Hi guys Barns here and today we are going
to learn how to do a fakie flip. So it is very similar to the normal flip what
you hopefully already learned because, for this trick you need the fakie ollie and the
fakie flip, I mean the flip as well. So rolling fakie is when you roll backwards
in your normal position but your front foot is on the nose and your back foot is just
under the bolts, so sideways a bit, so you can easily catch a flick. So the movement is like as you roll backwards you have to pop the board and the same time you have to pull your feet up and out diagonally. So that’s going to help you to flip the board
and the same time you have to look down when the boards turned around, try to spot the
bolts land on it and try to land centred so roll away then. If you land a little bit on your nose, on
your tail than either you gonna have a wheel bite or you going to slip out which we try to avoid, but have fun and hopefully I helped you to get
closer to your first fakie flip.