Dark Magician Girl is one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s most
popular and lovable characters, as evident by the explosion that occurred in chat when
she appeared in last year’s TwitchPresents Yu-Gi-Oh Marathon. Having appeared in most Yu-Gi-Oh media, some
fans may be surprised to know however that Japanese fans have quite a different version
of Dark Magician Girl than we do in the West. In fact, there even exists a Dark Magician
Girl card that is only available in Japan and this is because the artist is so proud
of his work that he refused to change her appearance for an English release. And with that notion, today we’ll be taking
a look at this and more, as we take a look at how Dark Magician Girl has been censored
in the West. The first thing to point out revolves around
her name. Whilst called Dark Magician Girl in English,
all Japanese versions instead call her “Black Magician Girl”. The reason for this name change is due to
the possible occult connotations of “Black Magic” and not wanting to offend Western morals. Similar changes have been made to many Yu-Gi-Oh
cards – including, of course, Dark Magician, who is instead known as “Black Magician” over
in Japan. This alteration also has the knock on effect
of affecting her anime attack names. Whilst her attack name in the Japanese version
is Black Burning, in the English version, the names Dark Magic Attack and Dark Burning
Attack have both been used. Sticking with the anime, like you may already
be aware, 4Kids were notorious for their heavy censorship practises when bringing the show
to the West and this also affected Dark Magician Girl, who can at times been seen with a much
bigger bust over in Japan. As you can see, the English versions also
remove the hexagram on her chest – with this, like her name, being due to not wanting to
offend Western morals and the hexagram’s links with the occult and religion. The anime would even censor other parts of
her body at times, such as her first appearance in episode 62. Here the dub gave her a skirt during one shot
to cover up her thigh, but then in other parts of the episode the skirt it suddenly missing. Back to the changes made to her bust and hexagram,
these edits were then made to the trading card game, with the first pack with her contained
being Magician’s Force from October 10th 2003. As you can see, the Japanese artwork on the
left has a noticeably bigger bust and doesn’t have the English red jewel. Since then, there have been various reprints
of the card with different artwork, such as the 2nd version of Dark Magician Girl here,
and as you can see, her bust and hexagram are altered again. The same is true for the 3rd alternate artwork
version as shown here. The 5th version didn’t get changes to her
bust, most likely due to the angle and positing of her body, but the hexagram was still removed. And then interestingly, the 6th version of
her card, which is only available in Japan, is the same as her first release but it changes
the hexagram to a five pointed star. This version was released in the 2016 Yugi
Muto structure deck and, whilst it was released in the West too, the English version contained
the same censored artwork as her first release. You may have noticed how we missed the 4th
version of her card… This artwork is only available in Japan and
was made to celebrate Yu-Gi-Oh’s 10th anniversary. The card was released amongst others in a
special pack called Anniversary Pack and all cards included were reprints of past cards
with new special artwork. Out of the pack’s 9 cards, Dark Magician Girl
was the only one to not get released in the West and this was due to the artist refusing
to censor her artwork. You may also notice the artist’s signature
in the bottom right corner of the card… Thus, this card has never been released in
the West due to the censorship policies that are applied to the Western version of the
game. Naturally, Dark Magician Girl’s changes can
be found in other media too, including the video games. Duelists Of The Roses for PlayStation 2, for
example, made changes to many of the female cards to reduce the amount of skin shown. In Dark Magician Girl’s case, she was given
extra cloth to cover her bust as well as having the hexagram yet again removed. It’s interesting to note how they didn’t remove
the upskirt shots that are possible however. Changes like these can be found in various
Yu-Gi-Oh video games. And whilst the latest game, Yu-Gi-Oh Duel
Links for PC and mobile, didn’t make changes to her bust – the hexagram was still removed,
like so. But, that’s all we have time for today but
hopefully you have now learnt a few new things about Dark Magician Girl and how she differs
in Japan compared to the West. Let us know what you think of these changes
in the comments below and, until next time, thank you for watching.