Hello there and welcome, I’m Bob Proctor. The year 2020 is just around the corner. And I believe that would be a great time for you and I both to make a big move in the right direction. Do you know, it was in 1961
that a man gave me this book. And he said, “Bob, if you
will study what’s in here “and if you can follow direction, “you can have anything you want.” Now at the time, I was
earning $4,000 a year and I owed $6,000. I had no formal education
and I didn’t have a very good work record. So the idea I could have
anything I want was absurd. He said, “Bob, quit looking backwards. “Don’t think in reverse.” He said, “The problem with most people is “they think what they haven’t got. “Plan to think of what you have got. “You’ve got more power,
more talent and ability “locked up with you than
you’ll ever hope to use “in your lifetime. “If you will follow direction,
and I’ll give you direction, “you can have anything you want.” Now I really didn’t believe that, but I believed he believed it
and I started to follow him. Do you know, from earing $4,000 a year, one year later, I was
earning $14,500 a month. I’ve earned millions of dollars. I’ve built a company that
operates all over the world. And it’s not by accident, it’s by design. Most people plan towards
the end of any year that next year’s going to be different. They tell themselves that
and they think about it. They’ll even sit down and write it out. And they’ll set a goal of
what they’re going to do. They’re going to change their
weight, different habits, their income, move their business ahead. I don’t think anybody
plans to fail next year. I think everybody plans
to do better next year. But there’s only a very,
very small percentage of the population that
really make it happen. I’m coaching a woman in Europe
that said something one day that really stopped me right in my tracks. She said, “Bob, I believe success “is 5% strategy and it’s 95% mindset.” I’m going to tell ya,
that really made me think. And I’m inclined to agree with that. 5% strategy, 95% mindset. This will account for people
who are absolutely brilliant not doing well. It’ll also explain why
people who really don’t have a whole lot going for them do extremely well. 5% strategy, 95% mindset,
Katherine’s right. Well, I’m going to be running a program, and the price is right. It’s not going to cost you a nickel. I’m going to suggest you
get your friends together for this program. Turn it into a party like
you’re watching a football game or something like that. Everybody discuss it. Get together as a group, so you got a group
consciousness working on this, and you’re all going to do well next year. I’m going to teach mindset. I’ve been studying it for
many, many years, 59 years. I have a wonderful mindset. I earn millions of dollars. I’ll be 86 my next birthday. I have as much energy
as most people 30 or 46. Do you see, I don’t think
it has anything to do with what’s going on outside. It has to do with what’s going on inside. I want you to look at this for a moment. This program is going to
be called Mindset 2020. And you can register for it by going to www.iMindset.com. Let this circle represent your mind. And let this little one
represent your body. You see, it’s what the
body does that determines the results that we’re going to get. I think everybody wants
to get better results. Well, the mind I found,
it works in two parts. You have this part. This is where we gather knowledge. This is called our conscious mind. And this is where the books pile up. We go to school, they give us information, and they give us a test
to see if we’ve got it. We pass the test, so
we think we’ve got it. We haven’t got it at all. See, down here is where the mindset is. This is the subconscious mind. And it’s what’s going on here
that determines our results. It controls the vibration. It controls our behavior. I’m going to show you how to
take the mindset you’ve got, whatever it may be, and how to improve it. This is going to be a
relatively short seminar. It’s going to be right to the point. We’ll give you worksheets
so that you can track this. They’ll have pictures on them. You’ll understand exactly what I’m saying. Do you know, most times we hear something, we’ve forgotten about 66% by the next day. You won’t forget this. You’re going to remember 100% of this because of the way I’m
going to present it. And you can plan on the year 2020 being an absolute mind-boggling year. Everything you want can be yours. We’re God’s highest form of creation. I want you to think about it, and I want you to think of the people that you’d like to invite
to a mindset party. Throw a mindset party, Mindset 2020. This could be a get together of all your friends and relatives. Turn it into something really good. See, the good part about it is, when the seminar’s
over, you can mastermind with all these people. You can get the ideas going, and you can build on that. It’s so good. And when there’s a group working on it, it becomes much more powerful. Do you know, Napoleon Hill said, “Masterminding is the
only way to create power.” That’s when you bring your mind
together with someone else, and it becomes much more powerful. This is going to be an incredible program. I got the idea doing this
here just a week or so ago. And I thought, “Do you
know, there’s probably “millions of people that
would love to be in on this.” Well, we’re going to
teach this to millions. I want you to tell all your friends. If you have a company, get
everybody on the company in it. Because I’m going to show
you how you change you. You see, a corporation’s nothing
but a group of individuals. I often say, if we’re working in a hotel, if we take the employees out of the hotel, we don’t have a hotel anymore. We’ve just got a big
building full of stuff. The hotel are the people. And do you know something, we’ve
all got infinite potential. You’re God’s highest form of creation. Make up your mind that you’re
going to pick up your pen at Mindset 2020, and
you’re going to decree what your year is going
to be like next year. What a beautiful way to
bust into the new year. You’re going to love it. Go to iMindset.com. Get your friends to go there. Get as many as you can to go there. The price is right, I’m not
charging five cents, it’s free. I just want you to get what I’ve got. I’ve had such a phenomenal life
and it keeps getting better. There’s no end to what you can earn. There’s no end to what you can do. And the trick is, get it and share it. iMindset.com, Mindset 2020 is going to be a wonderful experience. This is Bob Proctor, thank you.