and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re gonna be leveling up crafting and gathering new players
crafting series for 2018 and as always hello from me free alright so I decided
to make this new series because I realized that some of my videos that now
three years old they’re still relevant they still work but I wanted to just
make one that’s under percent up to date so one thing I’ve done is I’ve come over
to Cerberus EU server I’m sorry new me free this is brand new me free just to
do these series and guys if you like these videos you like this content
remember to give it a thumbs up and also a subscribe so I wanted to give some
general notes before I started crafting and what I’m doing alongside it so for
example the first thing I did I started in older so I did every quest in older
and if he’s throwing with Donnie could do every quest in Padua Donnie and so on
so do every single quest available in the town the other side quest in the
areas close to the town and so on also take advantage of the novice Network
then what you ideally would like to do is get to the point in the story where
you unlock the airship and you can access all three towns and the reason
why you want to unlock all three towns is because different of the crafters and
gatherers only available in some of the towns so for example in order available
is Goldsmith Weaver Alchemist and minor in gridania is carpenter level worker
and botanist and then in limb Solomon’s ax is blacksmith armor a culinarian and
fissure so you do need access to all three towns and what one thing you also
want to do as well anything and everything that you might receive which
gives you exp bonus where them so for example I’ve got the friendship circular
from the recruit a friend system I’ve got the alum egan earring which was
effing a pre-order award for Psalm blood I think and then when you do the novice
Network you also get this ring which is very percent increase of exp when that
was level 30 or below but of course that is only relevant to it says disciples of
war and magic not to crafters but it still a good ring to get for exp
gained now one thing we’re going to do because I’ve already done the goldsmith
we’ve an alchemist to level 11 so I’m going to quickly show you what I did in
order to do that so we are here in gridania we’re right outside the
carpenters guild so let me show you how insanely quick this is so first things
first you want to talk to the receptionist’s who join the the guild
and you can read through that if you want and then click again and then you
can join so the stories of each of the crafter guilds are really interesting so
the first time through fission first time ever I do recommend reading out the
quest text then you talk to the gold master and what the gold master will do
they will give you a weapon to change to the class so do you want to go into
coffin tree yes so complete so I now have the sword which I need to become a
carpenter so let me equip it now so one thing I recommend equip the weapon first
so let’s see so we’re quitting I saw that he just
gave us that’s change of two into carpenter now click on gear setlist and
save the set of gear so that you don’t have to keep doing it so I’m just I’m
having to fix this because I’ve copied over mentor a some other character but
save it has a separate gear set and it more will become available when the more
classes you unlock then click this button it says here recommended gear and
it will scan all your bags so the best possible gear you can wear at this level
so equip it all so I still have my exp earring because it says it’s relevant
for all classes and also the headpiece which is also relevant to all classes so
I’m now a fully fledged carpenter now please ignore my interface because again
I copied it from a different character so let me just remove that quickly
okay so we’ve now emptied out our interfaces and what your interface would
look like if you just unlock the class anyway now we want to look at our
abilities so click on P on your keyboard or
actions and traits and you’ll see at level one all you have is a basic
synthesis let me just just a little bit bigger so you see here basic synthesis
so drag that make sure that’s on your bar and yeah and then let’s get started
so let’s talk to beat in he will give us our first task but also you should
accept these quests because they also give you lots of shards which is really
good so let’s accept the quests okay so what we need to make now is a length of
maple lumber so open up your crafting log the best way is to press n on your
keyboard to open up again let’s make it a little bit bigger so it’s easier to
read for the sake of the video and in order to make a maple lumber we need
wind shots and we also need free he says here free maple logs and another way to
open it would be to go to logs and then crafting look that’s the other way to
get to this so he said that he wants what he said he wants he wants one maple
lumber so one maple lumber we need free logs to make it now to get the materials
for the first ten levels of crafting you need to come to your guild vendor but
the another way to do it would be to go to the the guild supply so is to unlock
the gathering but we’ll cover that in a sec now as we know we need to make a
maple lumber we need free maple log so here maple logs again let’s make it a
little bit bigger there we go so we see here maple logs we need three of them so
select free and then click yes so we have free maple logs in our inventory so
again let’s go back now at the very beginning of crafting it’s very very
quick because you have one button so you can’t lose so you’ve now got the logs
you’ve got the required materials click here synthesize and then now here are
some things you need to worry about when you’re a crafter one is the amount of
progress we need nine progress to finish the craft two we can get three hundred
and twelve quality which we’ll talk about later and free we have durability
so durability is how many times we get so if we hit synthesis now symphysis
