Eternal Magic is a newly released in the west
mmorpg developed originally in China by Duoyi and brought to the west and Russia by Russian
publisher 101xp. The opening sentence is already a bit of a
nightmarish scenario and you guys may be aware I already covered this game a few weeks ago
when I got to try the game for a closed beta. Well I’m not usually one to leave things unfinished
and after I published that first impressions I got the feeling I didn’t put in enough time
and perhaps was just having a bad day. So I did what any sane person would do, I
went and played it again. For 20 hours over the course of 3 days. This is my updated review of Eternal Magic. So most of the criticisms I had in the first
video are very much still an issue. The interface is overloaded with typical cash
shop eastern clutter, rewards for logging in, just a bunch of stuff constantly having
notifications to do things and mostly low tier, meaningless rewards for doing mundane
activities. The sound I left on mute for the entire game
after I realised most of the sounds were straight up ripped out of other games, mainly world
of warcraft. The game plays like a mobile game for the
most part, auto running is king here, you’re just permanently running from one point to
another by pressing almost anywhere on the interfact or on items in the game. The worst thing about this is that it ends
up looking like that classic old game for the amiga, lemmings. So you just have a line of lemmings running
on the exact same pixels, in a straight line from point A to point B, it’s honestly akin
to watching bots playing an mmorpg at times. And at this point you may be asking yourself,
why did you play it for 20 hours then? Well it’s weirdly kind of just easy to play
and slightly fun in a weird kind of way. I have no idea why but I kept logging on and
doing things. it wasn’t actually until I got close to level
cap that I started to not want to log in anymore and only did so for the sake of this video. So basically the level cap is currently 60
and I got to level 54 inside of a day of playing, then my main quest line vanished until level
56 and I had to do some stupid grinding like repeatedly run battlegrounds or missions that
were literally run from point A to point b, which of course is all automatically done,
for like 2 hours per level. Then I got to level 56 and the quest line
took me to level 57 and it happened again, ran out of quests so had to get to 58…the
quests at 58 got my almost to level 59 and then stopped and then I stopped playing the
game to write this review. Honestly if they had quests all the way to
level cap and didn’t make me do all this other random stuff that I didn’t enjoy, I’d have
definitely got to level 60 and tried the end-game out for this as I was actually enjoying it
to an extent. What is there to enjoy? Well really, just the combat. The questing is entirely linear and typical
mmorpg go here kill this etc, but it’s just relaxing to play since it moves to each area
for you and then you just do the combat…Which is extremely simple, you have about 10 buttons
to press total but you can swap them out and customise your build any time and I can’t
really explain but the combat is just really fluid and fun for a tab target game, at least
for me. Visual progression wise and visuals the game
is actually pretty good. Mostly because they stole their artstyle from
other games. The costumes change how you look overall,
a few times from level 1 to level cap, not as much as I’d like but it’s not the worst
I’ve experienced. You know the sad thing is that visuals wise
they actually give you more progression than some recently released mmorpgs, your chest
piece, legs and weapon change appearance, but not boots and stuff. Then cash shop slots for cosmetics you have
head slot, body slot and wings. So it’s not the worst, but also not great
either. The worst thing about the game visually is
that they decided for buying those ridiculously overpriced founders packs for the game that
they would give you some dumb icon and make your name glow, which is totally out of place
and extremely annoying. I can say that there aren’t many of them running
around though. The game basically forces you to interact
with people in some weird ways…I know I keep saying weird and strange in this video
and that’s legit just how this game feels. At first glance it’s super trash and then
it’s like flappy birds or one of those afk level up games…I just kept playing it. As I was saying, there’s a bunch of things
you should be doing such as the mentor system where you quest with your students and get
rewards for doing so, dungeon queues, battlegrounds, boss hunts, stuff like that. I of course totally ignored the mentor system
because I was just trying to relax and do quests on my own but I assume that’s what
they would want you to supplement quests with to get to cap without gaps. In terms of game performance…I don’t know
if it’s my pc or what but the game has constant freezes when running around doing stuff. Like .5 second long it will just drop to 0
fps. Also I think the game is locked at 60 fps
which is pretty gross for those of us with ascended eyeballs that play on 144hz and higher
