(relaxing jazz music) (upbeat rock music) – What is up, guys? Alex Boyer here and today you’re going to learn something super amazing. Actually, by my good friend- – (screams) – Seb Parent. By the way, my friend Seb just started his YouTube channel so please
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to show right now or? – Well, I’ve been try- (mumbles) (wheezes) – I’ve been working on this move for like the past three years. The title, like the name of the trick- (loud beep) The name of the change
is from the Beatles. – The name of the change
is about the Beatles? – Like the Taxman color change. – Like the insect or like the band? – Oh, the band. Or the insect, it’s like you want, guys. – So, if you guys
perform this color change we obviously want to see this
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be in the description below. We really wanna see you do this move so don’t forget to tag us. So, let’s get into the tutorial. – (funny voice) Shall we? – No, shall- (laughing) – Let’s do it. (chill rock music) – Alright guys, this is
a Taxman color change. So, it’s a pretty cool color
change and easy to do it. And I’m gonna show it to you right now. So, imagine you take this card, three of diamond, and you just
twist it around the spread. It become king of hearts, wow! Basically, this is what’s
going on in the back. So, I’m clipping a card right there. And then you reverse this card and you just twist it
and you just swap it. – [Alex] You just twist
it and you just swap it. – Swap it. (wheezes) – [Alex] Okay, now more
details about the color change. Here we go. – First of all, you have to know how to do a spread, like this. – [Alex] Okay. – Pretty easy. Then you go and clip a card. So, when you spread- boom just like this. You take your index finger and you take the bottom card and you
just pinch it like this. So, it goes like this, boom, and this is what happening under the spread. So, you just take out and from the front you can’t see this card. So, you do the spread, clip, boom, and then you show this card. Seven of heart in this case. So, basically what you have to do now is just rotate the card around the spread and change it to this card, right? – [Alex] Looks amazing. – So, watch it from the bottom. Boom, this card rotate around. Take this card and put it on
the bottom to get rid of it. Then take your thumb and push. And take this card and put it on the top. – [Alex] Let’s see it one
more time in full speed. – Boom, king of spades. – [Alex] And it changes. – Jack of spades. – [Alex] Awesome. Let’s do it again, just
for the viewers at home. King of diamonds. – Boom. – [Alex] Bam. – Bam. – [Alex] Looks amazing, buddy. – So yeah, I give English courses too. – [Alex] Now, say it in English now. (loud beep) (chill rock music) So, there we go guys,
this was the tutorial for the Taxman color change
by this guy right here. And, show some love, again
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