Hi! I’m Malik the Magic Guy with expertvillage.com.
Now I’m going to talk to you more about setting up cards, but we’re going to talk
about setting up the whole deck and doing tricks like that. Now let me give you an example.
In a few minutes, I’m going to teach you some tricks to do with a deck setup ace through
king like this. And as you’re learning false cuts and false shuffles, that’s when something
like this is going to become handy. Earlier I showed you how to do an under cut false
cut, and I want to show you now how that works. So we’re going to start with the cards setup
ace through king, you can see that there, and with a couple of under cut false cuts,
you see that still is setup ace through king. So that’s really is a convincing way to
make somebody think that a deck of cards have been mixed up when it hasn’t. Now one other
thing I want to tell you about is generally cutting the deck. Now a lot of the full deck
sequences you’re going to use, what you need to remember is the top is next to the
bottom, so by that I mean that if you cut the deck like this, the sequence stays the
same, it’s just your starting and ending points that are different. And for a lot of
tricks that doesn’t matter, so you can still use your sequence, so you can even give the
deck somebody to cut like this, and it doesn’t change the fact that your cards are still
in order just like that. So using that concept and some ideas on false cutting, I’m going
to teach you some cool tricks to do using different full deck setups.