What we’re going to do right now, it’s called
coin rolling. It’s a nice little flourish that you can do
with pretty much any coin that fits your hand well. I’m using a little half dollar here because
it’s a little bit easier to see on camera, but you can do this with a quarter or, if
you prefer, you can actually go up and use the big silver dollars. Those work too. But I prefer these. All you’re doing is you’re just rolling the
coin. Right along your knuckles. Gravity kind of helps you along, just like
that. We’ll break it down now. You’re going to want to start, you’re going
to want to find your coin right there and you’re going to want to start with it pinched
right there between your thumb and first finger. What’s going to happen is you’re actually
going to just release it and it’s just going to fall. You’re going to want your hand in a fist like
that. It’s just going to fall right there onto your
finger. Then what you’re going to do is you’re going
to pick it up. You’re literally going to use this… I’ll turn it so you guys can see it a little
bit better. You’re going to want to use your second finger
and pull so that it goes back vertically. Then you just let it fall again. Then, this is probably the hardest part of
the move, you’re going to use your third finger right here, and you’re going to push up with
your first finger. So my index is pushing up while my third finger
is pulling down right there onto the vertical. And it falls just like that. Same with pinkie. And then once you’re at the pinkie all you’re
going to do is you’re going to flatten out your hand so you get this little ledge. You’re going to pick it up with the print
of your thumb and you’re going to pass it right back. And that is how you roll a coin. Some quick pointers on this. What happens to a lot of people when they’re
starting out, and it happened to me as well, you kind of will have this tendency to flatten
out your hand as you’re rolling. It will make it a little easier. See how my fingers are kind of spreading? They’re flattening out like that. You don’t want to do that. You want to resist that urge. You want to keep your hand as much, I’ll turn
it this way so you can see, in a fist as possible while doing this move. It will actually help you a lot in the long
run. Just like that. What I did that helped a lot, I actually started
putting my hand, I noticed my friends were calling me out on it a lot, my fingers were
coming out like that. I actually used my left hand as kind of a
barrier until I stopped doing that, because it’s a hard reflex to break. So start doing that, pick up a coin. I really recommend practicing on a couch or
bed so you won’t have that kind of mental fear of dropping it while you’re walking around
or dropping it on the floor. Because once that mental block is gone it
actually gets a lot easier to do, because you’re not worrying about it. So just while you’re watching TV, next time
you’re on the couch, pick up a coin and just start rolling it.