That was ‘Smile’.
My favourite song in the whole world! Just for you. Hey, Goa! How are you today? You’re listening to Radio Zindagi. The most joyful show
in the whole world. And you’re with me
Ethan Mascarenhas. l was a little sad this morning.. ..because my Producer Jenny left
for Miami for her son’s wedding. But there’s an upside
in Jenny leaving too.. ..and that is, our
producer today is Sofia D’Souza.. .. who’s been my Nurse
for the last 1 2 years. Mind you, l don’t call her Sister.. .. because she is
unbelievably beautiful! She tells me we have our
last caller for the day. Hello. What’s your name? Hi. This is Dick calling. Dick.. Dick Fernandes? That’s right. You remember! lt was exactly a year ago. Pamela had left me and l
just didn’t want to live. l called your show to
dedicate one last song to her.. .. and you convinced me right there,
on-air not to commit suicide.. .. and to go and get the girl. You’re a magician! You change people’s lives.
You certainly changed mine. Do you know what happened today? Pamela has given
birth to my little girl! 1 7 minutes ago.. and about 7 pounds.. .. and you’re the
first person to know. Congrats, Dick! You did it. That’s so beautiful. My next song is for
the little angel.. ..and this incredible journey.. ..of a beautiful life. lt doesn’t matter if it weighs
7-odd pounds or a 1 00 grams. ”This bitter-sweet
existence has left me with.. ” ”.. barely 1 00 grams of
life that l’ve held on to.. ” ”.. breathing my
heart into every moment.” ”This bitter-sweet existence..” ”This bitter-sweet existence..” lt’s time to say goodbye, friends.. B-Y-E.. .. three simple letters,
one difficult word. So, while you enjoy the rest
of this beautiful evening.. .. l’ll wait patiently
for my friend, Devyani.. ..who is a whole hour late. This is Ethan Mascarenhas.. .. over and out. Stupid! ”Life is good. Life is wonderful.” ”Life is pain.” ”Life is good.” ”Life is wonderful.” ”Life is pain. lt’s
all part of the game.” ”Life is good.” ”Yeah all good.” ”Life is pain.” Hi Sofia are you leaving? Not yet. Just getting some coffee. Could l have a cup too?
One sugar, please. – Sure. Sorry.. sorry.. sorry, l’m late! An idiot banged into
my car on my way here.. Of course!
– Really! These flowers are for you. Ah! That felt good! Don’t be silly! So, tell me, what was so urgent?
Why have you called me? l have a small request, Devyani. Sure. l need to file a petition. Okay. lt’s a petition to die. l know you’re shocked, Devyani. But
let’s not make an issue out of this. lt’s a simple,
straightforward request. Are you crazy? Should l turn this blood
circulation table upside down.. your brain gets some blood? You’re asking the court to
grant you permission to die? lt’s called Euthanasia. Mercy Killing.. You must have heard. l don’t understand, Ethan.. You’ve done so well all
these years. You’re a survivor! And suddenly, you come up
with this?! You want to die! ln any case, the courts
will not consider this. Euthanasia is not allowed in lndia. Do as you’re told, Devyani.. .. you will be paid for it. Anything else? Do you need anything else? Some sex would be good. Will you get me a pack of condoms.. .. and a beautiful
willing woman, please? What do you say? Hello.. – l’m sorry, Doc
to call you this early. But l had to talk to you.. l met Ethan last night. He wants me
to file a petition for Euthanasia. – Who’s going to lndonesia?
– Wake up, Doc! Euthanasia. Mercy Killing. This must be one
of his stupid jokes. You laugh the
loudest at them, don’t you? But this is not a joke.
This could be serious. All right. Don’t get hyper. Relax. He has his dialysis later today. Why don’t you come over?
We can talk then. This is my responsibility now.
l will handle it. Alright. l thought l was a friend. You took such a big
decision all on your own? l didn’t know l had to take a vote. Ok Doc do you think
science will progress enough.. .. in my lifetime
for me to walk again? No. – Will l ever be
able to move my hands? No. My fingers? My toes? No. My kidneys have given up.
Do you think you can save my lungs? Ethan..
– Yes or No, Doc? No. There it is, Doc. lt’s a No for me too.. Look at all that
you’ve achieved, Ethan.. You’ve written a book.. You
run a radio show, Radio Zindagi.. You’re a source of hope
and inspiration to millions.. You fought Ethan, and
you fought valiantly! Exactly, Doc! l conquered my life. l’ve lived the last
1 4 years with great pride. But now l choose not to live
at the mercy of these machines! l’m your doctor.. How do you plan to stop me? By testifying in court.. .. saying that
you’re mentally unstable. .. that you’re seeking
death from depression. l’ll make sure no court in this
world will listen to your plea. They’ll have to listen.. They will listen.. Devyani will make sure of that. Fight for me, Devyani. Fight like a tigress.. lf you win the case,
you’ll set me free. And if you lose, l’m
serving a life sentence, anyway. Case 41 1 . Ethan
Mascarenhas v/s Union of lndia. Are both parties present? Yes, Your Honor. Devyani
Dutta for Ethan Mascarenhas. Yes, Your Honor. Vipin
Patel for Union of lndia. Please proceed. Your Honor, my client
Mr. Ethan Mascarenhas has filed.. ..a petition for Euthanasia. Ms. Dutta, you’re aware our
law does not permit Euthanasia. You are challenging Article 21
of the lndian Constitution.. .. it’s the Fundamental
Right to Live. lf a citizen has the Right to Live.. .. he also has the right
to choose NOT to live. We strongly believe,
Your Honor that it is time.. ..for this law to be amended. Changing a law is not as
simple as changing your clothes. Your Honor, l’m not
saying that every appeal.. ..for Euthanasia should be granted. But each case needs to be
evaluated on its individual merit. There isn’t any merit in this
case other than propagating suicide. l disagree.
As a law-abiding citizen.. client is legally
asking for euthanasia. So, your client believes that death
is the solution to all suffering?! Your Honor, in that case
my client would’ve made.. ..this appeal 1 4 years ago.. .. immediately after his
accident which left him paralysed. But he didn’t do that. This Ethan Mascarenhas
is quite a character. On one hand, he speaks about leading
a happy life on his radio show.. .. and on the other,
he pleads for his own death! This is completely
contradictory and hypocritical. His petition is based on
medical and humanitarian grounds. Do you believe in Euthanasia,
Ms. Dutta? ln this particular case.. Yes. This petition is dismissed. ”A strange request.. ” ”Ethan Mascarenhas files
a petition for Mercy Killing.” ”Organic food is not healthier,
says a study.” l’m sorry, Sofia.. – l was going to tell you,
but.. – Sports Page. l know you’re upset.
