– Guys, I’ve created a
perfect paper airplane. This is folded to perfection in a way that it comes back like a boomerang, so I’m gonna try and do
a little trick shot here and throw this paper airplane, make it go under and over that pole, and I’m gonna catch it in this hand, and I’m gonna add a
little bit of magic to it as I’m not actually going to throw it, I’m just going to go like this. (whoosh) Ooh! (whooshing)
Yo, what’s up guys? And Welcome back. Today we’re checking out
some magic stuff on Reddit. Quick little sidebar,
I’ve created a subreddit where you guys can post your
submissions to your tricks, cool puzzles that you found online, sick magic videos or
cardistry or anything related, even if you have questions regarding magic or any of the above, you can go ahead and
post it on the subreddit, I left the link below, it’s subredditchrisramsay52. I’ll be reviewing all the
videos and comments and blogs and whatever you guys post
on here, probably weekly. This is just a great place where I can actually
showcase some of your work, give you guys some spotlight and at the same time, create
some good old content. (chuckles) Okay.
(wood tapping) So, I posted this on my Twitter and my Instagram a couple hours ago, we’re already at like 200 members, and we’ve already got
a bunch of submissions, so I thought why not have a
look at some of what’s going on? So get your cards out, get al fresco, and see what’s going on. See if I can get fooled and see what you guys are working on. So, here, this is Card Vanish, it’s already got 21 up votes, we’ll give it another one, 22 up votes by a guy named masonmagic85. (soft tempo music) Okay. (grunts) Wait, what? Where did that actually go, though? (soft uptempo music) This is before it vanishes again, let’s take a (chuckles), Mason, how many inspiring quotes can you possibly put up in one room? Oh, we got another one down here, simply. I think the amount of quote
to room ratio is gotta be one, not seven to one. Just my personal take and opinion. I’m not a designer, by any means. Also, sick t-shirt, I like the t-shirt. All right, let’s go again. I wanna see this again, I
don’t know what’s happening. Okay, what? And he says there’s no video
editing here, I believe him. But also, what? Okay, so something’s going
on with his left hand. Mason, I have no idea what
the hell’s happening, man. Kaj-ja! That’s instant. Dude, that is insane! So sic, nuts! Learning Addiction, two hours
ago, let’s see, table work. Okay. (soft uptempo music) Okay, nice little ditch going
on, little ditch action. That was actually pretty clean. I thought he was gonna make
the whole deck disappear, too, that would’ve been cool. Great job, man. What’s this here? ‘Visual Coin Magic
Without Cover’, let’s see. Eh? Eh, eh? What’s happening? Who is this kid? Okay. Eh. Eh. That’s insane! What are these, okay, how are you all so good
at making it disappear? Bam, okay. There’s like no movement
on his right hand. (laughs) This kid, okay. Okay, all right, kid. (laughs) Thanks for making us all
look bad, appreciate you. (chuckles) Blocked, Remove, Spam, Ban. “A long time ago I came
up with this trick, “any ideas to make it better
or put something on it?” All right, so he’s fanning out the cards, he’s got blue cards, we see the faces, closes the fan. All right, a bit of a
shift going on there, and now the red, and let me guess! They’re blank! Okay, so he uses a gimmick deck, really sick, good performance. I mean, anything to make it better? Yeah, I would definitely
work on that color change. So, we obviously clearly see a shift happening at
this moment here, boom! Right there, that’s a big flash. Is there any way you
can make that cleaner? I think obviously that would make that a million times better, it’s already really good, great effect. Make that change cleaner,
use something else, don’t use a pass. Passes are really hard to
make invisible on video, so maybe you can even use
a gimmick on the top card or some neat color change. What’s this? Oh, see, that’s clean. Eh, what? (chuckles) Just when you thought it was over. Let’s look at this again. This guy here, Nicholas Marti, here we go. Clean double, deck goes away, and that is an insanely clean change from the king to the nine,
I wanna play that again. That’s a weird double by the way. It like springs off. Yeah, so clean dude. How many takes? I don’t know, it doesn’t
matter, very clean. ‘Little Funny Move’. Let’s see here, ‘Little Funny Move’. That’s interesting, that
is little and funny. Yeah, not sure what’s going on. Not sure what to make of it,
but definitely interesting. Here we go. That’s actually really cool. Whoosh! That’s so cool. The ‘Surf Change’. This guy, Learning Addiction, he’s just like, this guy knows what’s up. He’s throwing everything
on it, this subeditor. I like this guy already. See here. (soft uptempo music) Oh wow! Very clean, very cool. And definitely like you’d think that’s like super angle-sensitive, but it actually isn’t
