You can do this Hi there. Hello, what’s your name? I’m Debbie Polly. And I’m the head teacher flake-free primary school, and this is our choir About the choir and how long they’ve been singing together Probably since September we’re a real eclectic group. We’ve got ranges from four all the way through the eleven some are amazing singers Some are just enthusiastic Enthusiastic, so what’s the big dream for this quiet reading ratings in partner school? But the kids had a dream this one in assembly said she want to go on Britain’s Got Talent and here we are Megan how old are you Megan seven? Why did you want to come on Britain’s Got Talent? Cuz I love singing Oh, we’re all rooting for you. Good luck. Thank you very much We are Good when you wet it, yeah could have gone conduct Really proud of you what have you’ve done right? You were amazing kids. Let’s go offer it. Yeah smile That’s the goal David Absolute chaos and absolute joy I think you are so important to kids this age to remind them This to me is what Britain’s Got Talent David It’s just one of the most joyous things I’ve ever seen I think you’ve just made all our heart soared today and it’s what you want Your childhood to have been like and what you want your children’s child to be like which is just full of our Bridal Amazing Oh, they’re a great great teacher well done everybody Well done in there Well done guys You