says if it is percent success rate nine percent so
there’s ten percent chance it will fail but it increases progress you see their
progress so let’s click it so you see they finished it at one go now we’ve got
a ridiculous amount of exp we got a level and a half for doing that first
craft and the reason why we got so much exp is because we finished the craft I
give us exp but also it was the first time we ever crafted it you see the
little yellow tick it wasn’t there before so you get a bonus the first time
we’ve ever completed a craft so let’s go back to now to beat it okay so let’s
turn in the quest again one quick way to turn items in so rather than dragging
and dropping it from your bag and pulling it like this you can just go to
the the item request box you go to where it requests it right click it and place
the item and so on and just make sure you don’t turn in high quality unless
you need to and more about that in another in a future video let’s hand
over so he’s obviously happy so we’re gonna receive win shards ice shards some
logs and a body piece now do you pay attention to the rewards you receive
because you don’t want to get the same one more than once so because I’ve also
already done this on three other classes I already have like a full suite of gear
and one good one I did I did Weaver so I was able to craft a couple of pieces for
myself already now you know which ones are your crass because you can see I
don’t know if you can see it right at the bottom of the glove description but
you see the name if we meta Phil that means it was crafted by me and that
gives me a good sense of pride that’s why I really like crafting now a way to
proceed you see there’s no more quest now you get quests every 5 levels so
they’ll 5 10 20 15 20 and so on every five levels so a good way to proceed is
open the crafting log and then make one of each item so we want to make maple
clogs what do we need one maple lumber we don’t have any maple numbers so we’ll
make another one so here see synthesized let’s emphasize it
and now we’re level free already okay so that’s and then let simplifies
synthesizer logs or clogs so I should say now the first step you want to get
to is level five so as soon as you’re level five things will start opening up
for you okay so now we need another lumber and we need to have pinyon so we
can make we know already we can make the maple numbers that’s on our list for the
rest of materials you need you can come to the guild supplier and you can buy
them now one thing I’ve seen is that if you do all the quest by the time you get
to the point where you’ve unlocked the airship and you can travel between zones
you should have about eleven twelve thousand Gil what figure recommend along
the journey every single time you can if you don’t need an upgrade from the quest
reward take these these bronze pieces tin pieces as your quest reward the
reason they’re so good is because now in this situation you can sell them so
you’re at the vendor right click sell so you see I’ve made some money how much
money did I make I made 325 Gail from selling those and then sell seventy
sixty five of those I made sixty five hundred Gil from selling those so the
quest rewards you got along the way take as many coins as you can because it was
what will fund you and your first ten levels of crafting with all all classes
quite easily okay so like I said we know we need ham pinyon so you see him having
ELLs available for only free Gil so you can buy one you can buy one hundred it’s
up to you now let’s again let’s proceed we want to make a maple shortbow so same
thing let’s make a lumber okay that’s done and then now let’s make the maple
shortbow now we’re not concerned with quality yet I’ll explain that as soon as
we get to level five and we’ve unlocked touch which is our first Billy so you
see another whole level as bonus exp because we’ve crafted the first time
okay now we need a bone chip and a maple lumber so let’s make um a maple number
now some of the materials I already have because I leveled up the other crafters
so there isn’t an optimal way of which class to level first just do whichever
cross available in your town and then move on so you see I’ve already got an
animal glue because I’ve already leveled up Alchemist but animal glues are
available on the vendor but I do need a bone chip so let’s go to the vendor now
let’s go to the supplier let’s see we need bone chip so where are bone chips
right here we only need one so let’s take that and then let’s emphasize did
you see I have all the materials so synthesized again synthesized
synthesized now of course along the way you see I’m now level 5 and I’ve got a
new ability which is basic touch along the way when you are doing all the
crafts on all the quests you get a bunch of rewards the stats that you’re looking
for when you level up or craftsmanship and control they’re the two stats you
need for crafters craftsmanship increases how much progress you get each
time you press symphysis and control affects how much quality increase you
get every time you hit touch which we’re going to cover in a sec so now let’s
look at the level 5 quest that we need to do ok so let’s accept finish that
quest so now what does he want he wants free maple shields so let’s see what we
need for maple shields so again let’s go to 6 to 10 maple shields oh sorry square
maple shields so maybe you like read it twice ok square maple Shield right there
so in order to get free of them we need free maple lumbers and 6 bronze rivets
so let’s get the bronze rivets from the vendor so anything which you can’t craft
directly in the FC in the guild you can buy them from the vendor at least for
the first 10 levels it’s only for the first 10 levels and you have to work
harder to get the materials but I’ll cover that in the next video so let’s
get 6 of these okay and I’ll stay close to the vendor in
case any of these grass whales now given that the symphysis only has that 90%
success rate it means that some of these synthesises can actually fail so let’s
