What’s up guys and welcome back to Real Tail As you know, Fairy Tail has 3 Geat Fairy Magic. They are Fairy law, Fairy Glitter and Fairy Shpere. So today I’m going to tell you everything about these 3 great magic. Now let’s get started
1. Fairy Law. Fairy Law is one of three great fairy magic when activated
a bright light envelops the area and inflicts massive damage on whoever the caster
perceive from their heart as an enemy leaving friends and bystanders completely
unharmed fairy law has been used 4 times 2 successful and 2 fail the first time
was used by Mavis Vermillion, the first master of the Fairy Tail but because she
didn’t know how to use that magic correctly she can not go up anymore
the second time was used by Makarov Dreyor the third master of the fairy tale
when Fairy Tail vs Phantom Lord. The third time was used by Laxus, grandson of Makarov, but he failed this time. Like I said at the beginning the user of fairy law can’t
lie to their heart so deeply inside Laxus heart, he’s still a good person, he loves everyone and that’s why when he casts
Fairy Law, nothing happened and the forth term was used by Makarov
again but this time he had to sacrifice a lot because Fairy Law drains the user
health according to the number of the enemies so because there were too many
enemies on the battlefield so Makarov turned into a rock but somehow at the
end Makarov just suddenly wake up I think that Mavis and Zeref revived Makarov somehow. We have to thank Mavis and Zeref for this. The next one is Fairy Glitter. Th e only person who can cast Fairy Glitter is Cana. She will summon a ring of light and then shoot at the enemy Kanna used Fairy Glitter in the Magic Game making the Magic Counter reach to it limit 9999 she also used it on
Tenrou Island when vs Blue Note and in the final season, Fairy Glitter was used for breaking Mavis’s Seal and it’s also used in fighting back August, one of the Spriggan 12 and also the son of Mavis and Zeref. And the
final one in the top three Great Fairy Magic I want to talk to you today is
Fairly Sphere. It is an absolute defend magic and is required a lot of things to
activate. Everyone in Fairy Tail has to have the same determination, turn around,
close the eyes and then focus on what they are thinking and then a fairy shield appears and it is unbreakable but the consequence is that everyone in the shield
will be trapped in there for seven years Fairy Sphere was used for protecting Fairy
Tail members for Acnologia on Tenrou Island and in the final season Fairy Sphere is used for trapping Acnologia in there and that’s everything about three
lengendary Fairy Tail magic hope you guys enjoy the videos and don’t forget
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