Few years ago, a new trend from the US appeared in the streets of our cities : STREET MAGIC.
– Come closer… Wanna see some magic? Great.
Form a circle around me. Amoung those new illusionists,
one is on every headlines : Tim Fisker a step backwards please… Tim Fisker’s levitation illusion
has become a real phenomenon. It was unbelievable!
– Yeah, totally stunning. Nothing under, nothing above! His feet were here!
– At least, here! We travell a lot… but we never
saw something that amazing. It was thrilling. Frisker’s performance is so perfect that international newspapers
start wondering : Tim Fisker :
illusionist or real magician? Of course there is a trick Even though I have the greater respect
for Tim’s work. It’s just work. Those rumours about
so called “real powers” are really growing crazy now.
It’s insane. So you confirm there is a trick?
-Yes. I’m positive. And you know wich one? No. But there is one! Don’t you have any clue? Well… No. Maybe you could
pay attention to the crowd. In the art of illusion,
sometimes the real artist is the assistant. Sometimes. Is Tim Fisker assisted by an accomplice
hidden among the crowd? Hard to say. If Tim Fisker as a partner, the illusion is perfectly done :
a masterpiece. We followed Tim Fisker
after his show. We saw him with a stranger. We filmed it with a hidden camera. I won’t collect money with the hat! Ok but you’re the one on stage
being applauded. You’re always on tv. Can’t you see it’s not easy for me? You’re an accomplice.
Accomplices don’t go on TV. Yes but accomplices…
-chut. …accomplices get paid. we’re just starting to make money.
It grows slowly. Just wait a little longer. In the meantime,
why won’t you pass the hat? Fuck! If you want to pass the hat,
you go play the accordion on the trocadero,
and let me be. Hey! Who’s gonna pay for the drinks? We found someone
who may have helped Tim Fisker with the conception of his show. He agreed to testify for us. Yes, I have my own personality. Yes, I have my own desires. I’ve been working with a partner
since the beginning. every time. But do you think
it’s an every day blessing? They are remarks, tensions. When… I met Tim right after
a very difficult collaboration with an extremely severe person who wasn’t very patient. When I realised Tim
was evolving in the same way, I choose to preserve myself.
I said stop. Well, you know,
it can be very uneasy to find the real good assistant. If you take Linda here…
– Can’t you speak french? What? You’re pissing everybody off.
Can’t you just speak french? I guess I can try. Listen : Hey, is your resume up to date?
Cause I think the job center’s employees
are quite strict about that. Faggot! Not even a little. Are we done now? I’m off duty. We can talk but not this way. I can do nothing. I’m exhausted.
I need a rest. You’re doing a huge ethical mistake! We’re not supposed
to talk to each other in public! then shut up. What do you want?!
-75 euros per day. Fuck you! Ok
-Go ahead, beat it! So nobody will see me right?
-Beg you pardon? Am I being seen ?
-Yes But I asked not to be recognized. I’m sorry. I didn’t know… wait, calm down… The question remains : Is Tim Fisker the King of illusion or a flying man?