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here on BuzzChomp. We’re reacting to Episode four. I’m Dan Salem and in this
episode the magic was truly unleashed. I’m Mandi and I’m Dan.
Subscribe to BuzzChomp! We’ve had magic throughout this show thus far. I mean I haven’t read the books. I’m
not familiar with the old movie that wasn’t very good, so this is all new to
me. And so we’ve just been told, told, told about the magic. Yes, we get
little inklings. They walk through the rift between worlds. We’re told there are
witches. Were are told there are giant bears and the alethiometer. I guess we saw it
work once, but in this episode everything about the alethiometer just
opened up for Lyra. She went from figuring out how to work
it to being an expert overnight. Seemingly, and I get it. It’s a
series and she probably was spending a long time on the river using it, but
my point is magic was just unleashed and it really came down to the
alethiometer. We also saw the Magisterium use their own and we saw how
difficult it is for them to utilize it. And how sacred it is and how illegal it
is and Lord Boreal pressures the only member of the Magisterium that can
actually read it into unlocking the secrets for him. Basically he holds a dirty secret over the man’s head. It’s another analogy to
the Catholic Church and priests sleeping with little boys. That’s what he held
over this Magisterium member’s head. Marisa also coaxed the Magisterium to
let her continue her experiments because she has captured her former lover Lord
Azrael and she also gets a question for the alethiometer. She wants to know who Lyra is. Now we know it’s her
daughter. It was very very subtly hinted at in episode three and then made
blatantly obvious that we should have known all along in episode 4. Now I get
it, the series is toeing the line between those who are very familiar with
everything and those like me who are discovering it for the first time.
They’re doing a great job of keeping giant bombshells like that a secret
until they tell us. Then once they do it’s common knowledge.
They’re just referring to Lord Asreal as dad and Marisa as mom now like we’ve
known all along. I don’t know if you watched the previously before this
episode, but they kind of hinted that oh we may have just happened to delete part
of that scene where we made it blatantly obvious to you that that was her mother.
But we’re gonna show it to you now like we did it all along. Anyway, I had a
little rant about that on BuzzChomp. Go ahead and read it. I just thought it
was a little out of place for this bombshell to just blow up in our faces,
but that’s how the show is going. You know nothing and then oh my god you know
it and then all bets are off. We learned about the Bears. The
alethiometer is not really magic. The Bears aren’t really quote-unquote magic.
This world has giant bears in it that talk. It’s just a creature in this world.
That doesn’t make it magic, correct. But it feels magical as compared to our world. The alethiometer itself, we don’t know
how it works, so perhaps there is magic inside. I have a feeling it channels the
dust. We don’t know much about dust. That’s kind of something they’re keeping
hidden in the dark. The witches are hunting dust because I assume that it
allows them to enhance their magic, or utilize their magic. They live on another
plane, another world, probably because that world is full of dust and they were
probably ran out of this world. From a world war. We don’t know about it. We
don’t know. Lyra reading the alethiometer is not really magical. She’s going
into a trance state and analyzing the data that’s presented to her and she
knows it. She just inherently knows it. But it kind of feels like magic and
perhaps that trance state is no different than casting a spell. There’s
just a lot of allegories here which is why I’m saying that magic is unleashed
across the board. Lee flying in on his hot air balloon, it’s not
magic but dude like just kind of appeared and he’s friends with the bear.
I mean it just felt whimsical if you will. The Magisterium showing that it
truly just wants to have a stranglehold on all the magic in this world.
I think they pushed the witches out. They are keeping the connection between other
worlds closed as much as possible. They want to kill Lord Asreal because he’s
trying to unlock the magic of the world and prove that dust exists and they
want to try to separate them from their demons and
remove anything seemingly close to magical as possible. Lord Asreal is being
held by the Bears. We found out Marisa again in her diabolical scheme helped
the current king of the bears exile Laurik who was supposed
to be king and then that’s who Lyra goes and gets help from. Ultimately she
gets his armor back. It’s just a clever little thing. I picked up
on it and I’ve kind of honed in on the fact that I have to listen extremely
carefully. They are talking in British dialects. They are speaking very quickly
and dropping lots of information rather fast and if you don’t listen you can
miss it. That conversation where Marisa was hinting at the king, she dropped what she
held over his head and that he’s gonna quote get baptized. Yeah I definitely
don’t see that happening, but he bought the lie and so he’s gonna give her
Lord Asreal because he captured him and so there was that history to what she
did for the Bears and why Laurik the bear was exiled. We don’t quite yet know
why Lord Boreal, the guy with a snake, so devious. He’s the only one we’ve
actually seen cross between worlds and he seems to not quite trust Mrs. Coulter.
Yet I can’t quite tell what’s there is between them. I thought he was working
for her and it came off that way, but no. He’s just another of the
Magisterium to want to know everything about anyone else who’s crossing. Marisa
wants to know everything about dust and the deamons. It’s like each one is
individually investigating a piece of magic and maybe they’re trying to wipe
it out. Maybe they’re just trying to seize power, but everybody in the
Magisterium appears power-hungry and nobody quite seems to be on one anothers
side. This is a huge win in the column for Lyra and her analogy to playing
poker and bluffing. She’s got a big team of trust and support behind her. These
folks are kind of all out for themselves and in the end they’re gonna lose. I mean it
feels like the story is gonna have a happy ending, right. Don’t know quite how
the season is gonna end, but I kind of imagine… I really don’t know where
it’s going. I’ll be honest. I have no clue. There’s just a war coming and magic is
unleashed. The witches are going to come to the aid of Lyra and the Gyptians and
their team and we’re getting a little bit more and more out of the alethiometer. Lyra could just ask anything
she wants and she figures out the answer rather quickly, where it takes
weeks and weeks and weeks for the Magisterium to get one simple thing
answered. I mean this is the almost all powerful thing in the universe, as far as
I’m concerned. What other magic is to come on His Dark Materials? We’ll see the
witches and we’re gonna see probably the Bears war with one another. We haven’t
talked too much about dust and the show is kind of just sweeping it away like we
clean dust off a shelf. I have a feeling that it’s literally everywhere. Lyra saw
it in the Northern Lights and she saw the castle through the dust, through the lights. That’s just another universe,
another world, so there’s a rift that Lord Boreal steps between. We
know the witches are in another world and they can freely pass, I’m
assuming by using their magic. I have a feeling all Lyra has to do is ask the
alethiometer how do I cross between worlds, and then she can just do it. Where
do I access this world? Where do I access that world? What is that I’m looking at?
She can be literally ask any question, get the answer and then do it. The book
is open and she doesn’t need to read it because she already knows the answers. I love his Dark Materials. I’m Dan Salem. Subscribe to BuzzChomp. I’ll be following
the show all season long and comment below with your predictions, assuming
they are spoiler free, because we haven’t read the books. This is
a fun, fun series. I’m truly enjoying it. Thanks for watching BuzzChomp.
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