Hostess: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight you
will witness a contest of magic between two masters of illusion. The first is Prescott the Great. Prescott: Thank you, thank you! Hostess: His illusions will fool your sense
of reality! And now please welcome our other
master of illusion, Mr. Wordsworth. Wordsworth: Pardon me, did you say illusion with an “i”? Hostess: Yes, of course. Wordsworth: Oh dear, there’s been a misunderstanding.
You see, I’m a master of allusion with an “a”. Hostess: Allusion? Wordsworth: Yes, allusion, the act of making
a reference to something, perhaps a work of literature or a historic event. Ugh, this is more
tragic than “Romeo and Juliet”. Prescott: Wait, did you just use an allusion? Wordsworth: Why, yes, I did. Hostess: Very impressive. Prescott: I have an idea. I will perform an
illusion, and Mr. Wordsworth will respond with an allusion. Wordsworth: A splendid idea. Hostess: Then let the contest begin! Prescott: For my first illusion, I will make
a hippopotamus appear out of thin air. Wordsworth: Do you have Noah’s ark under that cape? Prescott: Very nice. Hostess: Nice allusion! Wordsworth: Of course. Prescott: And for my final illusion, I will
make our lovely assistant disappear! Hostess: Oh, my! Wordsworth: Like Frodo wearing the ring, she’s become invisible. Prescott: A wonderful allusion! I love
those books. Both: Thank you. Thank you.