(“Hedwig’s Theme”) – Like a bolt of lightning, it sparked something inside us all. (train whistles) It was a journey into the imagination, to a world filled with magic, heart, (thunder booms) and a courageous trio of friends. Eventually we turned the final page. (book thuds) But the boy who lived lives on. – [Man] Platform nine and three quarters? – [Man] Best to do it at
a run, if you’re nervous. – [Woman] Mischief managed. – [Young Woman] Albus is missing. – [Harry] I need to find to find my son. We need to. – [Narrator] And sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places. – [Young Woman] Harry, is Albus in danger? – [Harry] I think we all are. – [Narrator] J.K. Rowling
continues her story on stage, – Lumos! – [Narrator] where the magic is real. – Flippendo! (woosh) – [Harry] Finite! – [Man] Tarantallegra! – [Harry] I’ve never
fought alone, you see, and I never will. – [Narrator] “Harry Potter
and the Cursed Child.” – [Quiet Voice] Harry Potter. – [Narrator] Experience it now.