Patlu just wait and see in this saplings beautiful flowers will blossom. Yes flowers will blossom, everywhere there will be greenery. Every human beings should put saplings and grow trees. There is something over here, let me see. Whats in this? Let me see. This is a camera, looks like a brand new one. This is an old model camera, let’s put battery inside it and check whether it is in working condition. I’ll get the batteries. Take this battery. Bring it here, I will remove the first photo. Patlu smile please, nice pose. One more! From where this stick has come? Oh yes, how it has come? Ok now you take my photo. Motu smile. Oh! This is the same stick which is seen in the photograph, great! But this photograph is taken before I got a hit from this stick. Ok, now you stand, let me take your photograph. Where did this honey comb come from? There is some problem in this camera. Show it to me. Oh yes, where did this come from? There is some problem with this camera, but we got one honey comb in one of the tree in our garden. Motu run, the bees are attacking. Motu, find a solution to get rid of this honey bees. I don’t get any ideas with empty stomach, you think. Idea! Oh my god!! This camera shoots, what is going to happen? It already showed before I got a hit from the stick. Before only the photograph showed that my head will get stuck in the honey comb. That means, this camera shows the future. Lets take Ghaseetaram’s photo and see what is his future. What is this? Ghaseetaram is going to get the treasure. Let’s be nice with him, so that we will also get a share from that treasure. Yes, let’s go fast. John will become Don! Treasure belong to anybody, it will be stolen by John. Wow Don! What a poetry! Isn’t it number 2? Leave that poetry and follow Ghaseetaram, immediately. Oh my lord! Too much of heat. Ghaseeta sir, I will put on the fan. No, I will fan Ghaseeta sir. My men will fan Ghaseetaram, I am lucky to serve him. Stop it! What are you all doing? I am not feeling hot. Hey Ghaseeta sir is not feeling hot, leave him. Hey Tea vendor, give Ghaseeta sir hot samosey, I will feed Ghaseeta sir with my own hand. Oh my lord! I think he also knows about the treasure. Ghaseeta sir is our friend, we will feed samosa to him. Oh my lord! Quickly, give tea to Ghaseeta sir. Yes, give tea to our friend, to our brother. Hey!! Burnt me! Are you all gone mad? My full body is burnt. I will have to go to the doctor. Ghaseeta sir stop, I will apply medicine to you. We are also coming, Ghaseeta sir, Don’t go alone, the world is very bad. We will bandage you. Am I dreaming? Ghaseetaram sir, you see we have brought bandage for your wound. We have also brought bandage, along with the medicine. Oh my lord! Why you people are behind me? Don’t follow me. Please forgive me, if I have done anything wrong to you people. We have to say sorry to you, because of us you got hurt. I will put medicine. We will tie the bandage. Leave me, please leave me!! Mummy!! Oh! He was screaming “Mummy”. And we made him a “Mummy”. Leave him, he is ours. No, he is ours. Ghost!! Can’t you see and walk. Run immediately or else you will also become blind, look there. Oh my god! What is that? Misra desh, means after the death of the Egyptian king they tied him in such bandage. Such things are called Mummy. This is the same thing, who has become alive. Ghost!!! Ghost!! What happened? Why are you all running? Chingum sir, mummy! What happened to your mummy? Nothing is wrong with my mummy, mummy has come, mummy has come from Egypt. Chingum sir run, mummy is coming, run!! Why should I get scared from your mummy and run? Hey not my mummy, that Mishra’s mummy. Why should I get scared from Mishra’s mummy? Misra means that Egyptian mummy, one who is in the coffin. She is coming, she is coming. Hey why these people are getting scared of mummy? Mummies are very love able people, whether mummy is from Egypt or India. She has to be loved and not to be scared. Oh my god! Mummy!! No, don’t come near me!! Oh my god! Help! Mummy! Mummy!! Daddy!! Chingum sir have you seen any mummy around? Tell us fast, since when we are following him. He is over there. Thanks sir!! All the best! Motu, Patlu I am proud of you both. Furfuri town is very much proud of you all for your bravery. I am saluting you, god bless you. I will salute you with my gun. Oh my god! Oh my lord! They made me run so much that I am exhausted. Such a things has never happened in my twenty years of experience. Why you people are harassing me? Have I done anything wrong? Please forgive me and leave me alone. We want your diamonds and pearls. Ghaseeta sir don’t give anything to him, We are your old friends, give all to us. You take 50-50, I got lots of it. Wait, what are you all doing? Let me write down, who is taking how much? And for How many days? What do you mean by, who? And for how many days? Hey this is my business, I give artificial diamonds, gemstones etc on rental basis. According to that I charge per day. What? Is this all artificial? For artificial diamonds and pearls, you made me run so much? Your camera is a hopeless one. Somebody please tell me, what is this happening?