Hey so today I’m going to be telling the
story about how when I was working a nine-to-five job back in the day I
actually out sourced it and turned it into a source of passive income that was
making me a hundred dollars a day each day I would go into the office but
instead of using my time to work on my job I would use it to work on my two
other businesses now I alluded to this in another video
where I said that if I got enough interest in it that I would tell the
full story and honestly I think that a lot of people would love to outsource
their jobs that they didn’t actually have to do it but still got paid for it
anyway I told my parents last night about the fact that I was going to
release this video and both of them actually remembered that I had done this
my mother told me that she disapproved entirely and that if I was the one high
to do the job then I should have been the one to actually do it my father
however told me that he approved entirely and that if my boss was happy
with the results that I was giving him which he was then I was just approaching
my job in a creative way you can see which of my parents I take the most
after I will let you decide what you think about what I did as I said to them
I see both sides of this but I’ve got to admit it worked out pretty well for me
not only did I gain a bunch of time that I was then able to use to rebuild my
gaming ecommerce store to make it even more profitable than before but I
actually ended up accidentally stumbling on a new side business that was making
me three to five thousand dollars a month an extra semi passive income which
believe it or not pretty much anyone can do even if you don’t have any technical
experience but more on that later for now let me tell my story so as my subscribers here at house out
he probably already know from my teenage years to my early adulthood years I had
a successful e-commerce gaming store however due to several mistakes it ended
up fizzling out and after fizzled out I swore that I would rebuild my gaming
store be bigger and better than before and spoiler alert I did and one of the
ways in which I did that was highly leveraged drop shipping and we’ve
actually got a free ebook which teaches you how to do that it is called the six
steps that six figure drop shipping stores follow to make over $10,000
a month and if you’re interested in there ebook you can find a link to it in
the video description below but rebuilding it took time there wasn’t
overnight sitting between my two stores I ended up getting a job so that I could
pay my bills I got a job with a small retail company and ended up becoming
their new online marketing manager since they were a small company I was the only
person doing their marketing I got that job because I had and still have to this
day a specialization and something that they wanted which was called search
engine optimization otherwise known as SEO if you don’t know what SEO is check
this out if you go to Google and you type in paying taxes when dropshipping
into it you’ll see that a blog from our website,
https://wholesaleted.com, is at the top of the ad-free results even though there are
over 3,000,000 websites that Google could have chosen from now the reason
why this blog post is at the top and not someone else’s is because I made some
tweaks and modifications to that website so that Google would choose that to be
first and those tweaks and modifications are called SEO and I had used the skill
to drive customers in traffic to my e-commerce gaming store and so I was
hired to do that for this retail store I was on $50,000 dollars a year for
my celery which was a bit of an income head to what I was used to was still
plenty of money for me as I was pretty young and so for the first few months I
was content I’d just turn up to the office each day and do my jobs I knew I
wanted to rebuild my gaming store on the side and one day be my own boss again
but I couldn’t find the motivation to do it since I was so comfortable but as I’m
sure a lot of you have experienced before the more I worked at my job the
more frustrated that I be my boss was pretty nice to me he didn’t
understand how I was using me you see their skills to bring in more customers
traffic and money to his business first time it was almost like magic because I
was directly making him money he liked me a lot and he gave me lots of freedom
but the other staff members were a different story I worked in an office
with a team of several other lovely woman they were an admin in customer
service jobs earning a fraction of what I was unfortunately
my boss clearly didn’t value them or their jobs and so while he gave me free
rein to do whatever I wanted he would lord over them criticizing them all time
watching their every move they worked long hours and we’re
constantly uncle one girl in my office would regularly tell us stories of
customers calling her cellphone at 2am and she had to pick it up and help
them. And do you think that they got paid overtime for their 2:00 a.m. calls? Nope!