You’re justified. l think l owed it to you more
than anyone else.. You don’t owe me anything,
Mr. Mascarenhas. After all, l’m just your Nurse! Your soup and your
favourite garlic bread-sticks.. ..will reach you in half an hour. Your lunch will reach
you at 1 pm as usual.. .. at 4pm, l’ll check your
pulse and blood pressure.. .. and if there is anything
else you need before that.. .. l’m just a whistle away. Sofia! Don’t walk away!
l’m talking to you! And after this petition if you
don’t need my services any more.. let me know l’ll
submit my resignation. Sofia!!
– 1 2 years of service and.. ..he doesn’t even bother to tell me.. Excuse me! May l help you? Sorry. Finally, l find
someone in this house.. l thought l was all alone.. Such a beautiful house! Rosy!! Maria!!
– Yes, Ma’am! Why is the main door open? There’s a stranger in the house taking pictures and
neither of you have any idea.. Actually Ma’am, l’m here
to meet Mr. Mascarenhas. Obviously, you couldn’t be
here to meet James Bond! That’s funny, Ma’am. l’m Omar Siddiqui. l’m the new
producer of his radio show.. .. the Radio Station has
sent me to help Mr. Mascarenhas. Here’s my Letter of Appointment. We don’t need a Producer! What
we really need is a Caretaker. Someone to do the dishes,
to wash clothes and such? That’s exactly what l wanted Ma’am.. l’m Mr. Mascarenhas’ biggest fan. l’d do anything for him! Sofia!! Stay right here until l call for you. Here? Here! Crazy woman! Where have you been? The Radio Station has sent a new
Producer. Shall l call him in? Forget the damn Producer!
What about my bedsores? You forgot to turn me over, Sofia. You seem to forget a lot these days.. .. the only thing you seem to
enjoy is changing my pajamas. What are you staring at? Never seen a paralyzed man before? What are you staring at? l’m sorry, Sir. l wasn’t staring.
l was just thinking something. What? Nothing important, Sir.. What’s on your mind? Some rubbish, Sir! Come on. Say it. lt’s all right. l was thinking, how would you
scratch your nose if it tickled? You may leave now. Sir, l’m here to speak to you about.. Leave. Now. l think your servant
doesn’t like me very much. l keep telling you
to wear better clothes but you just never listen to me. Either he goes. Or l. l don’t seem to be left
with much of a choice here. l’ll be back, Sir. Hey, Servant! The idiot’s words have
left me with an itch. Will you please scratch my nose? A little to my right. That’s it. l really need to go, Sofia. l have to go. ”Renowned Radio Jockey and the biggest magician of
his time, Ethan Mascarenhas..” ”.. has filed a petition for
Euthanasia in the Goa High Court, shocking everyone.” ”1 4 years ago, during one of
his magic shows..” ”..he met with an accident.” ”Following numerous
surgeries and therapies, he managed to hold onto his life..” ”.. but serious injuries
to his spinal cord meant that he would never walk again.” This was Ethan addressing
quadriplegics.. the launch of his book ‘Learning to Fly’, a few years ago.. Never lose your spirit or
believe that your life is over.. We are special. Our
world is beautiful.. .. and this life
– we’ll lead with dignity. ”lt appears that this man who has been a role model to
so many people is not a hero.. ” ”.. ln fact, he is nothing but a hypocrite running
away from his problems.” ”Who is the real Ethan Mascarenhas?” ”The man who inspires quadriplegics
to live a life of dignity..” ”.. or the man who has
given up on life today?” Do me a favour.
Switch off the television. ”.. is he making a
spectacle of his own death?” Put the tray down. Please have a little soup. Put it down, Sofia. l’m not hungry. Go over to that table now. Pick up the vase. That’s the one. Pick it up. Smash it to the ground. What? lt’s a simple task.
Throw down the vase. l can’t do that. You can do it, Sofia.. ..l can’t. l really need to vent my anger. Just do as l say. l’m not doing that. lf you don’t do as l say,
l’ll walk right up to you.. .. drag you to the front door, throw
you out of this house and this job. Calm down, Mr. Mascarenhas. l just want to be angry now. Losing your temper
isn’t going to help. You have the right to be angry.. the world has the
right to call me names.. .. but l have no rights, whatsoever. Please take your medicines,
Mr. Mascarenhas. Everyone thinks l’ve lost my mind.. What are you doing? l don’t need an injection.
l’m okay now. l just got a little angry. You can’t do this against
my will. This is a crime. l understand. You need to sleep now. The one thing l have left is my mind. l need it to think..
to fight the world. Don’t sedate me. You’re a terrible person! l’m just following Dr.
Nayak’s instructions. This will help you sleep better. Sofia, l need to think.. All done. Good night, Sir. ”l wonder whose dreams are these.. ” ”that the night has tucked.. ” ”.. under my pillow.” ”And yet, l can’t find the
sweet release of sleep.” ”Someone’s asleep even while awake.” ”Someone’s there even
while no one’s there.” ”Someone’s asleep even while awake.” ”Someone’s there even
while no one’s there.” ”l think of someone and
the night stands still.” ”And yet, l can’t find the
sweet release of sleep.” ”l wonder whose dreams are these..” ”..that the night has tucked
under my pillow.” Sugar? l just passed out.. Would you like some
breakfast with your coffee? That’s really sweet of you.
l’m terribly hungry. You deserve a hearty breakfast. Who knows what
they’ll feed you in prison. Please don’t say
anything to Mr. Mascarenhas. l most certainly will. First, l’ll inform Mr. Mascarenhas.
Then the Radio Station.. But my first call
will be to the police. Please, Ma’am.. lf you tell on me,
l will kill myself. You don’t believe me? Good morning, Ma’am. You weren’t sent by the Radio
Station. You are here to learn magic. You lied to me. l’m sorry, Sir.
l didn’t have a choice. Now get out! l’m not leaving until
you agree to teach me. This is getting out of hand.
We must call the police. Call them right now, Sofia. 1 991 Moscow. The year you were knighted Merlin,
the King of Magicians! A five year old ran behind your car.. ..that night chasing
you for an autograph. l was that kid. You were God to me. You were
everything l wanted to be. l waited all this while to
make myself worthy of you. l’m ready now.
