Hey loves! I have a little bit different video
for you today. If you follow me on instagram then you may already know that I moved apartment
recently. And since I moved the apartment I didn’t have time to do anything else…
Like I didn’t have time to film DIY tutorials that take so much time to prepare, film and
edit. So today I decided to do something a little bit different and a little bit special.
Remember when I posted my DIY band bracelets tutorial, I showed you a bunch of tricks that
you can do with bands and so many of you asked me if I could film a video on how to do those
tricks. Well, we’re doing this today. Make sure to stick till the end because I have
something special that I want to open with you, but first let’s go on to the band tricks. So for this first trick you need a larger
band like this one. And it’s also good if is a little bit flat. You can see that this
one is a little bit flat. It’s much easier to work with this kind of band than with a
band that would be all rounded. So what you want to do is: you take your band with your
left hand and you kind of put it together like this on one side. Then you do the same
on the other side with your other hand and then you just kind of want to go around and
connect these two ends. You want to hold both ends with one hand. So I’m going to hold both
ends with my pointer and thumb of my left hand. I’m going to connect these two ends
and hold it like this. So what you want to do now is pull the band with your right hand
very tightly. You can hear that noise, it seems like the elastic is torn.You can say
“oh my elastic is torn now”, but since I am a magician I’m going to fix that. What you
want to do now is connect the two ends again and again hold it in one hand. I’m gonna hold
it between my thumb and pointer of my left hand. So I’m going to go back with the right
hand like this and you say “wait for it, I’m gonna fix it now” and now you grab just one
end of the band and you pull it away. And the band is fixed! Woohoo! The next trick is super easy to make and is
actually one of my favorite. The only thing you need is a small elastic like this one.
You want to begin by sticking the pointer and the middle finger through the band loop
like this. That’s what you want to have right now. Then, you’re going to stretch the elastic
with your right hand and you’re going to stick all these four fingers inside this loop. You
want to have the elastic between your nails and the first knuckle. Like this. The only
thing left to do now is that you open your hand like this and the elastic will automatically
jump from these two fingers on these two fingers! How cool is that!? So when you’re doing this
trick you want to do it very quickly. Especially the part when you stick four fingers inside
that loop. Like here… You want to do this very quickly so that the person that you’re
showing this to doesn’t even notice that you’re doing something on the other side of your
hand. So you just put the elastic on and put all four fingers inside the loop… and release.
Voila, that’s how simple this one is and so cool! You can take this trick even further by taking
again a small elastic like before, but also a bigger one like this one. You want to start
as before by sticking your pointer and the middle finger through the band loop like this.
But then you want to say “to prevent that the elastic will jump from these two fingers
on these two fingers, I’m going to make a barrier with the yellow elastic”. So you’re
going to wrap the elastic around your fingers like this. That’s what you want to have right
now. Then you just want to repeat the same steps as we did before. So you want to stretch
the pink elastic with your right hand, stick all four fingers inside that loop and make
sure that the elastic is above the nails and below the first knuckle. And now we just want
to open our hand like this, voila, the elastic has again jumped from these two fingers on
your pinky and your ring finger. It’s pretty amazing, I don’t even know how it does that,
but it’s awesome! For the disappearing elastic trick you want
to start off by having a lot of elastics wrapped around your wrist like this. Like you were
wearing them as bracelets. Then you want to choose one elastic. I’m going to choose this
yellow one and I’m going to pull it with my left hand and then I’m going to pinch it between
my thumb and my pointer of my right hand. Then I’m going to say to the people “look
I have an elastic and I’m going to make it disappear”. So you’re going to release those
fingers… Where did it go?! It disappeared. But actually it returned to its place on your
wrist. In the next trick it seems like the elastic kind of goes through the thumb. So
to do that trick, you’re going to need a bigger elastic like this one and you’re going to
hold it in one hand like so. Then you’re going to take the thumb of the other hand and you;re
just going to stick the thumb through that loop and pull it away. Then you’re going to
take the pointer of this left hand and you’re going to take the upper part of the elastic
and pull it down like so. You can see that now on the right side we’re going to have
a triangle shape. You’re going to take your left thumb and you’re going to stick it through
that loop. Just like that. So that’s what you have now and you want to pull the pointer
of your left hand out of this loop that is formed on the left like this. And then what
you have to do with your right hand is just shake it a little bit, just pull it and the
elastic comes right through the thumb. Isn’t it awesome?! You’re going to take the elastic
and you’re going to hold it in one hand like this. Then you’re going to take your pointer
of the other hand and you’re going to stick it through that loop and just kind of pull
it away like so. Then with your left hand you’re going to wrap the elastic around your
thumb and you’re going to go to the pinky and you’re just going to place the elastic
on the pinky like so. To make this gun shoot all you have to do is just move the pinky
finger a little bit and the elastic will come off here and it will just shoot away somewhere.
So, I’m going to do it now. I’m going to shake my pinky and the elastic has gone behind the
bed or somewhere. So those were my band tricks I hope you like them, you can show them to
your friends at school I’m sure you’re going to be the coolest one that day.But now let’s
go on to unpacking this package. I’m so excited to see what’s in there. The
package says that it comes from Indianapolis. I don’t know anyone there… Is anyone of
you from Indianapolis? Maybe some of you send it to me. Hm… Let’s see what’s inside. It
must be something precious, because it’s really, really nicely wrapped. Is this out of glass
or something? Oh it’s another box… Let’s put that down. Are you guys excited? Let’s
do this. “One hundred thousand subscribers. That’s
more than double the size of a packed Roman Colosseum and more than 10 times the number
of people who set the human domino world record. We understand the dedication and talent it
takes to reach 100,000 YouTube viewers. We want you to know that we don’t take your achievement
for granted. You delivered the audience. Now we’re delivering the rewards. To commemorate
your milestone of 100,000 Youtube subscribers, please accept with our congratulations this
Silver Play Button. We know you’ll continue to create amazing content and bring in more
fans, so we’ll keep looking for new ways to reward you. Thanks for being awesome. Sincerely,
YouTube.” Let’s dig in… Wow! That look so amazing!
I didn’t expect that it will look so cool! I can’t wait to put this on my wall, this
will be my first decoration of the apartment and it wouldn’t be possible without you guys
so I really hope you know how grateful I am for your support, you literally make me the
happiest person on Earth. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! Well this would be
it for this video, make sure to check out my next one, it will be a room decor video.
So I’ll see you next time! Bye! “I’m going to shoot towards the camera now,
so hide everybody. Oh, that wasn’t even close. Uuu, bingo! God… Thanks for watching