[music] Male 1: Hey, Heather, could I borrow your
coffee, actually? Heather: Sure. Male 1: OK. Cool. This is pretty interesting. I don’t know if I could pull it off though,
but watching. All right. Whoa … [SS] … Heather: [laughs] Male 1: Try it one more time. Heather: Whoa. Male 1: Whoa, whoa. One more time. Heather: What are you doing with my coffee? Male 1: … [SS] … Heather: Whoa. [laughs] Male 1: It’s, like, possessed. Here you go. Heather: OK. I don’t want it back. Male 1: You don’t want it back? Heather: I’m scared of it. Male 1: [laughs] [music] Male 1: OK. Here’s the explanation to the floating coffee
cup. There are always coffee cups in the office,
so this is a really, really good ice breaker. You need a coffee cup. Definitely Styrofoam cup, and I’ll tell you
why. And it could be filled with coffee, but if
it’s filled with coffee you want it to be below the half way mark. Because the secret is, basically, when you
take the coffee cup what you’re going to do is you’re going to literally poke a hole right
into the coffee cup. Right into it there should be a hole. And to mask that sound you could cough, or
you could do whatever, like, laugh really loud. I don’t know what you want to do. But basically, once the thumb is inside the
coffee cup what you want to do is you want to let go of all your fingers. And if you want you could shake a little bit,
and it looks like it’s really, really floating. And make sure your fingers are far away from
the cup, so they don’t think you’re holding it in any way. So a little bit of shaking actually adds to
the illusion. And you always want to try to grab it before
it gets too far, like it’s trying to fly away from you. And that’s the secret to the floating coffee
cup. Have fun.