Please teach me, Merlin. Thank you, Mr. Siddiqui. Thank you, Sir. Do you have a girlfriend? Sir? Do you have a girlfriend? Not yet. l’d like to
fall in love someday. l like women. Presume l agree to teach you magic.. Thank you, Sir. And some day this
girlfriend of yours asks you.. .. to choose between her and magic. What would you choose? l would give it up. The girl? Or magic? l’d give up magic. Love above all else, Sir. You’re giving away all your
secrets to a perfect stranger? Magic is all l have left. l don’t want my secrets
to die with me . l’d like to leave my
magic behind for the world. Stop talking now. l’m trying to picture your sexy legs. Omar is selfish.
l hope you can see that. At least he’s honest. Right there, Sofia. Aah, your soft hands, Sofia. Do you like that, Sir? l, Omar Siddiqui, pledge.. .. never to reveal,
under any circumstances.. .. these secrets of magic. All my secrets are in this book. From my first act to my last. They are yours now. You may put your hand down. May l give you a hug? No.. ..l have enough attachments already. Mr. Siddiqui! Thank you. What was that? Magic. Thank you, God! What the hell? Where do l look for a candle now? Unbelievable! Gosh! The Candle Act! ..with diagrams,
illustrations, everything.. Me? The man is sheer genius. Can you believe l have
all his secrets now? Now, l’m going to be the
greatest magician in the world. There’s just one problem.. This over-possessive Nurse of his.. She’s a real bitch! Ma’am! l’m leaving for the day. Look
in on Mr. Mascarenhas later. Right away, Ma’am. Just checking
if you needed something. Fix these cushions. l’ve never done this before.. Don’t you want to be a magician? Of course!
– So, come on.. – Okay. Once the power is back,
let’s watch some Fashion TV.. Hot girls in short skirts
and bikinis! Good idea, Sir. Oh no! Sir. Good night, Maria. Take care! Sofia!! Sofia!! Sofia!! Sofia!! Coming. Hold on, Sir. Sofia!!
– Coming! Oh my God! l’m really sorry. l was fixing the
cushions. l totally lost control. Are you all right? l’m very sorry, Ma’am. l promise
this will never happen again. l’ll be more careful the next time. lt’s okay, Mr.
Siddiqui. You may leave. Do you know what the
real tragedy is, Sofia? l was on the ground and
l still couldn’t see anything.. Your skirts are like tents.. Your beautiful legs, Sofia.. Just one glimpse.. that’s my cure! The day you come to
work in a short skirt, l swear l’ll start walking again. How about tomorrow? Come on! Be a sport! Hello, guys! Hey, Devyani! How are you, Sofia?
– All good. Hello! Can l get you a chair, Devyani? No, l’m good. How’re you feeling? Great! l just came back
from a jog. A little tired. Do you still think about it? The petition. Never stopped. You can re-appeal whenever you want.. Today? lt’s a few hours too late for today. Tomorrow, then? lt’s not all that simple. You’re aware that our law
doesn’t permit Euthanasia. But our appeal can set a precedent. But for that we’ll
need to do much more. Like what? Use your radio show.. .. reach your cause to
your listeners.. ..try to get them to your side. Rally enough support to force the
judiciary to listen to your plea. Maybe you can give it a name.
You can call it ‘Project Euthanasia’. l like it. Project ‘Ethanasia’. Goodbye, Sofia. Ethan would like
another cup of coffee. l’m taking a slice of bread,
l’m really hungry. Bye. l was thinking.. Maybe l should add a
few drops of cyanide .. .. to his coffee; in place of sugar.. That’ll solve it all. What do you think? We have a couple of
other options too.. We can take him to the sea.. And push him off the lighthouse.
Or maybe use his revolver? .. and shoot him dead. Stop it, Sofia! The court has dismissed his plea.
He had made his peace with it. Why can’t you just let things go? You think l’m happy doing this? Ethan is my best friend. You can’t imagine how much it hurts
me to even think about his death. You know l’ve seen him through
his days of glory. You haven’t. His fame spread far and wide..
He had the world at his feet. l’m not going to stand
by and watch him suffer. l care too much. Do
you understand that? You don’t care for him. Please understand.. No, you need to understand.
This hasn’t been easy on me either. Right from the day l
stepped into this house.. Every moment has been an
attempt to ease his suffering.. .. and to lend dignity to his life. l forgot all about
family or having children.. Took all the abuse
from my husband for this.. But l was clear. l’d do
anything to keep this man alive. l have done this for 1 2 years..
l’ll continue doing this all my life. This is my life. We are not talking about your life. This is about Ethan and his life. You’ve done a lot for Ethan.. ..and l thank you from the bottom
of my heart. l really do. But the fact is that the past
1 4 years have passed for him.. .. imprisoned in his own room,
chained to his own bed. He can feel nothing.. sense nothing. He isn’t even aware that he
has passed urine or stools.. .. or that you’ve cleaned him up. This will never change. We know it very well. l’m going to stand by Ethan. And l’m going to make
sure he gets what he wants. What are you doing, Omar? l thought l’d take some
soup for Mr. Mascarenhas. That’s my job, not yours. Don’t worry, Ma’am. l’ve got it. Put the tray down, Omar! l heard that you haven’t taken a
single day off in the last 1 2 years.. Rosy and Maria say that you’ve
come even on Sundays and holidays.. ls that really true? Anyways, l think you need to
take at least half a day off. Please don’t think this is my way
of saying Sorry to you.. lt isn’t. Don’t worry about Mr.
Mascarenhas. l’ll take care of him. l promise you, l won’t
mess it up like the last time. Just go and have some
fun with your family.. Go to a movie.. go to a party..
go to the beach.. Just anywhere you wish. You don’t need to feel
guilty about taking time off. You deserve it. Sofia.. Now go! Sir, that’s enough. Sir, Sofia prepared this
soup with lots of love. Or Rosy and Maria will tell
on me and Sofia will kill me. Sofia! Sofia! Sofia! Marble on the outside,
pure granite inside. What a lady! – What a lady!
– What a lady! – What a lady! Sir, l think she’s in love with you. No. What l meant was..
She loves you.. .. She loves us all..
She’s a lovely person. Pour me another. Sure, l’ll do that.. Just one thing.. Tell me
about your first magic trick.. Don’t try your tricks on me. Sir..
– Just pour the wine! l’ll pour the drink in a moment.
But l really want to know.. .. about your first magic trick. l was seven years old. Seven years old? lt was Christmas eve,
Mama and l both knew.. .. that Santa wasn’t
coming home that year either. How could he? We had no money for gifts..
nor a dad to buy them.. These are special homes.. .. that Santa usually skips. Mama decided to sing at
Martin’s Bar that night. l didn’t know what that meant..
l was just so proud.. My Mama was up on stage
and she looked beautiful. Give this to the uncle
sitting on that table. Go. Go. Merry Christmas! Stop this boring stuff!
Give us something hot! Mama.. Shake me. l’m magic! Your first magic trick
was The Raining Coins? The smile on my mother’s face.. .. that was my first magic trick! This used to be my most popular act.
