all right this old capacitor based
generator at the suggestion of another youtuber I’m going ahead and replacing
the capacitor I will say that I believe this capacitor is a done. it’s melted I
glanced at it the other day I didn’t notice the melting but I ran it for a
good oh four hours straight running some pretty high amperage and it only runs on
my shop vac smaller tools are didn’t at all so ordered a new capacitor on Amazon it’s pretty much identical. both rated at 24 microfarads, 350 volts. I’m not gonna give you the boring
details on actually and screwing it back into place but this even comes with the
same tab for screwing it back into place All right. it’s back in place Over the last six months this old
brushless generator has intermittently given me problems sometimes it would
power my tools sometimes it would not my high amperage shop vac worked fine until
last week over the last four or five months the generator failed to power my
drill or sawzall. Research indicated from my symptoms it was likely a bad
capacitor that excites the field windings this guess was backed up by
Shawn mr. Fixit Lee see his link and so I ordered a replacement and a spare. Sure enough this fixed my generators ailments and I’m back in business for job sites
that don’t have accessible power