hey every body Danny Maude here thanks for
joining us this week I want to give you something that you can learn to
experience how to strike a golf ball effectively well consistently so there’s
one thing understanding what to do and I’m sure you’re the same you probably
you know probably watch quite a few videos this is not like to be your first
and you understand a lot about the golf swing but you sometimes often are unable
to transfer that understanding into better ball striking well I’ve got an
exercise for you this week that will help you experience consistent ball
striking with your irons and your woods but we’re gonna focus predominately on
irons it works for both so that you can actually take that experience and
transfer it onto the golf course now Anthony a recent client of mine flies in
from Australia not specifically to see me I may add he kind of just kind of
visits and family and thought I’d take a little detour and come and see me now he
was really struggling with his ball strike he was catching the ground a long
way behind the ball he’s hooking the bomb miles left but ultimately his ball
striking was pause he wasn’t getting any real power now what I want to do is I’m
going to show you what we did with Antony to help him really massively
improve his consistency of ball striking with one simple drill and a little
system that we added to that drill to help him take it to the golf course so
I’m gonna share with you in this video exactly where that is and so cuz I know
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just like this one every single week in to your inbox so what was Anthony doing
well let’s talk about strike what are we trying to do first of all with the
strike you know what is a good a good strike very simple you catch the ball
first the club shaft is slightly ahead and everything pretty much is in line
here that’s how you strike a ball most people who are not striking a golf ball
they tend to be in a flick position here their body’s back over here somewhere
and they start striking the ground behind the ball so if your body’s over
the top of the golf ball your hands are slightly ahead the likelihood is you’re
going to strike the ball more effectively
I’m not sure if you knew this but most people do and these yet they still do
cannot transfer that to a proper golf swing so let me show you how we did this
with Antony so until he comes to see me and sure enough he’s back here and he’s
flipping it no problem it’s hands are doing exactly what they should be doing
is recovering a poor position he needs to get his body more in line so we want
to imagine in a sense I put a video in the top right hand corner I covered
something similar last week where I talked about balance points we won’t
imagine a yellow dot at the bottom the yellow dot where on navel is and a
yellow dot where I sternum is and we want those dots lined up and we want to
maintain them all the way back in the in the backswing all the way through into
impact most of us they move around too much and that affects the whole shape of
the swing but also massively what we do impact and that’s exactly what Antony
was doing he was coming into impact here his hips were driving forward that would
send this back here he was in this position here and the only thing you had
left now was a flick of the wrists causing fat shots hook shots but huge
loss of distance we needed to get him lined up and this is what we did nice
and simple take your lead foot and take your trail foot put it behind your left
foot here for me right foot behind and we want it complete to get this so that
they’re completely in line don’t move the foot out here try and get them in
line what this does it disrupts your balance it kind of gets everything
almost in a linear fashion now if I was to move back now I’m gonna fall for this
way yeah I’ve taken my balance away from here so if I change this line I’m gonna
fall here and vice versa right so we get ourselves set we get the field we’ve put
ourself up here trying to get now just feel like you’re in a nice powerful
position to hit this shot and all we did was simply get Anthony hitting golf
balls from here what do you think he did straightaway he fall back now for the
very first time he could actually experience these lines now not lining up
because one’s over here and the other ones down here so what he could do
notice it right he now needed to feel everything here was balanced and
completely in line and this really really help that so we got
herself set up here I made a few swings and there started to hit a few shots
from there suddenly he was now starting to strike the ball then the ground did
he do it consistently of course he didn’t you know what was happening is in
between some of these good ones were falling back but the great thing now he
could start to experience this right so he started hitting shots like this
backwards and forwards backwards and forwards but he wasn’t doing its
consistency as I’d like and he missed one vital ingredient his belief when he
was starting to swing he thought this club needs to go straight through he
didn’t realize that the club from here needs to go out to the ball and the
handle needs to move to the body so club head moves to ball handle moves to body
he thought it just went straight down the line here well watch this if you go