No one knows the secret to it. Concentrate, Omar. Go ahead. Bring your hands together.. You can do it. Make it up. This is impossible, l’m just no good. l don’t think l can do this. Use your anger. Get to your feet and try again. Fail again and try again.
And fail again and try again! Rise! Tear the paper. Now believe.. You know, Sofia.. lt’s the applause
that l miss the most. Hey Goa. How’s it going? Welcome back to Radio Zindagi. The topic for today’s show is
my petition for Mercy Killing. .. Euthanasia. Or ”Ethanasia”, as l like to call it. l’d like to hear from you, so
call in with your opinions.. Tell me whether l’m
justified in what l’m asking for.. Sofia tells me we
have our first caller. Hello! Sir, this is Omar. l had to call you because it’s
not easy to say this in person. l don’t think this is right. l can imagine what you
must be going through.. But, You’re an amazing man. l’ve
never met anyone like you in my life. l’m not saying all this just so l
can continue to learn magic from you. Sir, for me you are.. l don’t know, sir. l don’t
know how to put it in words, but.. l want you to live. l really want you to live. An unexpected beginning to the show.. Thank you, Omar. Thank you for calling and.. .. letting me know how you feel. This is John.. And with me are Rafat,
Javed and Gomes. Hey, Ethan! Hey, guys. We are quadriplegics.. like you. We even have a name for your gang.. .. ‘The Super Duper Quads’! You’re a wonderful man. Everyone
loves your show and loves you. We would like to make you an offer. Please don’t say no. Will you be the chairman of our
‘Super Duper Quads’ club? Thanks so much for the offer, John. But l’ve been sitting
on a chair for too long. But l hope you understand
that l’m talking just about me.. .. my life and what l want. This is not about all quadriplegics.. This is my personal choice. Ethan.. We understand what
you are going through. We also understand why
you want to do this. Then what’s your vote, guys? No, Ethan.
– We don’t agree. Hey, Ethan. This is Sister Julia. There’s something l have to tell you. Go ahead, Sister. God’s love is so wonderful,
so wonderful.. ..God’s love is so wonderful.. ..for you and for me.. God is very kind when you’re lonely.. Sister Julia seems to have been
transported straight to the Vatican. Without a ticket, at that. l get it. She votes ‘Yes’ for Life and
‘No’ for Project Ethanasia. What kind of a role model are you? The book you’ve written
is a text book here .. .. in our school for
special children. As the Principal of the school and
as someone who looks up to you.. .. my vote is ‘No’. My friends and l are your biggest
fans! You’re the coolest RJ ever! You play such great music.. .. all the great things you say
on the show really inspire us. So we love it. We cannot bear the
thought of you dying. No’ to Euthanasia.
Please! Please! Please! ln my opinion, you’re
suffering from depression. lnstead of hiding behind
this Project Ethanasia.. .. why don’t you meet
us for some counseling? l just pity
irresponsible people like you.. .. who instigate innocent
minds and mislead people. You’re nothing but a coward! l warn you put an end to this
ridiculous Project Ethanasia. Or else.. Or else, what? How can you people just.. ? You.. You don’t even.. Thanks for your vote! Enough of this Project Ethanasia. Why do you need to
ask for votes everyday? Do we really need to go through this? We need to go through this
because l’m going through this! As we come to the end of Project
Ethanasia l will take one last call. What’s your name? Hello, Ethan! Ethan, are you there?
– Estella! Yes, Ethan. You haven’t forgotten! lt’s Estella. Don’t hang up, please. Looks like you can still read minds. You were a very good teacher. Well, listeners..
many, many years ago.. Estella used to be my assistant.
A very good assistant.. l would throw knives at her.. l’d make her disappear.. l would hypnotize her..
set her flying through the air. At times, l’d cut her
into a million pieces.. ..and then put her together again! l’d like to tell your listeners.. l’m talking about the day.. .. following your accident. You’d asked me to get out of
your life.. and never to return. l did that.. .. because l understood. You asked me to marry
Mark and l did that.. .. l knew you just
wanted me to be happy. l understood. You made me promise that
we’d never meet again. l kept my promise for
all these years. .. because l understood. Enough, Estella! This show is about Project Ethanasia.
lt’s not about us. l know what your
answer is going to be, but.. .. since you have called in.. What is your vote? Yes or No? Yes or No, Estella? My vote is Yes. l know people won’t understand me.. .. they’ll probably hate me. But l’ve loved you so much. l understand your suffering. l do. Thank you, Estella. For understanding. And for being the first Yes,
after so many No’s. l’d like to wish you and
Mark and the children.. .. a very happy life. l’d like to dedicate the next song.. .. to a love that was. ”ls the mention of your name
like some ethereal perfume?” ”Every time l utter it, l feel.. ” ”..fragrant.” ”..intoxicated.” ”..alive.” ”ls the mention of your name..” ” some ethereal perfume?” ”Every time l utter it, l feel..” ”..fragrant.” ”..intoxicated.” ”..alive.” ”l go up in flames and the
scent of you makes me..” ”..fragrant.” ”..intoxicated.” ”..alive.” ”ls the mention of your name..” ” some ethereal perfume?” ”Every time l utter it, l feel.. ” ”..fragrant.” ”..intoxicated.” ”..alive.” ”Who gives any of us
the right to decide.. ..what Ethan should
do with his life?!” ”Who is anybody here in
this discussion or outside.. ” ”.. to decide on what
should happen to Ethan’s life?” ”Are you saying that a law should
be enacted to allow Euthanasia?” – ”ls that what you’re
saying?” – ”Absolutely” You know what guys.. .. l think the time
to re-appeal, is now! With all this public support. The Judge will have to listen to us. But this time, l won’t
go to the court alone. l’ll go along with you. Not you. l want Ethan to come along with me. What? Come on, Sir. That’s a great idea. lt’s a fabulous idea! You haven’t stepped out of this
house in all these years, Ethan. l’m giving you a
great reason to get out. You can’t say ‘No’. Would you like to wear the grey suit? And my red silk tie.. ..and my Oxford shoes.. ..and my pink sun glasses.. ..and my pocket watch.. ..and my stage hat. What do you think? A bit nervous, but very handsome. Be careful.
– One step at a time. You are telling me to be careful?
– Yes. One last step.. Am l already in heaven? Welcome, Father Samuel. Forgive me for coming
here uninvited, Ethan. That’s all right. Could l have a word with you?
– Sure, Father. ln private, please? Of course.
