Okay everybody, now we are going to do threading
the needle. This is the explanation and really this is all about how you set it up. You are
going to hold your hand like this, kind of an L shape and I am going to take the rope
and drape it about 8 to 10 inches hanging down and the short end is away from me and
the long end is toward me. I am going to wrap toward me and underneath like this and I am
going to wrap about three times and then I am going to make a loop and I am going to
pinch it between my first finger and thumb just like that. Let me show you that wrap
one more time. So we are going to wrap it around and pinch it just like that between
my forefinger and thumb. Now the way the trick works is all we are going to do is lift this
up and it is going to pass through the loop and go in just like that, but because we do
it quickly they don’t see that. So, if we do it fast we take this end and we go 1, 2
and you pull up and forward, it pulls the rope right through the loop. Let’s try that
from this side. This is a little thicker rope so you want to wrap it a little tighter and
make the loop 1, 2, 3, you want to make sure you don’t let go. You don’t want to make that
part too long.
Just like that, right through. I will show you once from this side as well so it will
help you on it. It does sometimes come out like that, if you do this with thinner piece
of string it does help. If that happens a lot you can wrap this less, 1, 2, 3 just like
that. So that’s threading the needle.