straight down the line what happens to the body it starts to slide it doesn’t
rotate so look at this if we go straight down the line our body start to go like
this and they immediately come out of alignment we need to throw the club out
towards on an arc towards the ball so the handle now comes in when you do that
you immediately now start to get its natural pivot without thinking and it’s
so much easier to stay in line if we start to go towards the target like this
we immediately start to create almost like a rocking effect and they
immediately go out of line so again affecting your ball striking so once
we’ve done that set up this I got hit a few shots here I then imagine got him to
start throwing the club through the ball like this is throwing it like this
throwing the club not guiding it this is somebody who’s quite knowledgeable about
golfing and he was making it way too complicated what was happening was he
was trying to steer the club into all these different positions that’s not
what Goff’s about you cannot kind of guide this club you must at some stage
let go so we’ve got him in this drill here is nice and balanced and where then
we said look start sir throw the club now suddenly we’re
getting throwing the club here he’s staying in line what happened well he
clearly started to generate more club head speed and at the same time what he
was doing he generated more club head speed but of course every so often he
falls back but that’s fine now he’s got feedback now after a while he was
hitting the ball Warner see other after the other would this drill perfectly but
he said Danny how do I transfer that to this now well because every telling went
back to this he had to go back to his old way what you’ve got to do first of
all this is where you got to take your time with we then said right go to a
narrow stance not full width stance to start off with what I wanted to do is is
as you’re making this swing here I said see if you can experience what’s going
on here and what he noticed right away was he imagined this point here there’s
the top dot for you might be the bottom dot although down it went down here but
he thought about the top dot here and he could see it could start to visualize
that dot going backwards so he then he said ok he started to picture where that
dot wasn’t oh yes over here oh that’s gone over that okay now I get it
so then he starts to his feet together you imagine this top dot and all I did
is it asked us to write hit her shoe shots now we don’t care where the ball
goes and see if you can tell me where the dot is so it’s been hit a few shots and now he could
start to experience where the dot was now we didn’t get into worrying about
where the ball was that was a big key with I allowed him time to simply
experience this line and that was it bit by bit I think together we start to
alternate between this and this and gradually we start to move that those
feet apart and the experience that he got which I know you could benefit from
too he imagined this you could feel his core activating he could feel his body
now starting to do this he was very much dear he was throwing it now the body was
working naturally on an ark it wasn’t moving side to side he could feel his
core a bit stronger all this was naturally helping him to get this
wonderful pivot and therefore get all of this completely lined up to strike this
shot he wasn’t doing this he didn’t need to flick he wasn’t striking the ground
behind the golf ball and it was as simple as that
so let’s summarize how do you how can you benefit from this how do you start
striking that golf ball it’s very straightforward you need things more in
line that if you get things in line the hands do have to do weird stuff you get
those balance points in line how do you do it
learn the feel of it using this simple drill here lead foot forward get into a
feel at a powerful position onto your right toe do not move the flower here
provide you too with too much debility to get it here then start hitting some
shots as symbols that see here a few shots trying to hold that balance that’s
all you do now if you finding that you’re doing that and you’re not the
balance is a little bit tricky you might be like Anthony down till he found it
tricky to start with because what was happening was is he was still trying to
go forward as opposed to no throw the club throw the club on an AK here allow
the body to naturally rotate club goes out bum goes back or hips go back they
go like this yeah that either more AK you get the more your body works like
this ease it they bounce this is going to move all over the place yeah so he
started to throw the club backwards and forwards after that he simply
gradually took their similar feelings felt the dot here imagined played it
played around with that dot notice where it was moving noticed that alignment and
hey presto simple as that ball striking site to improve it really really just
work so I hope you enjoyed this video and I really hope it helps you improve
your ball strike it’s certain did for Anton it’s a very simple one be patient
with it go through the system don’t rush through this process take the drill
throw the club build it in gradually and you’ll really really help your pretty
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