– Thank you. You’re welcome, Father. What is it, Father?
ls everything okay? Project Ethanasia. You’ve travelled all the way
to cast your vote, Father? You can’t do this,
Ethan. lt’s a serious matter. You can’t decide on it
through a radio poll. Via SMS, then? Life is God’s gift to us and we
have no right to play with it. And he can play with us.. .. however he pleases? Our religion does
not permit Euthanasia. That’s why l’m appealing to
the Court and not the Church. God urges us to fight our battles.. How does one fight
without hands and feet? Some fights can be
fought with faith too. Trust Him. He will show you the right way. For now, the right way for me
is through that door, Father. Give me a hand, will you? Of course! – And l have all
the faith in the Lord, Father. That’s why l am dying to meet him. Ok, Father. One. Two. Three. Are you joining us too, Father? What you are about to do is a sin. ln that case, may the
Lord forgive you, Father.. .. because you have lent
your hand in this sin. Have a good life, Father. Sofia. Take my hat off. ”This bitter-sweet
existence has left me with.. ” ”.. barely 1 00 grams of
life that l’ve held on to.. ” ”.. breathing my
heart into every moment.” ”Life is good. Life is beautiful.” ”Life is pain.” Mr. Mascarenhas, are you nervous? Nervous? l think it’s the Judge
who should be nervous! Judge Rajhans is
known to be a tough man. He is a difficult man. Maybe he needs to hear my story. Do you find yourself
alone in your fight? Not at all. l have my
warriors here alongside. All right then. Break a leg, Sir.. Your Honor, a lot has been
written and spoken about this case. But in my opinion,
it would be best if.. ..Mr. Mascarenhas
spoke about it himself. He is in court today
to present the case. l’d like to add here that.. .. he hasn’t stepped out of
his home in the last 1 2 years. Your Honor, before we
proceed with the hearing.. l request you to
listen to Mr. Mascarenhas. He needs to be heard, Your Honor.. .. so we understand
exactly how he feels. l object, Your Honor. Mr. Mascarenhas is
already represented by Counsel. There is no need for him to speak.
– But what’s the harm if.. ..he does, Your Honor?
– All this emotional drama is.. ..entirely unnecessary, Your Honor.
– That is.. This is a special case, Your Honor
and it requires great preparation. l need more time. As the Prosecution has
requested for more time.. ..will be granted. However, the matter will
be listed on priority.. .. the court will
inform you of the next date. Thank you, Your Honor. l am sorry to be speaking
out of turn, Your Honor, but why can’t
this Hearing happen today? The Prosecutor might
need more time to prepare.. .. but Mr. Mascarenhas doesn’t. The least this Court
can do is listen to him. Please sit down, Ma’am. l’m sorry, Your Honor,
but l can’t do that. l think everyone
present here should rise.. protest against the
injustice to Mr. Mascarenhas. He has suffered through 1 4
long years, Your Honor.. Does the Court not have
two minutes to listen to him? Does he need to wait
another 1 4 years to be heard? lf you don’t stop this right away.. .. this Court will immediately
dismiss Mr. Mascarenhas’ appeal. This is a contempt of court. Do you understand, Mrs. Mascarenhas? Please take your seat. Bravo! Mr. Mascarenhas.. l can understand this trek
must not have been easy for you. Considering the special
circumstances of this case.. .. this Court will
exercise its discretionary powers. The next hearing will
be held at your house. l trust that will be all right,
Mr. Mascarenhas? Will you join us for
lunch as well, Your Honor? This case will be
adjourned till then. Why are we here, Sofia? So we can have a little fun.. lt’s not been an easy
day for any of us.. ..but we don’t need to
feel sorry for ourselves. lt’s been years since
you’ve stepped out, so an.. ..evening of
entertainment would be a good idea. l can’t say for myself but
she seems to be highly amused. Would you like to buy me a drink? Sorry. Good Evening, Mr. Mascarenhas. Welcome to our restaurant. What can l get for you, Sir? An audience? l rehearsed my speech all night but
the Judge didn’t even let me speak. Does anyone here want
to listen to a speech? No? l guess not! That would be two beers
for us, chicken soup.. ..and breadsticks for
Mr. Mascarenhas. Right away, Ma’am. Ah, you meant fun for you,
and breadsticks for me! That’s entertainment! Sofia-style! Come on, Sir. That’s not fair. That’s all right, Omar. The day seems
incomplete without these barbs! Ladies and gentlemen! We have with
us a very special guest this evening. Goa’s pride and joy
– Ethan Mascarenhas! This song is especially dedicated
to him from all the ladies here! ”Am l living or breathless
in heaven?” ”l can’t tell anymore.. ” ”l walk among the clouds.” ”l race ahead of the world.” ”ls this for real?” ”l walk among the clouds.” ”l race ahead of the world.” ”ls this for real?” ”l have woken up.
l started dreaming again.” ”l wonder where l am heading now.” ”l have woken up.
l started dreaming again.” ”l wonder where l am heading now.” ”l walk among the clouds.” ”l race ahead of the world.” ”ls this for real?” ”l am touching the sky.” ”l have stars in my feet.” ”l am touching the sky.” ”l have stars in my feet.” ”l am living a
lifetime in every moment.” ”l have left the past behind.” ”l have woken up.
l started dreaming again.” ”l wonder where l am heading now.” ”l have woken up.
l started dreaming again.” ”l wonder where l am heading now.” ”l walk among the clouds.” ”l race ahead of the world.” ”ls this for real?” ”l have woken up.
l started dreaming again.” ”l wonder where l am heading now.” ”l have woken up.
l started dreaming again.” ”l wonder where l am heading now.” ”l have woken up.
l started dreaming again.” ”l wonder where l am heading now.” ls that you, Mama? l’ve missed you so much. How are you? l’m fine. l just wanted to see you. l’m so glad you’re here. l had been wanting to see you. l was going to call you.. Liar! You never call. And you don’t want me
to hover around either. But you’re my magician. You don’t need to call. l’m praying for a miracle for you.. Then pray for me.. .. to lift my arms
and give you a hug. Give him dignity!
– Give him dignity! Give him dignity!
– Give him dignity! Give him dignity!
– Give him dignity! Give him dignity!
– Give him dignity! Give him dignity!
– Give him dignity! We are all aware that
this is no ordinary case. Therefore, it’s one of
those rare circumstances.. .. where a trial is being held
at the plaintiff’s residence. l request everyone present.. .. to maintain the
decorum of the court. Ms. Dutta, you may
begin the proceedings. Your Honor, my client
Mr. Ethan Mascarenhas.. .. in all awareness has
filed a petition for Euthanasia. We’d like to state that no individual
would willingly request death.. .. unless they have
reached a stage of suffering.. .. that’s beyond human comprehension. l’d like to begin my case
with Dr. Nayak’s testimony. Dr. Nayak.. what is
your prognosis about.. ..Mr. Mascarenhas’
physical condition? lt isn’t very good. ln the last six months, his
liver functions have deteriorated.. .. his heart has
developed arrhythmia.. ..he needs regular dialysis. And the way his health is going.. .. he’ll probably soon need a
ventilator to help him breathe. Are there any chances of improvement? We have tried everything. Surgery, medication.. physiotherapy. This is as normal as he can be. Do you say with utter
certainty that Ethan.. ..Mascarenhas will never get better? No one can vouch for
something like that. There are miracles
beyond medical science. But that’s probably
one case in a million. And you think Mr.
