Now the explanation to the floating cup you need one polystyrene cup and The preparation for the cup is quite simple on the reverse side. You make a hole with your finger or thumb? Now all you do is take your thumb and push it slightly and not all the way in but enough to make sure the cup Isn’t gonna fall off your thumb now Position it in your hand correctly to make it look like it’s floating Just gently let go and move your hand up and down slightly both of them at the same time To make it look like it’s traveling forward Move your hands forward and that cup your hands around the cup to make sure it’s trying not to get away watch again Bring it back Make it look like it goes faster. Just move your hands quicker To make sure it goes up. Just pull it back into place It’s really important to make sure it looks like it’s got a mind of its own and you’re trying to control it So it doesn’t escape that is the floating cut trick