let’s do it so far so good because we have decent stats that the worst your
stats are the more chances you have for failure basically that’s the way it
works in this game so it can be a numbers game but I’ll cover that’ll be
more advanced tutorials of that in future videos okay so we are free maple
numbers okay now things to think about when
you’re making these new items is that you see now we need furry furry progress
we have 60 durability which means we have six moves and we can increase
quality so the way I approach this I increase progress because I want to see
how much progress it can make and you can see that one actually failed that’s
a good example so I get ten every time I wanna increase for now which means I
will need for symphysis hits in order to finish the craft given that there is a
chance of failure it means that for now I will just hit symphysis I won’t worry
about increasing touch while so this one is gonna fail the reason it’s gonna fail
is because I’ve failed too much I don’t have enough to abilities when durability
hits zero after the next move I want to finish only got 30 out of 30 three zero
julep berry means the whole craft has failed so let’s try again now there are
abilities you can use in the future which increases your chances of success
but for now this is risky because you see there is a lot of failures right now
maybe we’re punching a bit above a weight yeah we are punching above a
weight so given I am obviously too low level
for this craft I don’t have enough stats so a good way to approach this is to
level up more so let me make one of these amateur grinding wheels which I
need a bronze ingot for so let’s get that now and don’t worry about failures
failures will happen a lot at least in the first 20 30 levels of crafting and
then it gets a lot easier with my techniques so let’s emphasize okay so we see ten I’m out twenty now
but we still have 440 durability which means we still have ten moves because
these abilities cost ten durability apiece so I’m now going to hit touch
what touch will do if it’s successful is it will increase quality okay
so increase quality a little bit it failed twice but whatever increase a
little bit so we’ve got thirty seven out of three five two the more quality you
increase the more experience you get but you have to keep in mind you have to
finish the progress and you also have to make sure you don’t run out of
durability so let’s finish this there we go so we’re now level six so I got some
bonus exp because I increase quality at least a little bit right so now I need
another maple number I’ve already got the cloth and lever because of leveling
up other crafts but you can get them from the vendor if you need so let’s
emphasize let’s make a lumber now I could increase quality on the lumbers if
I want but for the sake of the video I’m trying to save time so let’s emphasize
again same routine we see so 11 which means one more symphysis and where we
will finish the craft but we still have another five moves so let’s hit quality
a few times the reason why quality is already filled a little bit is because I
use the high quality material the more high quality materials you use the more
of this quality bar will be filled in up to a maximum of halfway so if every
single material you’re using a side quality then it will automatically be
halfway before you’ve even started okay let’s finish so symphysis it failed
again so do expect a lot of failures at the
beginning guys it’s completely normal there’s nothing really you can do it’s
just lock base that at the beginning but later on there’s things you can do to
increase your chances so let’s try another one so simple for size emphasize
so it’s increased quality a little bit okay now this bar does not caller rate
to this number when it’s full it will say a hundred percent but it literally
could be this far and it still say twenty percent so it’s not a straight
progression so just because it’s a third fourth doesn’t mean you have thirty
three percent high quad just note left for the future so that’s
again we’ve hit touch will hit touch again because we still have durability
and one more time if we’re lucky fail okay now we have to hit symphysis it’s
the last move because you have turned your ability left so you see we were
lucky we’ve got high quality high qualit you get better stats it gives you more
exp bonus and they sell for more as well okay so to make the amateur
spinning-wheel and we need to lumbers so thankfully we have exactly what we need
now we know for example that we can finish the lumber in one hit one
synthesis will finish it completely which means that we can hit touch three
times so there you go so we got more exp by increasing quali
the more quality the more exp remember that okay so fun failed fine let’s now
make this amateur spinning wheel’ it’s emphasized so let’s test we got 10
progress which means we have to hit it four times okay we have three moves left because we
afraid your ability which means we can hit basic touch twice let’s do that and
try a lock so it’s not always safe to bring it down to the last move because
we’ve seen there’s a lot of failures but we’re trying a look see that succeeded
and we’ve got another level out of it so we’re now level 7 so we still need to
make free of these for the quest so once I made free then we will continue okay
so we proceeded we finished a level 5 quest and we’re slowly working through
the list of making one of each I am because of the exp bonus for the first
time we craft it and you don’t have to do all of them just whatever will get
you to the next level range so let’s carry that on now that we’ve hit level
nine we’ve unlocked an ability called steady hand so let me show you that in
action first of all so let’s get a maple branch because it’s one of the materials
I need let’s do it and then as silent symphysis
now what steady hand does is it pink the chance of success so you see here
improves actions success rate by 20% for the next five steps and the actions are
