What I’m about to share with you I just
want to make a prior warning it allowed my wife – my wife was in debt because I
couldn’t pay for anything my life wasn’t working out the way that I wanted to
this is my house and that’s the ocean right there so I’m about to share it to
you it’s gonna change your life it literally changed my life and I still do
it every single day for the last seven years sprinklers are going on right now
this is a beach right here and out here in Hawaii and this is my lawn and you
know I was living and I wasn’t even able to afford it’s pretty pretty loud back
there so I walk this way and avoid the sprinklers and so I’m about to share
with this with you and what I’m inviting you to do is have an open mind because
this changed my life forever it allowed me to have a home like this and go from
my wife being in debt and a whole world changing so I know for a fact that
amazing things will occur for you when you use this this is absolutely
life-changing it’s gonna rewire your mind your brain and so I’m so excited to
hear about the great things headed away from this so stay tuned and let’s dive
right into this video this is Jake Ducey with Jake Ducey calm this is about to
change your life and maybe I’ll see you on the beach out there if you have not subscribed yet be sure
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notification let’s get right to the video so if you haven’t noticed yet your
life is basically a pattern loop everything is a pattern loop so we have
a pattern loop about what we do when we wake up in the morning and it goes
through the motion but we have a pattern loop around our behaviors and our
results that we get in life so if you can rewrite the pattern then you can
rewrite your entire life and in order before I share with you how to actually
do that it’s very important that you understand this 95% of your life is
subconscious so psychologists say we have 65,000 thoughts in a day 95% of
them are subconscious with that 95% of your actions and your results in life
are subconscious sub means below so below conscious they’re habitual so
you’re the money you’re making the life you have the people you’re attracting
whatever it is that you want everything in your life is coming to you
subconsciously it’s like a thermostat and you set the thermostat for 70
degrees but it’s freezing cold outside and then you open up all the windows
what happens a bunch of cold air comes in so then the thermostat kicks up
hotter to combat the cold air to keep it at homeostasis stasis to keep it at the
70 degree mark well the same is so for your mind it’s programmed for you to
make a certain amount of money it’s programmed for you to have a certain
belief around your self-worth it’s programmed for you to attract certain
kinds of people certain types of characters certain types of energy and
it’s programmed for you to attract all the rest of the circumstances and
situations into your life when I found this out I was struggling I had I
dropped at a college I didn’t have a college degree and I was trying to build
my career I was trying to be at a published author and and they and a MA
and a thinker on human potential speaker on human potential now I didn’t have
anything going for me I couldn’t afford to pay rent groceries anything so
now wife was in debt just to help me because I couldn’t do anything I had
nothing was working out for me and I was just like sitting there
metaphorically beating my head against the wall all the time things were not
working out every I tried to get speakers bureaus to take me up cuz I
thought then they’d help me and then I’d be able to make money from a speaker’s
bureau I would get denied by all of them nothing was working out for me I was
trying to pitch myself to colleges they said no to me constantly it was
stressful people around we’re trying to convince me to stop and just like go
back to school and give up on this and I was at this place where I didn’t know
what I was gonna do and then I stumbled upon the information I shared with you a
moment ago about how life works it’s all subconscious I didn’t know this at the
time I had no idea I was like really fired up and I was consciously motivated
and I worked hard and I wrote this first book and I was out there trying to sell
it but it’s it’s very difficult when you don’t have a foundation of readers to
make money selling a book for you know five to ten bucks I’d sell it for any
money I could next to the person selling kale at farmers markets it was
exhausting it was difficult I didn’t know how it was gonna work out and then
I found out how the subconscious works and what I ended up doing was actually
creating a system to rewire my mind and I started doing it every morning and
every night I got I started feeling so great I wasn’t seeing tangible results
yet but I was feeling so great that I started doing it all hours of the day
while I journal I play it I do all of these things and then things started
showing up in my life out of nowhere I went from no one would even hire me I
literally could not get money for a speaking gig to getting large
corporations contact me out of nowhere with weird things happening like like
one time this lady who worked for a very large corporation she couldn’t sleep at
night and it was like I don’t know 2:00 in the morning and I was on coast to