Mascarenhas can’t be that one? As a doctor, do you
agree with his decision? Of course not. My profession urges me to save lives. And l believe that this is
Ethan’s personal decision. Do you also believe that
he’s the only person.. the world
suffering in this condition? No, he isn’t. Then shouldn’t all of those like
him should also file for Euthanasia? No, Mr. Prosecutor. We aren’t saying that
every quadriplegic should file.. ..for Mercy Killing. Each such individual has different
needs, different levels of endurance. Your Honor, it seems
like my colleague.. ..hasn’t bothered with any research. Mr. Mascarenhas is
not the first person.. file a petition for Euthanasia. Look at these files, please. Here’s a father who has
appealed for Euthanasia, for his son. A wife for her husband. There are relatives, son, daughters.. Thousands of cases are pending
in our courts waiting to be heard. But our judiciary
doesn’t address them.. ..because we fear any ruling on
such a petition might be misused. And it’s people like Mr.
Mascarenhas who pay a price for it. Silence! Mr. Prosecutor, you may
call your next witness. Omar.. Have you been
living here for long? You’ve been learning magic? Yes. What kind of a person would
you say Mr. Mascarenhas is? An absolute genius! Geniuses can often be a
little eccentric, don’t you think? They act very weird. He’s a great teacher. Does
he have a sense of humor? Oh yes! And when l
make some mistakes.. .. he reprimands me
in his own unique way! Does he lose his temper? And what does he do
when he gets angry? Sometimes he asks us to break plates! l see! Yeah! And this one time..
when l was supposed.. pull out a rose but a
rabbit popped out instead.. We were practising and
l totally messed up. As punishment he made me rehearse
through the night out in the rain. lt is fun learning from him! Through the night? Outside the house, in the rain? lt was entirely my fault. Thank you, Mr. Siddiqui. Please note, Your Honor. Mr. Ethan Mascarenhas doesn’t seem
to be of sound mind or faculties.. .. according to Mr. Siddiqui! That isn’t what l said! You’re finished, Mr. Siddiqui. l object to this entire line
of questioning, Your Honor. Objection overruled. Mr. Siddique! That’s all. Please proceed. Thank you, Your Honor. Like l was saying..
this man here certainly.. ..doesn’t seem of sound mind. Getting people to break plates.. ..punishing a student by making
him stand in the rain all night.. ..creating a Project Ethanasia
on the radio for people to vote.. ..for his death. These are the deluded rantings
of a crazy man. l think we.. ..are all merely wasting
our time indulging him. Wasting our time? ls the Public Prosecutor
seriously alleging that.. issue as serious as Euthanasia.. ..that our legal system is
addressing here, is a waste of time? That’s right. Objection sustained. Tread lightly, Mr.
Prosecutor. Your next witness. Mrs. D’Souza would you
please explain your.. ..relationship with Mr. Mascarenhas? l’ve been his Nurse
for the last 1 2 years. l must say, you’re
rather beautiful for a nurse! Objection, Your Honor! What’s
the relevance of this question? l’m getting at it, Your Honor. When did Mr. Mascarenhas
tell you about this petition? l learnt about it from the newspaper. Do you agree with his petition? l’m a Nurse.. ..and it is my duty to ease
his pain as much as l can. l feel his suffering. A lot of suffering! You’d want to help him
end his suffering, then? And benefit from it in the bargain? What do you mean? Why would a woman as
beautiful as Mrs. Sofia D’Souza.. .. readily put her life on
hold to serve a man like him? Why would she
willingly forsake her family.. .. walk out of her house.. .. even file for divorce,
without an ulterior motive? Why would she do that for a patient
she’s been nursing for 1 2 years? The truth is that
she’s tired of nursing him. She wants to get rid of him.. .. so that she can enjoy
the leisures of his wealth. She is aware that often
wealthy men like Mr. Mascarenhas.. .. leave all their riches to
their Nurses and Caretakers. lsn’t that the truth, Counsel? Your Honor. These are Mr.
Mascarenhas’ financial papers. You’ll see the mortgaged house..
the loans amounting to millions.. .. and a bank account.. .. that doesn’t have
enough funds to cover.. ..Sofia’s salary for two months. And l’d like to add
something more, Your Honor. lf l were to name
one person who has.. ..a right over Mr. Mascarenhas’
life.. .. even more than Ethan himself,
it would be Sofia. She’s more than a Nurse to him. More than a friend.. .. more than a lover.. .. even more than a wife. And that is the truth, Your Honor. Your son is a tremendous achiever,
as everyone is aware. You must be terribly proud of him. l am. You must love him a lot. Of course. Why is it that you
don’t live with him? Ethan has asked me
not to stay with him. He doesn’t want me
to see him in this.. ..condition and l respect his wishes. Do you agree with his
decision on Euthanasia? l am his mother. l gave birth to him. But l believe my son has
a right over his life. After all, whose life is it?
Mine, because l gave birth to him? Dr. Nayak’s
– because he saved it? Sofia’s
– because she nurtures it? Devyani’s
– because she’s fighting it? Yours, Mr. Prosecuter
– because you question it? Or yours, Your Honor – because
you hold it’s future in your hands? This is Ethan’s life
and Ethan’s alone. Please give him the dignity
guaranteed under our Constitution. What if your son asks for your
assistance in this wish of his.. ? Would a mother help her
son in achieving his end? Yes. l will. l want his pain to stop. l want his suffering to end. l want his pain to stop. l love you, my son. No more questions. Having heard the
testimonies of everyone present.. Mr. Mascarenhas, is there
anything you’d like to say? lf you’ll allow me, Your Honor.. .. l’d like to perform
a magic trick for you. Very well. Omar. l need a volunteer. Mr. Prosecutor? Yes? Will you oblige?
