hey here are Joe and Andi from Enjoy Magic and welcome to the Enjoy Magic review! today we´ve got something, Joe you always have a deck with you and because of this there is no more space in your pockets? Joe: yes Andi: or you don´t even got a purse with you, or you go out just with a billfold we´ve got something from switzerland here 😀 there is this new practical card deck for magicians nice on the go there you do some magic and when you are finished you put it away and fold it back into your billfold “Flat Pack” i´m still practicing, how much i´ve flashed in percent? i´m expecting at least three comments about that “Flat Pack” by Jason Knowles what can you do with it? Exactly this you´ve got a folded card deck, Andi has it in his billfold, it gets big and you take cards out of it you don´t need a table, we´ve just done it for the video, of course some of you have seen how it works but you can do it in live performances there are videos, that were produced by Murphys Magic which are only for instagram and others, they look ultra clean i´m summing up: there are 3 ways to perform this trick, first: with a table sitting down you can make it work for camera and spectators, that´s the ultimate way second: in your hands, let me show you how that it functions like this and you pull out your cards, you do that through body movement but that´s not suitable for camera, it will record the deck switch and number three: that´s ultra clean out of this perspective but that´s only for camera and not for live audiences Andi: you do it like this and… Joe: but you can do it live, i´ve sent you a video yes, maybe we´re making a instagram clip with it then you´ll see these are three ways to do it, so a gimmick that works not only for camera but also for live audiences there are different routines you could say it´s available in red and blue bycicle style but you could modify it which is explained you get the needed gimmicks for that which answers the question of Patrick, one of our magic member who asked if you could use any card deck or just a special one, so if you´ve modified it you can use any card deck yes right you could modify it or buy it in red or blue bycicle rider back coincidentally i´ve got one here, with this it functions for example is the gimmick stable? Mine broke i must say he has broken it and i fixed it personally i think, for a product that´s made out of such unstable parts relatively stable i´ve made a long term test, well not really i´ve had it one whole day in my purse, that was also a magic member question, and it get´s weak i must say we can´t explain it to you without telling too much well you´ve seen it, and before it was two days in my purse but you can repair it over and over because the needed things are included it doesn´t last forever, but you can get the parts, every magicians got a chance to do so for a shaky gimmick it´s very stable obviously it doesn´t need much space, if i think about it, it reminds me a bit of the “Party Bag” oh yes, by Greg Wilson but you have to convey that it is that flat, for example the billfold because if not they say: “wasn´t it the whole time this way?” you´ll have to explicitly say that it´s the new flat card deck about 2 or 3 years ago we saw it at the lads at the lads 2017, there we saw Jason Knowles in a bar and he was like: “guys look at this!” and i really like it as a general card trick opener i can imagine it if you go like: “hey you want to see a card trick?” some people are like: “omg a card trick -.-” that happens a lot to me i haven´t even done a trick and the people are like: oh no card tricks or it has a bad image and this is the perfect opener, you take something out of your purse and the people say that´s crazy and all of the upcoming things are good too because the opening was so good and as a little gag effect at the bar, it´s an eyecatcher because it pops up so nicely it´s suitable for stage performances as well as magic to go not really for stage and for video it´s also suitable like instagram i´m imagining it really well like when we go outside we don´t take cards with us, but if you take out your billfold, the people ask what that is and you are like: “oh that? that´s my card deck to go!” so good! i really want to try it the people are like: “are you crazy” and you: “well look there, it´s really practical for every magician” “oh you are a magician?” that must be awesome so let´s move on to the rating, from me there are: 8 points simply because i won´t use it because for me the gimmick is a little too unstable well if you are on the go it can break but that´s no big deal but in an stage performance i would rely on something stable and not going to repair it for every time that´s nice so there is no fight about it 🙂 from me there are 9 points, it goes right into my to go repertory not really for table hopping i´ve got some troubles with the angle but for on the road it´s really funny, i will try it because i really like it, it´s very funny that´s it… one moment for whom it´s suited? for amateurs not for beginner the standing version for live audience without camera needs body management you need to focus on your posture and misdirection and with the table thing you need good handling instead it gett´s noticed not for bloody beginner but have some expierence intermediate or intermediate amateurs otherwise well the skill level, you´ll have to practice so that´s it for “Flat Pack” and here we are “to the middle of the review” we´ve got one question. since a couple of time we´ve got our sponsor which supports us with the hottest new stuff and we would like to know how satisfied you are with magicshop, if there are any ideas or questions and if you like please leave a good rating on google, we will put the link down below because we are really happy with our sponsor, you see it in the review, we´ve got so much positive feedback in doing so you can help us, help our sponsor, help everybody just a little request, so let´s move on to the next product so the next product, an often asked one or one with a huge discussion but let´s perform it first Andi give me approximately the half of the deck, i´ll show you how magician do magic man, that´s one thing i always wanted to know! so take the card deck and the cool thing is you just have to mimick everything i do Joe: that´s how easy it is! Andi: you know with whom you´re doing this? Joe: yes i know, mr. i-can´t-mimick-anything, no joke i could rather think of a new effect than