– [Singer] It’s such a fun Magic Monday for you. – Hey everybody, welcome to Magic Monday. Today I am here with GloZell. – (mumbles) ’cause I want
to know okay first of all is there a spider? – There is no spider.
– Okay. – No spider.
– Okay. – I was gonna do a really
simple magic trick, a little demonstration of some cool stuff. – Okay is there a spider. – No spider, no spider
– Okay. – So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna set up like a little tower here. – Well, I mean, what.. (chuckles) all right
the last time I saw you you tried to kill me with a spider. You come to my house, you take my.. – It’s okay.. – My good glass. – I’m not gonna, there’s no spider. – Okay.
– Everything’s cool. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. – Watch what we’re gonna do here. – Wait, wait, wait. – I’m just gonna try and create. – What? Wait a minute. – See you can check out, you
can check everything out. – Here, (mumbles).
– I had to hit it. – I’m gonna take it like a step further. – Uh-huh. – I’m gonna put it further away. So I’m gonna set it up here. Put it all the way..
– What? – Over to there. Okay?
– Okay. – This does take a
little more concentration to do it from this far away, okay? – Okay.
– So, I really need to focus. – (screams) Aahh! (exaggerated deep laughing) (gasps) Ohhh! – Did you see it move?
it moved. – You broke the glass! You broke the glass, you broke my glass, you broke my glass. – Okay okay. – You broke my glass.
– Okay. – Come back here so I can beat you. – Hold on, hold on, hold on. – Come back here so I can beat you. – Okay, let me, let me, let me just.. – How you gonna come in here and break, you broke the glass! – Wait, you know what. – How’d you, first of all, I
don’t know what kind of a crazy I don’t even know if
that’s magic at this point. I don’t know if you made a
deal with the devil, or what. – Would you calm down, let’s calm down. – No, we’re not. – Listen, listen, listen.
– Look at what you did. You can still use this. – You gotta pick the
glass up, it’s in pieces. – This, it’s not, I even transformed it into a tumbler now. – I’m gonna transform
you into a tum.. what? – You don’t need the stem part, anyway, this is the part that.. – You don’t come to my house
and change up the furniture and just wreck up my stuff. – Or.. – First of all you should be glad I even let you in here again. You know what I want
you to get out of here. – Well, it’s just that
I’m, I’m just gonna.. – Get, out of here. – Okay, holy..
– Get, out. Get, out of here. – You bruised the banana. (banana thuds)
– Ow! Ow! – I can’t believe this,
I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this! You, oh my, oh, you have lost your mind, Christopher Ballinger! How am I gonna explain this to my husband you done broke his glasses up? – Ow! – Get out of here!
– Okay. Um.
– Just get out! – Hey everybody, as a favor to me just subscribe to GloZell.
– Get. – I’ll put links down below and she’s a really good
sport for having me back. Ow! And, uh.. – Get out. – That actually, kay, ow! Okay, all right. So just subscribe to her when you get a chance to do that. I’m trying to get.. The tripod is stuck. – Get outta here. – It’s stuck here, I’m getting. – Get outta here. – I’m getting out. Okay. Ow, that one was uncalled for though. – (mumbles) – Okay I give up, I give up. (dramatic coughing) (blowing) – I was trying to make
a bubble but I can’t. – I stretched it out too much probably.