– What do you mean? You’ll need to get
into this box here. Sixty seconds, that’s all.. .. and you’ll be part
of a magical new world. Trust me. You won’t regret it. Okay. Sixty seconds, Mr. Prosecutor. Seems like it’s going
to rain, Your Honor. l hope you’re carrying an umbrella. Rain? lt’s bright and sunny outside. Let’s get to the point,
Mr. Mascarenhas. l just love Goa in the rains. Your Honor. l can’t breathe. At times, my roof leaks
when it rains. Mr. Mascarenhas, what is going on? So l have the rain falling outside
and inside! lt’s really quite funny. ls this your idea of magic? Please
get the Prosecutor out of the box! Timing, Your Honor. Timing is everything in magic.
– Get me out. We’re almost there.
– Mr. Mascarenhas! Let him out. Or l’ll have you held
for contempt of court. Almost there. Mr. Mascarenhas! Omar. ls this your idea of a joke? Do you think this is funny? Do you know how suffocating it
is inside? You can’t even move! Sixty seconds. That was sixty seconds of
Ethan Mascarenhas’ life. And you couldn’t handle it. Sixty seconds Mr. Prosecutor. That’s all, Your Honor. Didn’t l say that it
would rain, Your Honor. lt will not stop raining.. .. till you rule in my favour. Goddamn it! That’s cool. Bulls eye! Okay. You want to play? All right, come on, just you and me. The whole army’s here. l have a soldier too. l’ll show you. Omar! Omar! One soldier down! But l still got my trump card. My Mama! Mama! Mama, can you hear me? All l ask of you is this.. ln this cascading rain.. Look here, in this cascading rain.. Let me die in your arms All l ask is this, a small,
a tiny little Wish of mine.. Good morning, Mr. Mascarenhas. You were right. lt did rain.. Oh God! Are you all right? O God! Mr. Mascarenhas.. Did you spend the
entire night like this? Why didn’t you call for anyone? Where was Omar? Sofia. Sofia. Omar! Omar! Where are you? Rosy! Maria!
– Yes, ma’am. Come up right now! l had a wet dream last night. What happened? Where have you been? Bring the wheelchair. l was sound asleep! Didn’t l tell you to
check on him in the night? Do you really think l’d
let this happen to him? l’m okay, guys. You are part of the family,
Omar. We depend on you. lt’s always my fault. Stop being a kid! Bring his dry clothes.
– Yes, ma’am. Omar.
– Sorry. – Go wake up Mama. l’m really hungry. Lets
all have breakfast together. l’m sorry, sir. l’m fine, Sofia. l guess this is how
Chinese torture feels like! Sofia! Sofia! Sofia! What is it? lt’s Mama lsabel. She’s no more. Lord, hear our prayer. Let our faith be our consolation,
and eternal life our hope. Your response. Lord hear our prayer! l remember lsabel as a happy soul. Nothing made her happier than
bringing a smile on someone’s face. One time, she came up to
me after Mass and said.. Welcome back to Radio Zindagi. And l’m Ethan
Mascarenhas reminding you that.. .. life’s very short. So go on break the rules. Forgive quickly.. .. kiss slowly. .. love truly. .. laugh uncontrollably. And never regret
anything that made you smile. Hello, friend. Hello Ethan. l was very sad to hear about Mama. She was the best. l know she was your pillar of
strength, your inspiration.. l hope you’ll live your life
in the same spirit that she did. Yasser? Happy birthday, Yaseer. You haven’t forgotten?
– How could l? Ladies and gentlemen,
allow me to introduce to you.. .. Yaseer Siddiqui. He used to be my friend.. .. and the most famous
magician in the world. We both know there was one
name that was truly the greatest. Yours. Merlin. Not me. You were the greatest. You never acknowledged it back then.. Please, Ethan.. .. for what l did to you.. Please forgive me. There’s nothing to forgive, Yaseer. You are dead. That night marked your death, Yaseer. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s
mourn the death of a great magician. He was.. my best friend. Bravo! Bravo! Look at that! What do you think? lt’s crap! lt’s not that bad! Your first-ever magic show.. 1 5 days. You’re leaving then. Are your bags packed? Yes, Sir. Mine too. There’s something l
want to tell you, Sir. Thank you for teaching me.. l’m leaving now but..
– l’ll always be around.. All the time l spent with you..
– Every moment has been memorable.. l’ll miss you..
– Of course, you’ll miss me. Are you done? No, Sir. l have a confession to make. l am..
– Yaseer Siddiqui’s son. You knew? And you taught me in spite of that? What can l say? They just don’t make
men like me anymore! Rise! For all the smiles
that you’ve given me.. l have a gift for you. Right there. What this is?
– Magic. What are you doing here? There’s a restraining order
forbidding you from meeting me! Leave now.. Happy Anniversary, darling! Anniversary?! What Anniversary .. ..are you talking about when our
marriage is over? Get lost from here. You want to throw me out while you
stay on in another man’s bedroom! What’s going on? Who is it? Nothing, Mr. Mascarenhas.. Did l wake you up? l’m sorry, Mr. Mascarenhas. l’m Sofia’s forgotten husband. l hope you remember me. l’m Neville D’Souza. l can’t really say it’s a pleasure. Sure you can’t. Let me have a good look at him. He can’t even shake hands.. .. and this is the
vegetable you want to leave me for? Better a vegetable
than a crow like you. That was a good one. Here you go. For you! Don’t lay a hand on him! You care more for this man
than for your own husband? Husband? Sofia. – You mean a stranger who
doesn’t return home for years on end? Listen, l’m an artist..
– Don’t do that. Right! And all you care
about are your paintings! People just don’t matter to you What are you doing? – Just
painting her face! Nothing else. Leave her alone!
– Listen to me, Mr. Mascarenhas. l’m a painter. ! l need freedom and l need love.
My wife isn’t giving me either. Do you understand? Let’s just get out of here. Please!
– l’m your husband. Don’t touch her! No.
– Let go of her, you coward! Or else..
– Or else, what? What will you do? Sofia!
