diego i decided some cheetah cubs who
need help what happened to the cheetah cubs the magician is through magic cos
that’s a path that leads to their mother and now they can’t find their way back
to her they’re lost and scared we have to help them let’s use my spotting scope
to find them there is a cheetah cub the cheetah cubs
need to be with their mother let’s use my spotting scope to find the
mommy cheetah we remote master right to search and press the 2 button when you
found what we’re looking for what about this is this a cheetah
is this a cheetah what about this is this yeah that’s the mother cheetah the
cheetah take with us sweet it back to its mother we found a cheater cop let’s keep
smoking we collected enough Safari stamps to get
a new Safari badge what you suppose we can find here rescue match now let’s keep going so we
can help the elephants it’s Erin and Juma we found across this Diego could be
Diego john-boy’s yeah go Diego the magician is nearby
he needs to hide so the magician doesn’t turn her into a rock to promote b1n then
move your arms up and down like you’re swimming these people are supposed to be not
small really really small to make the hippos big again we’ll need your help to
use the drums magic pull the Wii Remote and run it then move your arms up and
down like you’re drumming we can use the hippos are supposed to be ours thanks for your help and looks like the
only way for words is to use that line I don’t think I’m going to be able to use
that don’t worry we’ll find another way around and meet Diego and Baby Jaguar
further down the path okay I think you’re a leopard tortoise in trouble
let’s use clay to find it safer tortoises have a yellow and black
pattern on their shells that helps them honey don’t go we remote left to right
to search and press the two button when you found what we’re looking for we need
to help this animal that’s it that’s the leopard tortoise say quick my bird
tortoise needs our help the leopard tortoise wants some yummy
grass but she’s afraid to get any because she’s too slow to hide from the
magician when you see any yummy grass piggy down and we’ll take it to the
leopard tortoise we found some yummy clams the leopard
tortoise will like this let’s find some more are you okay it’s so hot Diego it’s too
hot for Baby Jaguar we’ve got a cooler mom
I hate math with my ears cool me off cool me off we all have to help me and
cool off maybe Changwon hope the Wii Remote is one hand and reach your arms
out to the side then flap your arms like a limiting me now we can get back to
helping the tortoise thanks for the refresher you’re welcome oops we got enough Safari stamps in this there’s the leopard tortoise I hope
you’re hungry because we brought you some unique rats
Thank You Diego Wow so much yummy grass this is delicious
thank you very much we got a leopard tortoise rescue match and now elephants let’s take the safari truck across the
plains I love riding in the safari truck to steer the safari truck delivery well
left and right hold your button to speed up the stance and earn a safari truck