coast am with George Noory like really late at night and then I got that
speaking and I got booked for that huge radio show out of nowhere two
that was another story in and of itself so but this lady couldn’t sleep so she
hit the radio on and she’s like I’ll just listen to some noise and I’ll try
to fall back asleep and she hit a button that put coast to coast on when she’d
never watched never listened before and I was on and she was like wow this
person’s interesting and so she went to my website contact me to see if I had
come speak at her corporation and I ended up getting a my first major
speaking gig for it was a $7,500 speaking gig and came out of nowhere and
these things started happening so what I did is I started using this every single
day and what I’m inviting you to do is 21 days to change your life and so
download my successive nosis down below it’s free it’s Jake’s hypnosis comm
right there down below Jake’s hypnosis comm right there down below and start
using it every single solitary day Jake’s hypnosis calm right there down
below and what it’s designed to do is start to rewire your subconscious and
hypnotize you everybody is under a state of hypnosis you have to understand that
what is hypnosis really it’s that you’re in a trance to a certain reality most
people are in a trance to a certain reality some people are in a trance
believe money is evil some people are in a trance I believe there’s no good guys
left I’m always gonna be alone some people are gonna transfer believe
they’re not good enough some people are in a trance of anxiety but everything
that’s happening in life if it’s repetitive is a trance it’s a state of
hypnosis and that’s all hypnosis is it’s that we are fully fledged into a certain
reality now I believe most of my life and the early stages of my career in a
state of hypnosis of failure I was constantly failing being rejected I was
meant I through sports I had become mentally tough enough to keep going in
in the face of those failures but nothing was working out for me and I had
to rewire Andry hypnotize myself for success I always say brainwash yourself
before the world brainwashes you comment that down below brainwash yourself
before the world brainwashes you comment down below I think that’s like I
think that’s like them one of the greatest truths in the world brainwash
yourself before the world brainwashes you comment that down below brainwash
yourself before the world brainwashed you see so what I’m inviting you to do
is use your mind as an experiment now most people are not gonna do this
they’re gonna watch this video and they’re gonna say hey that’s great well
maybe I’ve listened to your hypnosis or I’ve done this thing before I’ve done
I’ve tried stuff like this and they did it for three days for 21 days use this
every single day now it’s 10 minutes long if you can’t find 10 minutes then
you’ve got to cut something out you’ve got to have 10 minutes available and use
it 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night while you’re falling to
sleep so it’s right there down below JakesHypnosis.com right there down
below understand subconscious means below conscious and you’re rewiring your
subconscious so that it becomes a magnet for you to attract success psychologists
say 95% of your life the subconscious your bank account is habitual the money
you’re making is habitual the people around you the circumstances and
situations it’s habitual and if you rewire the subconscious a new habit will
form and it might be a habit of everything that you want so right there
down below Jake Santos is calm are you ready to use self-hypnosis to make life
give you what you want that was a question I had to ask myself and I said
yes I’m willing to do this and what ended up happening is my life changed
forever my obviously my wife is no hunger in debt and I have a
international business that I’m able to employ five people and I get to do this
thing that I love and now be financially rewarded and help people I get to do
that now and I always wanted to do that but my mind was in the way because I
believed that wasn’t good enough smart enough I believed all of these negative
thought patterns that were hypnosis that were negatively programming me and they
were stopping me from having the life that I truly wanted
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created a software that’s designed to literally rewire the brain and it’s
using the latest advances in neuroscience and how the neural
circuitry of your brain is set up and produces reality and I call it the
second mind Errol programmer it’s about literally creating a second mind and new
a new brain that’s wired for success and you can use that for free too it’s these
second mind calm right there down below these second mind calm right there down
below have a beautiful day there are fantastic things headed your way right
now before this video for ends affirm to yourself mentally right
now great things are headed my way great things are headed my way say that to
yourself right now great things are headed my way great things are headed my
way and comment it to allow that seep into your subconscious mind comment down
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beautiful day and I’ll talk to you soon you