monitors. Alright so content wise it’s again, just a
strange game. It actually has a lots of stuff to do..Mostly
things stolen from world of warcraft, but all of them are very shallow at least prior
to level cap. So you have pets, which are used as battle
pets, as well as being able to send them on missons like warcraft garrison quests, you
can also do pet battles like pokemon style which is also borrowed from wow. You can level up the pets, customise their
gear…Stuff like that. There’s a few dungeons, they for some reason
have them on rotation so only 3 are active per day and they’re all extremely short and
easy in the leveling experience. Then there’s some weird card system where
you spin a wheel which costs in-game money and you get a random card which has different
qualities and you put them into a deck which presumably increases your stats. There’s gear reforging of secondary stats,
gear upgrading in about 3 different ways, runes to put in your gear, upgrading your
actual body parts…There’s honestly a ton of different systems in the game and some
of them make sense, fulfil what they’re supposed to. Others seems like they just threw them in
there just because they could. The issue with having so many upgrade systems
for so many things is that you basically wind up getting a ton of items which you have no
idea what they do half the time, what is valuable and what isn’t…Essentially you just get
mobbed with information and the translation is one of the worst I’ve ever seen in a video
game. This makes working out skill builds, working
out which of your stats you want to focus, which items do what extremely difficult. It also means that if you’re trying to figure
out puzzles or whatever that involve text, they’re just really ass backwards. And that’s another point, they have some actual
cool puzzle mini-games in this. So for some quest lines that are repeatable
presumably each day they have you enter little game hall style dungeon things. Some are just simple dodge these things that
1 shot you and make it to the end which are super easy and way too short, again more content
that just should have either been fleshed out or left out of the game to work on other
features. Then there’s things like the 3×3 puzzle where
you have to get all the colours the same to unlock the chest. There’s some puzzle with numbers where you
have to place a chess piece in the correct locations based on the numbers…They’re actually
pretty cool and enjoyable but again, too few and far between. The biggest issue is of course that most of
this content, anything that I found cool, rewarded you with the most menial things possible. Since you have so many things being thrown
at you all the time, nothing seems to hold value. I’ve had legendary equipment, epic equipment
just repeatedly thrown at me and it doesn’t mean anything at all. It doesn’t feel like a reward when you’re
getting stuff all the time. Especially when there’s all these disjointed
systems that the game just wants you to be doing all the time for these rewards. It’s very blatant that the game is a pretty
big rip off, mostly of wow, but of other games also, it’s low budget, it has probably absolutely
no future since I had some of the chinese website translated by a native speaker and
the people on there are talking about how they can’t even play the game on some servers
due to having too few people to participate in any of the content even when all the guilds
merge together. Also the game is very blatantly p2w and will
continue to be pushed as more p2w. Things like pets, mine is a blue starter pet
that is I think 3 out of 5 star rating and contributes about 35% of my dps at any given
time, you can actually buy purple tier pets with the cash shop currency so I’d think they’re
probably pretty broken. Aswell as just straight up buy rare treasure
maps, currency, cash shop costumes seem to have a small amount of stats on them, buying
upgrade materials with cash shop currency…That’s just now and we know it will most likely get
worse. It’s a game that I can most definitely say
could be dominated by p2w. For right now I actually, funnily enough don’t
even think it’s the worst mmorpg I’ve ever played which I did before. Would I recommend people play it? No, probably not. But it’s free and no more wipes, could be
fun if you have nothing else to do and you have nothing to lose so long as you don’t
give them any money. I’d definitely say there’s a ton better games
out there and I’d even say Astellia would be a better game to play for your time if
you were willing to spend the $30 box price and you guys know I’m not a fan of that game. The weird thing is, I actually much, much
prefer the combat in this Chinese knock off game than Astellia which is saying a lot. I don’t think I’ll be playing more Eternal
Magic after this, especially with so much on my to do list and so many games coming
out soon…But I actually had fun playing for the couple days I did, up until I got
to the point I ran out of quests. The game is definitely not here to stay that’s
for sure. Special thanks to the people supporting me
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