That was… – Don’t you remember
how many times you made mistakes? – No, but… – “Put everything back to
the original status”. “Yes”. They set it up again. Oh, the subway scene? That was the first scene
on the first day. I didn’t get used to it. You know, the scene where
I was sitting in the darkness. The darkness scene.
I finished it with 2 takes. – Fans can’t see your face.
– They can. Because… – It was in darkness.
– On the site… Excuse me. Staff members teased me on the site. Staff members… I had to hold my breath
in that scene. After I tried it first,
suddenly… I did this and every one
around the monitor – laughed out loud. – Laughing together.
– They did like, “Hahaha!” – “Did he sneeze?”
– Right. They thought it was like sneezing. – Anyways.
– Right. – The funniest scene from “Magic Island”.
– Fireworks. Right, I wanted to say that. The firework scene was amazing. We were excited but sacred. The amount of fireworks
were more than we expected. So we were surprised. For SOOBIN, I think
they used the scene he shot first. When the firecrackers went off,
he was trying to avoid it in the slow mode. How can I say? We thought what we held in
our hands would go off. – “Let’s start”. Then, from every direction..
– Fireworks were installed around us. So many things went off
around us. I was surprised and lied down saying, “Please stop”.
I was so surprised. The scene showed him
right before he ducked down. When I shot the first scene,
I ducked down because I was surprised. I saw this comment.
“Wasn’t he sneezing?” Oh, really… Stop teasing me.
I wasn’t sneezing. Why do you think I sneezed there? Anyways, for “Magic Island,” – the studio set was very pretty.
– Right. We were surprised when
we entered the place. – Very high quality.
– The entire set was designated for “Magic Island”. Other sets were set up
outside the studio. It was huge.
I think it was the biggest one I’ve ever seen. – The entire studio was used for it.
– Right. – It was just like “Magic Island”.
– Mostly, a half of a studio is used. – But the entire set was used
for “Magic Island”. – Right. So, the camera
was filming us inside the forest. It’s not like director was filming outside the set.
Director was filming inside the set. – All right.
– All right. “You spent a lot of money”.
I read the post music video director left. I read it, too. – That’s nice.
– Right. Thanks to that, it was of high quality.
I wish you could see the set. It was so pretty. Also, it smelled like real grass. – It smelled like grass.
– I was surprised. And you saw the purple grass
on the floor. That was dyed in purple.
And my socks turned purple, too. It turned our clothes into purple ones, too. It smelled like a real forest,
to my surprise. Anyways. – It as like a movie, not a music video.
– Right. It was like a movie. That was so amazing. – You know, the glass-breaking scene
in the subway. – Right. – The material of broken
glass was amazing. – Right. – It was like an eraser
but it disappeared when I stepped on it. – Right. It wasn’t real glass but
it was quite soft. It felt like Styrofoam
and it was broken into pieces. But it looked like real glass. – It was safe. Don’t worry.
– Right. – Then.
– Okay. 19 minutes… It’s too early to finish.
Shall we answer real-time questions? “SOOBIN, are you sick?” – I’m fine.
– He’s okay. Don’t worry. – “This music video was like a movie”. True.
– Right, it was amazing. I didn’t know how long it would be.
Also, the song plays only for 2 minutes. Right, you’ll hear the song shortly. “Who was the best actor when it comes to
facial expressions?” SOOBIN. – “What are you doing now?”
– V LIVE. “What did you have for dinner?” – We didn’t have dinner.
– I think it’s too early to have dinner. – It’s 6:30.
– 6:30! Time flies so fast. I lost the track of dates,
days of the week and time, even! We don’t pay much attention
to such things… What I know is it’s November. – November, right?
– Was it 15? It’s 19. – I see.
– Why did you pretend to know? Close enough.
I thought it was 15… “TAEHYUN, will you give me
some of your high nose?” – Will you?
– This? But there’s no merit for me
to share this. He won’t.
Sorry to hear that. “HUENING is growing fast.
Does he look like a baby still?” – Even if he grows to be 2m tall,
he will be like a baby to me. – He’s like a baby. If he’s 2m tall,
you won’t say that. True. I’m just saying. Still, even if he’s 2m tall,
he will be like a baby to me. “Is it hair extension on the back
of your head?” No, it’s my hair. It’s his hair. – Isn’t it amazing?
– He grew the hair a lot. I didn’t have any intention
to grow this. I happened to keep this part of hair
and it looked okay, so… So I just kept it until now. This will be our last question. “What’s your favorite flavor
out of 31 ice cream flavors?” In fact, we planned to have
ice cream during this V LIVE and placed an order to
the ice cream franchise. I mean, we didn’t order all flavors
but some from that brand. We ordered 4 flavors. – We wanted to have it during V LIVE.
– But it arrived faster, so we had it. We finished eating before we started. So, we have nothing. – Four flavors. What did we choose?
– I chose Cherry Jubilee and
Cotton Candy Wonderland. I came to know about
Cotton Candy Wonderland recently. – What did I choose?
– Almond Bonbon. – Almond Bonbon.
– Oreo cheese something. What was it?
Oreo Cookie and Cream Cheese? It’s something new for this month. Everyone, that is delicious. I ordered it with Almond Bonbon. My favorite flavors
are New York Cheesecake and Chocolate Forest.
I like them a lot. But I wanted to try something new. – All right.
– It’s delicious. Try it. I see. It’s time to say bye to fans. – It was short but I was glad to
meet you fans. – Right. We’ll be back on V LIVE again
to say hi to you. What do you think?
Did you like the hashtag? – We liked it so much.
– We liked it. – It sounds passionate.
– It’s cool but polite. – Very nice. We made it together.
– I liked it. Let’s say bye to fans. Okay. One Dream! We’re TOMORROW X TOGETHER! – Thank you.
– Bye. – May I turn it off?
– Yes. – Bye.
– Bye.