Hey! Lookin’ good, Olivia! Wait, your dress! Somebody stop the car! No! Your gorgeous dress is ripping! If you think this is awkward, just wait until you see the other situations we’ve got coming your way. Ooh! Hey, Emily! Um, sorry, uh… Ugh! Why is stuff like this so incredibly awkward! Oh, there we go. On a day like this, nothing can ruin a beautiful walk in the park. Well, there is one thing… You’ve got to be kidding me. I gotta go Em! Wait for me! Aw man… Hey! Look over there! Huh? Oh, Hi there! Yay! I didn’t know you’d be here! Let me sit with you! Hey dude, I don’t think Emily was waving at you… That was so incredibly awkward! Nothing beats texting the bestie first thing in the morning. Especially when it’s to let them know how your hot date went the night before. It really was a dreamy night, wasn’t it? Wait a sec… Did I accidentally send the text to my mother?! This is so awkward. Oh god, maybe if I think hard enough I can rewind time! C’mon! Turn back time! Turn back time! This lunch date was so fun! Let’s be sure to do it again sometime, ok? I guess I’ll see you around! Oh, we’re still walking together… Ok, well, see you later! Why are these lingering goodbyes so awkward! Who knew you both were going the exact same way? Finally, we’re getting to the sidewalk. Oh, c’mon! Seriously? You’re going this way too, huh? Geez, at this point you may as well walk all the way home together! Okay, is it just me or is this more awkward to watch than it is to actually go through? Have a nice walk, girls! It’s always nice to listen to a good playlist while you get your work done. As long as you make sure your headphones are plugged in. Uh, Emily? People are starting to look at you… She has no ideate can hear that, does she? Emily? Oh, hey! You may want to push that cord in just a little further… Ooh, thank goodness you weren’t blasting High School Musical this time… There we go. Yep, all fixed, guys. Thanks for letting me know. Is there Brad Pitt movie that isn’t ridiculously good? Oh! Hey Dad! Hey Mom! You wanna watch with me? You only missed like 15 minutes. Turn it up, Dad! Aw! How cute! A family movie night! Why’s Brad taking his pants off? Oh please no… Yep, looks like this fam just got front row seats to a hot, sweaty love scene! Dad! I still know what’s going on! Somebody click pause! Or is that even more awkward? Oh god! Turn the volume down at least! At least these guys have some awkward dinner table talk for the next week! Mmm! This salad is pretty good but it could use a little more…something. Okay, not THAT much something! This is so awkward! Should I order another salad? After your lunch hour, it’s always a good idea to touch up your lipstick. Alrighty, that oughta do it. Lookin’ good girl! Oh, hey, Dave! How you doing today? Jason! Great job on your presentation earlier! Oh. Uh, you may want to check those teeth in a mirror, girl. I just did in the bathroom! Why? Holy cow! It looks like I took a bite from my lipstick! Yep…pretty awkward. And I said hi to so many people! Aw man. Hey Olivia, check out this video. Isn’t it hilarious? Uh, your teeth? What’s wrong with my teeth? Ah! How did I not even notice this? Next time you eat spinach for lunch, you may want to do a quick mirror check before you get back to work. Okay, are my teeth better now? Yep, you’re all clear, girl. If you’re anything like Olivia, nothing excites you quite like snack time. My mouth’s watering already! Oopsies! Okay, maybe Olivia gets a little too excited… Okay, maybe she gets this way about breakfast food too… A brand new box of my favorite cereal! Okay, hold onto your hats, people! She’s gonna blow! Yep, now the cereals gonna be all over the floor. Uh, my bad! Oh, hey guys! What’s up? Aw, you’re gonna leave Olivia hangin’? Well that was awkward! Hey! Remember me? I’m here too! Gah! That’s gonna leave a bruise. Finally! Olivia’s able to get a word in! Aw, how nice! Emily got everyone coffee! Well, almost everyone. Just face it Olivia, you’re the third wheel. And it’s only gonna get more awkward from here. Feeling awkward yet? If not, these bloopers should do the trick! Share this video with your friends to give them a laugh! And as always, be sure to subscribe to 123 GO!’s YouTube channel so you never miss out on our videos again! See you all next time!