Almost every week at least one girl in the office would have a full-on
breakdown crying about how much they hated being treated terribly by a boss. I
was seen as the stable one and would always end up comforting them if I ever
suggested that they consider quitting they would say and say that they needed
the job. It was a super toxic environment and if you’ve ever worked in an
environment like this before you will understand how stressful it is. aAt first
it was just one office breakdown a week but over the course of a few months
I went from me comforting just one office breakdown a week to two, to three,
until it was pretty much every second day. And at this point I knew that I had
to make a game plan to get out! But there was just one problem…
I was stuck working this full-time job. I went to work for eight hours a day and I
had at least a one hour commute each day. By the time that I got home I was tired
and struggled to find the energy to work on my business in evenings and
weekends. And so eventually I thought to myself
man you know wouldn’t it be amazing if I didn’t have to go to work every day
because I could use over that free time to work on growing my new second
ecommerce store… Wait a minute! I suddenly had an idea. I knew that SEO agencies here in New Zealand would charge $1,000 a month to
the clients for work, but didn’t actually do the work themselves. You see SEO work, while quite specialized it’s quite easy to do once you know how
to do. It it is specialized grunt work. So what the New Zealand SEO agencies would
do is they would hire another SEO agency they visa that was based in a cheaper
country like the Ukraine to do the work for them so if I would pay a thousand
dollars a month as a retainer and then they would go to the other issuer agency
and pay them $200 a month or so to actually do the work for them and then
they would keep the $800 difference as profits these easier agencies specialize
in something called wait level services a white-label service is when they will
do the work for you and send the reports to show the progress but not put the
agency logo on the report they do that so that the agency in New Zealand can
resell these services for a higher price by slapping their own logo on the
results report essentially in the West most marketing agencies are half the
time just resellers of white label services and these customers have no
idea but since they wouldn’t know how to connect with these white label services
themselves as long as they get a boost in traffic and a boost in sales it’s a
win-win so I thought screw it if these SEO agencies are doing it with the
clients why can’t I do it with my job at the time a good place to find these
agencies was on a website called blackhat world I was making $150 a day
after Texas so what I did was I set aside $50 a day to pay an offshore SEO
companies through the work for me and I kept a hundred dollars a day in
essentially passive income it was great I come to work each day answer my emails
and then just chicken on the agency after that I had the whole day free to
work on my own ventures nicholae of course now I again understand that some
people weren’t necessarily agree with us but uh
truthers is that my boss he didn’t know the difference while he was busy yelling
at everyone about not working hard enough he’d be praising me for the
record sales numbers coming in from SEO traffic but can’t you be like Sarah look
the job she’s doing here is a thing though it didn’t take me long to realize
that if I could outsource my job to an SEO agency what is stopping me from
going out there and contacting other small businesses and offering them SEO
services so I started to use some of my newly gained free time to reach out to
other small local businesses and I had three Ecco monthly packages four hundred
dollars a month eight hundred dollars a month and twelve
hundred dollars a month within three months I was making three
to five thousand dollars a month and simi passive side and come just from
this alone and eventually turned into a saleable asset as you can see starting
your own online marketing agency is actually pretty easy for anyone to do
because of the fact that you don’t need to know how to do any of the marketing
stuff yourself as long as you have the secret sauce and the secret sauce is
having access to a low cost high quality agency that is selling marketing
services for prices that you can resell them for at big profit margins and while
I found my service provided through blackhat world I haven’t been on there
in years and also even then most providers on there we’re rubbish I had
to use my SEO skills to reach the legitimate providers from the Cowboys so
if you are interested in how you can do this with service providers that you can
trust even as an absolute beginner then we are running a free step-by-step
webinar with online millionaires Steven Clayton and Aidan booth they made over
2.5 million dollars with the restyling agencies last year and yes the vast
majority of that 2.5 million dollars is profit so if you would like to learn the
step-by-step method for creating your own reselling agency then be sure to
sign up for the webinar and the sign up link is in the video description below
please note registration is essential as we will not be streaming this on YouTube
one of the benefits I quickly found with this business model was that getting
clients was surprisingly easy since I was working with the white-label SEO
company I could use be a huge portfolio of success stories to WoW would-be
clients practically begging me to sign them up my clients would then pay me
their monthly retainer I’d then go to the white label SEO company and hired
them to do the work for me for a fraction of the
and keep the difference in profits so yes when I made this video here I talked
about the five things I did while working a full time job to stay
motivated working on my own business well I did do all these things like kind
of lift out the sir extra productivity heck you could say that I ultimately did
since I didn’t know if I should be well you know recommending it to people and
one or everyone can do what I did or are even willing to do what I did I hope
that everyone can see through the story the power and building up passive income
sources going from $150 a day to $100 a day definitely hurt I had to make some
sacrifices and I know for a lot of people they would not be willing to make
those sacrifices but I was willing to try because I knew that time was the
most valuable asset I had if I could find a way to gain the time that my jobs
sucked from me back then I could use it to build a new source of passive income
which I did with my easier agency and I didn’t took their money to finance my
ultimate goal which was building my bigger and visa ecommerce gaming store
and for those of you wondering no Mobile’s never found out what I was
doing I was very lucky and I got away with it and if you would like even more
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