obviously any other buttons you press so it will increase symphysis to base of
100 percent so the symphysis can’t fail now and it will increase quality to 90
percents of quality basic touch can still fail but it’s 90 percent success
so hopefully it one now keep in mind it does disappear so you see we’ve used up
all the charges of it so refresh it before you do the final symphysis so
less next quest will pay attention to that again so now I need to make a maple
crook I have the materials so we start with steady hand I personally go with
symphysis first just because I want to see how much progress I’ll get is c16
okay photo so I know that one more symphysis will finish the craft so I’ll
use the next three moves on quality but keep an eye on this number this number
is how many charges are left so two one and it’s gone so refresh steady hand on
your last move and it’s done cool so I’m gonna keep going with this until I hit
level 10 and one thing I’ve found is it’s a by the time you’ve done the level
10 quest then you probably will be around level 11 because it will ask you
to craft 10 of an item or 12 and I of an item or something like that which the
other three crafts you can see got me to level 11 so let me do that now I’m gonna
finish the craft to level 10 I’m going to do the level 10 quest and so on then
we will move on to botanist which is available in with Anya so once that is
done we will continue okay so we finished getting the carpenter to level
10 we have to turn in 12 ash lumbers and then by the time we finish that quest
using my method and so on and turning in the quest we got to actually level 12 on
carpenter so carbon is doing very well at the moment so now that that’s done
and above the level 10 mark let’s now look at botanist which is available in
gridania so here we are the botanist killed the same routine
let’s join the guild to begin with so yep if you want to join and do read this
is interesting the first time you go through it talk to them again and join
the the guild next you need to talk to the guild master okay I want to be a
botanist yes please that’s complete now first things first we need to equipped
our botanist gear so same routine as we did with carpenter equip the botanist
down item to turn into a botanist make the recommended gear to equip the best
gear available to you and make sure that you still have your exp bonuses equipped
you can also eat food as well if you want and go to gear list and make sure
it’s that you assign it as a new gear set and that you don’t replace your
carbonate set for example that you might have just made right so then that will
now bonus so let’s talk to her now the thing with gathering you know people
have been asking me for years so what’s the secret to leveling up gathering
quickly for example there is no secret you just have to grind it out so right
now we need to get ten pots of latex so click B on your keyboard or go to logs
and go to gathering log and again we’ll make this window a little bit bigger so
we need latex so we can see that latex is on this list so we need to go over to
chant central shroud to the jade thicket which is this area just out of gridania
or to north shroud to tree speak which again is just near the entrance so we’re
going to actually go to north shroud because we’re actually closer to it so
let’s let’s go I also need to wait please ignore all of this interface this
is copied over from a another character so once we’re at the gathering point we
will continue okay so we are now at our first gathering spot for botanist just
outside the entrance there I into North 12 so let’s click on it and then all you
need to do you see we need latex for example it’s
got 95% chance so just click on it and that’s it you can see that we’ve got the
SP idea exp for the first time you gather an item and I would say gave
release one of everything just to get those first time bonuses onto your
gathering log to get all those yellow ticks cuz it does it’s a little it’s
only a little bit of the XP but it does help it definitely does now we need to
look for the next the next support one thing you’ll find when you’re doing
gathering is that generally they spawn in the same sort of order so we’ve done
that one then this one then we’ll have one more then we’ll probably go back to
the first one so let’s go back to the this to this tree
again we need latex okay see we’re already level two easy-peasy now one
thing I really recommend when it comes to leveling up gatherers especially at
the beginning is to just put on a movie watch a TV show Netflix or any his dream
cells to go on YouTube do anything you like so you’re not thinking about the
gathering and one thing I recommend is to gather a hundred of each items so
let’s say a hundred latex or you keep gathering them until it says hundred
percent chance then you go to the next lower one so after there’s a lot of
percent chance I will then go to maple logs when I have maple oak on a percent
then I’ll do maple branches it’s a good way to measure your progress in leveling
and you have to just grind it and grind it out and it’s the same way of
gathering as it is for the crafters every five levels you will have more
quests to do so that’s basically it so that’s how you can get your crafters and
gatherers to level ten and like I said a good time to start is when you’ve done
these main story and you’ve unlocked all three cities so that you can do it and
you should have about twenty thousand guild to mess around with if you’ve only
been getting the the tins or the bronze pieces and you sell them all and you
will have a bunch of other junk that you can sell or use later on but I will go
through this and another video about how to
to deal with your the bags based on the materials that you’ve gathered so that’s
it so if you have any requests for this series let me know the intention is for
it to be a combined crafters and gatherers guide okay let’s roll the
unscreened okay guys if you enjoyed that tutorial please be sure to give it a
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