Hi, Carol. Hi. All right. I am going to
reveal four secrets that we found out about you. I am going to try to match
the secret with the person. If I match all four, I’ll
win a fantastic prize. I don’t know what you all
get out of it, but all right. We have, I used to
take accordion lessons. I once broke into Alcatraz. I have a tattoo on my stomach
that says “trust your gut.” [LAUGHTER] I used to be a
competitive gymnast. Wow. Wow, this is hard. I think, Anderson, you
took accordion lessons. It seems like you’d be
interested in just about every instrument. And you were on television
doing something different at the time, so you were
not interested in that. For sure, you were a gymnast– for sure. Look at that body. You were a gymnast. [LAUGHTER] Oh, my god. I think, Carol, you have
a stomach tattoo that says “trust your gut.” Got to do it. [INAUDIBLE] And I think you
broke into Alcatraz. And I think I’m right. Show me how many I got. [DING] Wow. That’s pathetic. Mm. I’m actually shocked. Yeah. Well, we know you
don’t have a stomach tattoo, because we saw it on– so now, I’m going
to have to say– It’s body makeup. You get to switch them? Exactly. Wait, what? Yeah, I have another chance. Oh, OK. I– It’s my show. –like it. [LAUGHTER] Wow. Like that.until you win. That was a light flex. Just go [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] It’s my show. It’s my show. Show me now. [DING] [CHEERING] Should I show you now? Yeah. OK. Let’s see it. You OK? You’re going be ready for this? [LAUGHTER] Yo. Wow. [CHEERING] Carol, this is the least
tame thing you’ve ever done. Yes. I have a– Wait, what was yours? Ah. This was Carol’s before I
ask you why you– these are when she’s played before. She’s had sex on a beach. She’s gone to a swingers’ party. She likes to have sex
after she smokes– Wait. –pot. She– [LAUGHTER] I like Carol. Hey, you know what? You know what Carol does? She trusts her gut. Yeah, yeah. That’s what she does. You’ve got to get a tattoo. [APPLAUSE] Yeah, that’s the tamest
thing that’s ever happened. I think that’s why I got
that secret, because they thought it would throw me off. Why did you break into Alcatraz? First off, I’d like to
say you know me too well. They were asking me to come up
with something for this, and– Is that a lie? And I was just like, I can’t. I can’t think of anything that
Ellen doesn’t know about me. But yes, I accidentally
broke into Alcatraz one time. And you sure you want
to hear the story? The story? I was in a group
called NSYNC, and– What? [CHEERING] We were– They were regional. –I was going to go with that,
but I figured you’d know that. Oh. [LAUGHTER] So we were shooting a video
in the redwoods outside of San Francisco. And we ended up shooting
this one scene on this pier directly across from Alcatraz. And at that time, I was watching
The Untouchables over and over again. And I was obsessed with the
fact that Al Capone was– they put him in Alcatraz. And I said, who wants to
go see Alcatraz with me? And Joey, who was usually
game for anything– he was like, I’ll go with you. But we only had,
basically, like, an hour in between where
they were setting up a different shot. So the fire department was
sort of waiting around. And they came up, and– hey,
can we take some pictures with you guys? And Joey and I were like, sure. Would you take us to Alcatraz? [LAUGHTER] They’re like, yeah, sure. So they take us over. We felt so cool. It was on a Coast Guard,
fire department boat. We get over there. We realize that,
on the mainland, you’re supposed to
buy your tickets and then get on the ferry. So we get to the main gate, and
they’re like, tickets, please. And of course, we were like– you would’ve thought– I was just out of high school,
so I was used to this one. I was like, yeah, the guy
behind me has the tickets. He– [LAUGHTER] And so we ended up sort of
sneaking in, and getting the earphones, and
weaving our way into one of the tour groups. And by the time we
got halfway through, and we had just gotten
to Al Capone’s cell, we get a tap on the shoulder,
and they’re like, come with me. Oh, no. And I was like,
Joe, we are going to go down in history as
the dumbest people ever. We got caught breaking
into a prison. [LAUGHTER] And they let us go
away with a warning. And, obviously, we had
to pay for the tickets. But yeah. Yeah. Now I know everything about you. Everything. That was the last
thing I didn’t know. Trolls World Tour is
in theaters April 10th. We will be right back.