mimick something 🙂 so we go through the cards and i choose a card and so are you and so we don´t need any sleight of hand we exchange cards okay so how high are the chances that we have the same card? Andi: 1:52? Joe: wrong, zero, it´s one card deck we can´t choose the same card since two years i´m triggering him with this, since we are doing this whole thing 🙂 but the interesting thing is, we could check if we´ve got similar cards, so let´s turn them over together, 1, 2, 3 so show it to the people we´ve got 2 red cards two red aces that must be coincidence right? so you are reading my mind, because i´m choosing first! but that could´ve been luck, let´s try it one more time but first i will choose a card now you try to read my mind wait it´s the other it´s this one most think i have changed the card while i was giving you the other one so how high are the chances that we have the same card? Andi: zero Joe: ZERO, he has learnt something 🙂 but how high are the chances that we´ve got similar cards? so 1, 2, 3 4 aces! but do you know the interesting thing? hold the cards but maybe there are only aces or it´s all the same cards, Andi have a look so spread it on the table, it´s all blank cards! so thats the “Alpha Deck” by Richard Sanders it´s not only this effect included so you get everything to do it right out of the packet download link is included with different routines, you get a regular blank deck slightly prepared cards, that will, i think, last longer but you get some routines which you can do with a blank deck so Andi your experiences with it? my experience with it, well i´ve performed it funny thing, we have asked which trick decks you are using, for practical use our answer is still “Invisible Deck” as probably the only thing if you don´t count “Omni Deck” and many of you said in our livestreams “Alpha Deck”, “that´s really cool”, “i´ve got so many great experiences with “Alpha Deck” we will link the blog article down below there are some comments from our magic member to the Alpha Deck we can´t really comprehend, yes it´s nice but it´s not THE trick deck, the effect goes down well there´s one thing i´ll have to add, i´ve shown it to a good friend of mine, but he has seen some more magic before he has seen something, that you might have also seen whilst our performance, with the second card so i don´t say anything further the end effect is the blank deck, you shouldn´t underestimate that for those who haven´t done magic with this before especially the young ones of you for magicians it´s a pretty normal thing but don´t underestimate the power of a blank deck especially when the spectator holds it, it´s something he or she hasn´t seen before they even imagine that the cards could really disappear they can´t believe they there holding a blank deck the whole time i like the ending that the spectator finds it out and can hold it but i have to say that i don´t like the “flow” of the routine it´s rather slow and haltingly and you´re repeating it i choose a card, you choose a card, we do it again, i choose a card, you choose one… but i have to say, for me, personally, but that´s just my opinion it´s rather boring i don´t think so, that´s interesting nice that we haven´t the same opinion so you´re trying it out, and it works with the two aces but the people start thinking and you are like: “we´re doing it again” and the people are like okay but slow, and it works a second time, and they are like: i don´t get it… they don´t get it and in the end you´ve got this kicker with the blank deck and they are like: “no, no, noooo…” you are turning your cards and the spectator turns his cards, thats how i would do it, you gave me all the cards i find it more appealing if i turn my cards and the spectator got his in his hand and he is like: “no not really?!?!?!” and turns his around i like the construction of the plot two aces! do it again, “okay he can do it again?!?!?!” they have seen it coming, but the surprise moment at the end nice that you talk about it, because that´s one thing i don´t like, if the people are starting to expect something the first one is surprising, you both got an ace then you do it again and the people are expecting it, they aren´t surprised anymore and that´s a weird curve for me i don´t know… it goes like this: for me it´s pretty weird it´s a really nice effect for on the go, Richard Sanders was doing so, if you want to take 1 sensational effect with you then it´s the right trick deck for you, as a stand alone piece or as a finish for a close up show at the end i wouldn´t do that, i wouldn´t do as finish with the blank deck, well yes, but there are better things to do bigger and prettier yes you can, i´m doing magic with a normal deck, you´ve got a cold case, switching it right in… but i would rather advise to a story telling deck as a finish but i also see it there, if the effect is it worth for you to bring a trick deck then get it we only got good experience reports from our magic member today we don´t have two opinions but four like it´s great as a main trick some got similar problems as you Andi let´s get to the rating it get´s down really well, it doesn´t blow off my socks 7 points, yes 7 point product it´s cool, i will show it from time to time, but i won´t put it in my repertory from me there are 6 points i think you can risk it, if you have never worked with a blank deck it´s a good entry because you´ve got more routines but it´s not really a thing for me, a don´t really get the hype, hope i don´t offend anyone, but that´s only my experience we are relying on our magic member whom we recommend it to? for me it´s definitly a beginner thing pros are doing heavier things with a blank deck, i hope i don´t exaggerate to much for me it´s for beginner who aren´t learning the heavy stuff but also want´s a sensation i also think that somebody who starts it´s not bad to work with a blank deck and also learn about the routines behind it and get some help from it but i don´t think that pros are going to use it if they are seeing it here now they are further ahead with other trick decks or blank decks skill level is very low so that´s it for “Alpha Deck” and that´s it for this week with the Enjoy Magic Review with “Alpha Deck” by Richard Sanders and “Flat Pack” by Jason Knowles cool stuff from magic shop as always many thanks! support our sponsor if you want to have one of those those are totally things you can buy if you want it so in this sense: stay magically!