What is it? What’s wrong? I asked a question.
Can’t you hear me? Brother, I can’t even stand today. I have body pain. I have had fever since last night.
– That’s enough. Stop making excuses.
Go bring four sacks of soil. I swear, brother.
I can’t do it today. I feel quite weak. I can’t even pick up a spade. If you won’t sell soil,
you won’t survive. You’ll have to go hungry today.
Got that? But brother, listen to me. I go there everyday. You can go there today. Do you go there? You think you do a favor for me? Listen, I am elder. You should listen to your elders.
Got that? I do, brother.
– Right. But…
– Just do as I say. Okay. Fine. I will do that. I will go. And listen. Don’t take too long. Come back quickly.
– Okay, brother. I can’t bear it anymore. I can’t even walk today. I have to get four sacks of soil. I have to dig and have to carry it too. I won’t be able to do it today. I can’t find a mound of soil. I’ll have to get down in the pit
to get the soil. What? I can see a mound of soil there. Yes. I’ll get that soil. I’m sure there’s something
under the soil. Let me dig deeper. What kind of sound is that? Let me dig deeper. I won’t use the spade anymore. Else whatever’s under the soil will break
due to the blows. I’ll use my hand to remove the soil. What’s this? This is a throne. It’s so beautiful. It must have been buried for years. That’s why it is dark. Let me look closer. Let me sit on it. What are you doing? What’s this? Who are you? I am a fairy. But what are you doing here? Why? I was trying to sit
on the throne. It’s not easy to get to sit
on this throne. You have to become capable enough
to sit on the throne. What do you mean?
– Answer my question. Do you deserve
to sit on this throne? No. How is that possible? I dig grounds and forests. What do I have to do to get
to sit on this throne? – Then listen. A very knowledgeable person
would sit on this throne. He was clever, just and honest king. He was a truthful king. He would alleviate
the sorrows of his citizens. Oh, god. He must have been a great king. Yes. You’re right. But if you can help people.. ..without expecting money.. ..if you think you can support them
in their times of sorrow.. ..and help them all the time.. ..then you will deserve to sit
on this throne. Oh, fairy, I will help people. I will support them in sorrow. I won’t be greedy. Fine. Then you can sit on it.
– Really? Listen!
– What now? Beware! Don’t let greed consume you. Else you will be in trouble. Rest assured, fairy.
I am not greedy at all. Okay. Then you can sit on it.
– Okay. What’s this?
There’s a crown on my head. And this pit is full of
pearls and jewellery. So do you want this wealth.. ..or to sit on this throne
and help people? No, I don’t want this wealth. I want to help people. Very good. You are very nice, friend. Listen. Do one thing. You should bury the throne
with the soil. I will do that.
But fairy, I am not too wise. I don’t have money.
How can I help people? Friend, listen to me. First, bury the throne with soil.
– Okay. There you go, Queen Fairy. It is done. I have buried the throne. Do not tell anyone.. ..that a throne is buried here. I won’t tell anyone.
– Now listen very carefully. Whenever someone is in trouble.. ..or has a problem.. ..bring him here. And you should sit on this mound. Everyone’s problems will be solved. Okay, Queen Fairy. But what if someone needs money? I am here for that.
– Really? I take your leave, Queen Fairy.
– Bye. Everything is finished.
I am ruined. Uncle, why are you crying?
What is wrong? What can I say? My fields have dried. Rainfall has been scant. Crops are also drying out. Why don’t you seek help
from the landholder? I did. I did seek his help. I asked him to arrange for water. Else I will lose my crop. My family and I would starve to death. But he didn’t listen.
– This is quite serious. I don’t know what to do. ‘Whenever someone is in trouble
or has a problem..’ ‘..bring him here.’ ‘And you should sit on this mound.’ ‘Everyone’s problems will be solved.’ I am ruined. It is over. Uncle, come with me.
– What? Where? Where are we going? – Come with me.
Your problems will be solved. Really? Come on. Let me see. What’s this?
Why have you brought me here? Wait. Why have you got on to that mound? Uncle, there is a solution. What is the solution? Buy a pump. You can irrigate the field
by drawing water from the river. You will never have to ask
for the landholder’s help for water. Your water problem
will be solved for ever. That is fine. But I don’t have money for food. How can I buy a pump?
– Uncle.. ..don’t worry and go home. You will get your money. What?
– Go home quickly. Okay. Fine. I take your leave. Listen! Look how much money we have! So much wealth! All our problems will be over. Listen, just look at this. I will buy a pump. All our problems will be over. Thank you, Queen Fairy. I want to help all the villagers. You surely will. You can solve all problems
in the village. What is it, friend?
– All the villagers are coming here. Madhav, they are coming to you. They must have got information
from Uncle Mitai about you. What do I do now? How can I solve problems of
so many people? Don’t be afraid, friend. Sit on that mound quietly. You will be solve
their problems easily. Really? I’ll do that. There goes Madhav.
He is over there. He is sitting on that mound. Oh, no.
– What is he doing? What’s wrong with him? – What is he doing?
– What’s wrong with him? Nothing. It’s nothing. What’s your problem?
– I have fixed my daughter’s wedding. The groom’s family and
my relatives will be here. I will have to serve them
tea and snacks. I am not so rich. Uncle, when is your daughter’s wedding? Tomorrow.
– Don’t worry and go home. All arrangements will be made. What are you saying? Will all arrangements be made?
– Yes, sure. You’ll be able to offer food
to the guests. Really? Please go home quickly.
Do not worry. By tomorrow morning,
all arrangements will be made. Very well. I will take your leave.
I feel better now. Son, I am a fisherman. But my net is old and torn. I can’t catch fish with it. If I don’t catch fish,
I will be out of work. Do not worry.
That net which is torn.. ..will get you boxes full of fish.
– What? The next time you throw
the net in the river.. ..lots of fish will be
caught in the net. Son, I am a farmer.
I cultivate the land. I had a bull. It is dead. Without a bull,
I can’t plough the land. I am facing this big problem. You’ll be able to plough the field
without the bull, uncle. What?
– That’s true. Take the plough to the field. It will plough the field all by itself. Really? I will go quickly and check it out. Queen Fairy, come out. I feel very scared. Rest assured, Madhav.
– Really? Really? What’s this? This is a miracle. Such a wonderful wedding Dias
in front of my house? Listen, look at this. Yes, this is God’s gift. God’s gift. Okay, I’ll throw this torn net
in the water. Let’s find out how much fish
get caught in it. It seems heavy. A lot of fish seem to have
got caught in it. This is amazing. Plough the land without a bull?
How is that possible? How can I use only the plough? I don’t believe this. What’s this?
What kind of miracle is this? The plough is working on its own. Look, the plough is working
without a bull! Madhav.
– Yes, brother. Is it true what I’ve just heard?
What is going on? How were you able to do this?
Just tell me. It’s nothing, brother.
It’s nothing. Won’t you tell me?
I’m your elder brother. Tell me something. Then listen. Okay, Madhav. I am leaving. Where are you going?
– I will sit on that mound of soil. Brother, listen. Don’t be too greedy. Brother? Get lost! Get back to work.
I am going there. This is the mound of soil. So I have to sit here. What is this? Who are you? Why are you sitting there? Listen, I am Madhav’s elder brother. I want wealth. Give it to me. You are so greedy. All right. You have to spend
all your life with that wealth. Really?
– Take this. What is happening? I am being pulled
in the soil. Help! Help!