– Stare at me? Don’t hit her! Please! Look at the pain in these eyes! Look at her one last time
because she’s never coming back. l need her. l’ll send you a painting of hers! Sofia. Let me at least give
him his medicine.. Ethan reports are not looking good. lll have to shift you to a hospital. l know you’ll not agree
with me but l’ve decided. There’s no one here
to look after you.. don’t take your
medicines or eat on time. You don’t listen to anyone. And look at this place,
its falling apart. And l won’t let you stay here. Hospital it shall be. l spoke to Sofia this morning. She was asking about you. Shell take some time but.. be back. Stop worrying about her, Ethan. She’s a fighter, she
can take care of herself. Meanwhile, l’ve asked the hospital.. arrange for another
Nurse until Sofia is back. We bring to you
Breaking News live from Goa. The Goa High Court will rule
today on Ethan Mascarenhas.. ..appeal for Mercy Killing. The judgment could prove to be.. ..a milestone in lndia’s
judicial history. Lets go to our special correspondent,
Radhika Talwar.. ..who’s at the Goa High Court. Radhika, what does it look like? lts a tough call, Saroj. Everyone expects Judge Rajhans
to write a piece of history today. Well soon know if hell lead the
legal system into a new direction. You can see, the
corridors are practically empty. Everyone is in the courtroom
awaiting a historic judgment. Wed like to say, Good luck,
Ethan Mascarenhas. Having listened to all the
defenses and testimonies supporting.. ..this case and
examining all its complexities.. ..this Court has reached a decision. Ethan Mascarenhas appeal for
Euthanasia is unacceptable. On a humanitarian level the Judiciary
understands Mr. Mascarenhas.. ..suffering and the
justification of his plea. However, this Court cannot be party.. any individuals
attempt to take his own life. Therefore, relief is denied
and this petition is dismissed. We’ve just learnt that Ethan
Mascarenhas has lost his case. His historical appeal for
Mercy Killing has been denied. He has been condemned to life.
Against his own wishes. For him the end is nowhere in sight. This is Radhika Talwar
for News Time 4, Goa. The sky has blurred the evening light lts time to come back home, my love. Even birds that fly all over the sky Return to their nests
at this time, when.. Even birds that fly all over the sky Return to their nests
at this time, when.. The sky has blurred the evening light You’re back. You must’ve heard the
news on television.. ..and rushed back to duty. Cant live without
the vegetable, right? Of course. l can’t live without you. You’re a mess. So are you. You look so happy
because l lost my case. No, because l won mine. My divorce has come through. l am a free woman. Congratulations! Mr. Mascarenhas.. l can help you fulfill your wish. l can help you.. Euthanasia. Sofia.
– l mean it, Sir. Don’t doubt my words. l’ve given it a lot of thought. Your happiness means
everything to me. You could go to jail.
Two years. Ten years. 20 years. 40 years,
lt doesn’t matter. lts nothing compared to the
life imprisonment you’re serving. Do you really love me that much? Sofia. Will you marry me? Now that you are free.. Will you? Before l leave, l want
to fulfill your wish too.. Say Yes, Sofia.. You won’t get this
chance again. Say ‘yes’. Say ‘yes’, Sofia. Mr. Mascarenhas.. Ethan.. .. l think you can call me Ethan now. And you can.. .. call me Mrs. Mascarenhas. This is some love story.. Mrs. Mascarenhas.. Ethan. Till death do us apart.. l haven’t seen Ethan
this happy in years. lt is his Farewell Party, after all. Thank you all for coming
here at such short notice. My family and.. .. my dearest friends. .. few as you are,
you’re all that l have. Everyone celebrates birthdays.. .. but celebrating your
very last day on Earth.. Now that’s what l call a party! What more could l ask for? My last supper.. .. with this bunch of jokers. Like this one here, Devyani Dutta! l’d like to share
something about Devyani today. Every time she visits me.. .. she comes over with one
desperate wish in her heart. That she gets to sleep with me! What rubbish! Admit to it, Devyani! Whenever you’ve come
over to meet me.. .. have you ever sat on a chair? She’d have an excuse to
share something important.. ..and slip into bed with me. lsn’t that true? Smile, Devyani.
– Stop it! Devyani.. .. l can say this
with utter conviction.. .. that you are the
worst lawyer in the country. But in the whole world.. .. the best friend. The very best! A big hand for Devyani Dutta! And there’s the
once-handsome Dr. Nayak. As the years passed l’ve
seen his hair change color.. .. from jet black to silver grey .. to snow white.. But l’m sorry.. .. l won’t be able to
see you go bald! Hey, Doc! l know you don’t agree with me.. .. but thank you for
coming here today.. .. and for celebrating with us. Omar Siddiqui..
– Sir. The second-best magician
in the world. But in a few hours.. .. you’ll be the best
magician in the world. Tonight.. l’d like to bestow my title upon you. Tonight.. l knight you Merlin! Sir! Then there’s.. .. Rosy and Maria. My sweethearts. Two such caretakers who
themselves need caretaking! ln the last 1 4 years.. .. they haven’t done
a single thing right. But every single day
of these 1 4 years.. .. they’d light a
candle at the altar.. .. praying to God that l get better. Looks like God decided
not to listen to them.. But girls.. Promise me that you’ll
never stop believing in Him. This is such a happy
room full of happy faces.. Yet all with a question on them. Why do l have to go if l’m so happy? Well, l’m happy because.. .. yesterday was the
last day of my suffering. And l’m leaving this
world a happy man. Lastly, the only other
thing of value that l possess.. My name. l’ve handed that over to Sofia. Last night, in a serious lapse
of judgment, she agreed to be.. .. my wife. Sofia. Congratulations, Sofia! This is a strange wedding.. The bride isn’t
wearing white or a veil.. .. there are no rituals or rings, priest or church,
bridesmaids or best man.. But.. .. it’s the best
love story in the world. lt may be only for a
few hours but we are.. Man.. .. and wife. And tomorrow.. Sofia is going to perform her
first and last duty as my wife. She’ll show me her sexy legs. All of my warriors who fought
along with me, l thank you deeply. But l won’t thank you, Sofia. For all that you’ve done for me.. .. and for what you’re
willing to do for me.. Thank You is just not enough. Walk to me, Sofia. For the first time, without a tray or a newspaper or
medicines in your hands. lt’s not an easy walk. The twelve steps you’ll take.. .. span twelve long
years of your love. Today.. ..walk to me as my wife.. the love of my life. My love, my dearest love l’d kept it safe all
these years, dear heart But l bid goodbye to you now. Wow! Before the curtains come down, this
is Ethan Mascarenhas signing off.. .. and setting out on a
safe and happy journey. Good night, guys.
And have a good life. Life is very short, my friends.. .. but it’s long enough if
you live with all your heart. So, go on break the rules. Forgive quickly. Love truly. Never regret anything
that made you smile. ”lt’s a bit sweet.” ”lt’s a bit bitter.” ”1 00 gm of this bittersweet life..” ”1 00 gm of bittersweet life..” ”..l have spent with utmost care.” ”lt’s a bit sweet.” ”lt’s a bit bitter.” ”Life is good.” ”Life is wonderful. Life is pain.” ”Life is good. Life is wonderful.” ”Life is pain.” ”lt’s all part of the game.” ”lt’s pure. lt’s defective.” ”lt’s too small to spend crying.” ”lt stitches joys with a thread.” ”lt’s a tailor.” ”1 00 gm of this bittersweet life..” ”1 00 gm of this bittersweet life..” ”..l have spent with utmost care.” ”Life is good.” ”Life is beautiful.” ”Life is pain.”