that angle-sensitive. Yeah, this guy writes,
“Only thing I’d suggest, “a little higher camera angle. “However, if the angles
are required for the move, “then I get it.” “It could be higher, to be honest. “I need to invest in a tripod.” So, like I said, you could definitely do
it on a higher angle. Just because it’s low, you think that that gives away the method if you put it higher, it actually doesn’t. You can get away with it on eye level, so you don’t have to be
watching the trick like this. ‘A Little Color Change’, let’s see. So we got the jack of hearts here, nicely done. (soft uptempo music) All right, eight of diamonds. There we go, a little
relativity change here, almost. “There’s something definitely
wrong with my hand.” Eh! (laughing) Gross, what? What is happening? What is actually happening? Replay. Is this him? Ewe! That’s so good. It’s this part, eh! (laughs) Ah, that’s so good! Awe, channeling some mirror
yeddit, that’s awesome! I’m gonna give that a fat-up vote and I’m gonna comment, yuck! Amazing. ‘Cause it’s gross, but it’s cool. All right, next up we got, let’s see this here, John Parker Magic. We got an ace and a two, of clubs. (soft uptempo music) And a three of clubs, very clean. Okay, this guy knows what’s up. He’s just like bang, bang, bang. I’m gonna throw a bunch of
bangers at you, let’s go. Boom, it shows the back,
it shows the front. Changes, bam! Changes back, boom. What’s happening? I don’t know, we don’t
have time to register, but it looks sick. This is called the ‘Mirror
Count’ posted by Card Mechanic, let’s see it. So we got two of diamonds. (soft uptempo music) Okay. (soft uptempo music) Not sure what’s happening? Oh, wow! (soft uptempo music) Right, I get it. (chuckles) Oh, nice little, that was
actually, that was cool, man! I mean, look, he shows the
back out of all of them. That was actually really cool. Good job! All right, so there’s some submissions that you guys have dropped
in the subreddit already, after like an hour of this being live. I love the way this is going, guys. Don’t forget, you can
send me cardistry stuff, you can send me questions and you can also send me
like cool links to puzzles that I have to check out, or anything that you wanna
reach out to me with, the best way to do it is to throw it here, get some up votes, it gets my attention, and then I have a look at it. I get a lot of DMs, a lot of messages, I don’t have necessarily time
to go through all of them. So that’s a thing. Let’s look at a couple more, Oh! This is one thing I
wanted to show you guys, my friend, John Steiner, on Instagram, amazing magician, slight of hand artist. He sent me this link, he’s
like, “Dude, check this out. “This is super magical.” So I wanted to show this to you. This is insane. This is like some wizardry going on. This guy named Al Parecer from France and he does this cool thing with a paintbrush and some coins. Have a look. So he’s got this coin, right? Check this out, check this
out, this is actually dope. (soft uptempo music) (gasps) I don’t know where they’re coming from, I don’t know how they’re
getting there so cleanly. I don’t understand anything
that’s happening in this moment. This is absolutely magical,
kind of terrifying. They’re appearing one at a
time out of the paintbrush, like he shows you both
sides of the paintbrush, the paintbrush is then, his hand is shown, like look at this, look at
how clean all of this is. This is insane, one after another. Beautifully done. This guy’s legit. He’s got some other cool things here, he’s got this little match thing which I thought was really
cool and just magical. It’s not meant to maybe fool everyone, but I mean, it’s just a different take on using the same items over and over again. As soon as he puts it down. Stuff like that is really cool to me. I like that artistic vibe to it where I’m gonna take this ordinary object, create something extraordinary with it. It reminds me a lot of Mario Lopez, the guy with the cigarette stuff. He does a lot of similar things. All right then. Guys, if you enjoyed this video, go ahead and like, subscribe,
comment, all that good stuff, but also check out the
subreddit that I left below. This is a place where you guys
can feel free to post stuff, I will be checking it out regularly. I got some moderators that are going to be
moderating the content for me, and we can make this a regular thing if you’re so interested, but also, it doesn’t have
to be your performance. I know a lot of you wanna get your performance on videos and get seen, which is also really cool
and a great way to do that, but if you have some
awesome magic performances that you wanna link to me
that I may have missed, and/or puzzles that are cool
that I should check out, or any of these things
that relate to my content, I’d love to check them out. So, guys, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed, again, like,
we’ll see ya on the next video. Peace, all right. (soft uptempo music)