Life is filled with annoying tasks. Like putting pesky liners inside trash cans. Let me show you a way easier way to do that,
Kate. While it may not be the safest idea, you can keep the bag from filling with air by putting it on your head first. See? Just another great life hack to help you take it easy throughout the day. Pretty impressive right? The best way to get out of cleaning is to
wait ’til your mom leaves the house. Netflix, here I come! But perhaps a bucket of popcorn isn’t the
best choice for horror-flick watching. Aw man, that popcorn is going to get all over
the floor! Looks like Lilly’s going to have to clean
up whether she likes it or not. Where’s the remote? I am putting a stop to these zombies for good! Phew, that was an awful close one. Oh no! My mom’s going to be home soon and I didn’t clean a thing! Hey, think this toy remote can lend a hand? Toy car to the rescue! Oh yeah, I can definitely do something with
this, especially if it means less work for me. For an easy clean-up hack, try attaching broom
bristles to a remote-controlled car like this. Slide through some plastic zip ties like these
to the front of the car. Make sure it’s nice and tight! And be sure to put the same one on the other
side. It may be a little tricky but trust us, the
result is totally worth it. There you go! Don’t forget to cut off any excess plastic
from the ties. Woah! Now this is what I call cleaning in the year 2020, people! Let’s put this thing to work, shall we? With something like this, you can sweep up a mess in a fraction of the time it’d take you to do with a regular broom. Yes! Job well done! Yep, looks nice and clean to me! All you have to do now is dump the trash right
into the garbage bin. Things just don’t get easier than this! Thanks for saving the day, toy car! Having a relaxing day can take a sharp turn
after being faced with a sink-full of dirty dishes. Aw man, I knew I should’ve just done these
last night. Well, no better time than the present, right? Man, cleaning dishes is sure time consuming,
isn’t it? But once you get into the groove of it, the
sink becomes less and less full. Alright, we’re on the last dish, ladies
and gentlemen! Phew, that was a lot of work. But I think I worked up an appetite. Wait, what am I doing? I just got through cleaning all these darn things! I really don’t want to dirty another dish. If you need to use a plate but don’t want to deal with dirty dishes, this hack will become your new best friend. Before you use your plate, cover it in a layer
of plastic wrap. Then go ahead and pour whatever food you want
to eat right on top of it. Ooh, this pasta looks so good, doesn’t it? Chow down on that grub without ever getting
a speck of dirt onto your dish. And when you’re done, simply throw away
the plastic and you’re good to go. Now that was way easier than washing a dish,
wasn’t it? Alright plate, you can go right back where
you came from. Alright, looks like I’m just about ready
to go out for the day. My hat’s on and I’m ready to go. But how am I supposed to get out of here with
Kate’s stupid vacuum in the way? GAH! I knew that was gonna happen. Hey Kate, next time you do this, maybe you
can use this rope. Huh? What do I do with it? Just think of the way a backpack works, okay? Geez. A backpack? Oh, of course, a backpack! This hack can prevent you from having some
seriously nasty falls. Simply loop through some stretchy bungee rope
like this on each side of the vacuum. Once they’re secure, stick your arms through
and wear the thing like a real backpack! Now you won’t have to leave behind any hazardous
tubes as you go. See? It’s a nice clean floor in more ways than one! Clean on, Kate! Man, these chips are good. What? I’m out already? Well, snack time’s over, I guess. Ooh, someone definitely has to take out that
trash, it’s overflowing! Ugh, why am I always the only one who ever
takes out the trash around here? There’s trash everywhere! Man, we sure do eat a lot of chips in this
house. Well, that didn’t work. If I take out the trash that means I’ll have to face the elements, bulky jacket, hat, gloves and all. Yeah, I definitely don’t wanna do all that. But maybe I can find a way around that annoying
chore…. And turns out, all it takes is this little
guy. Simply drape the plastic bag over the upside
down table legs. This way you can prolong your chore of taking
out the trash just a little bit longer. Yay! I can’t believe it’s been three years since Kate and I have been besties! Happy Friend-a-versary, Kate! Aw, you too, Lilly! So, in honor of us being besties for three
whole years, I got you a little prezzie. Oh wow, that was so sweet of you. Before you open it do you mind if I make a
quick trip to the restroom? Oh no! I totally forgot to get Lilly a gift! Ooh, that won’t work. But this sure can! All I need is this hair elastic and I’m
good to go! If you need a last minute gift, try out this
hack! Fold the towel a third of the way inward,
like so. Then, from the bottom, roll the towel up,
tightly. Stop at about halfway. Do the same thing at the top of the towel
until the two rolls meet. Next, fold the rolls at the middle while twisting
one of the ends around. Again fold out the material around the bulge
it’s sitting on top of. It should look something like this. Once you put your hair tie around the middle of the towel, take two smaller ones and pinch off two pieces at the top. Now, take a ribbon and wrap it around the
the first hair tie you put on. Is this starting to look familiar to you all? You guessed it, it’s an adorable teddy bear
towel! Aw, isn’t he cute? You’d never guess it started out as a hand
towel, right? Oh good, you’re back! Aww, is that for me? You’re so sweet! I love him so much! Almost as much as I love being your bestie. Um, is Kate turning into a monkey? Who on earth eats so many bananas at a time
like that? And she’s still going! Okay, Kate! I’m back with those groceries you wanted! Oh no! Lilly’s about to take a major fall on that banana peel! Oh boy, this looks like it’s really gonna
hurt. Brace yourself, Lilly! Yep, there she goes, all the way down. NO! Protect the cactus!! Cactus down! And women down! Oh man, that was one nasty fall, girl! You okay there, Lilly? That looked pretty bad! Ouch! That cactus sure looks prickly. Here! Take this banana peel, it’ll help! What am I supposed to do with this? Oh, I get what you’re sayin’! I can just pick up my cactus with some good ‘ol banana gloves! If you ever have to put a cactus into a pot, using an old banana peel will protect your fingers! Take that, pesky pricks! See? Good as new. I love it! I’d hug you if I could, little cactus. If you love taking it easy then you definitely
can use all these hacks! Make sure to share them with your friends
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