You may have seen Traxxas big air
freestyle demonstration at motorsports events in the past. If not, check the
event calendar on to see a list of upcoming events. Just like
freestyle motocross, four-wheel drive Traxxas RC vehicles are capable of
performing incredible front flips, back flips, and more–using the rotational
mass of the tires and wheels to affect the vehicle’s angular momentum or rotation. Let’s take a look at the equipment we’ll be using and how to perform these flips
and tricks. To achieve big jumps and maintain control in the air, we use
models with four-wheel drive and brushless power. LiPo batteries are ideal
for performing big tricks. A 2-cell LiPo for the Slash 4×4, dual 3-cells for the
E-Revo Brushless and dual 4-cells for the 8S X-Maxx. How do these trucks rotate in
the air? After the model jumps, apply throttle and the vehicle will rotate
backward. When reverse throttle is applied, the model rotates forward. Even if you are not performing a flip or
trick, throttle can be used to keep the model level in the air and control the
landing consider. Any variables when performing these tricks such as wind
speed and direction, surface and environment, and the size and angle of
the jump. Always take precautions to keep yourself and others at a safe distance
from the vehicle. We’ll start with a backflip using the E-Revo Brushless
Edition. Line up the jump and hit it straight on. Full throttle is not
necessary to get plenty of air–and let off some as you hit the jump. As your
vehicle launches, keep it straight and apply the throttle. Don’t apply too much
or the model will over-rotate. Now let’s see how to perform a front flip with the
8S X-Maxx. Hit the jump straight on and after the model launches, hit the brakes
and quickly apply reverse throttle. With some practice you’ll be able to
determine when to hit reverse and how to control the throttle for a smooth
landing. Here’s a fun trick for the Slash 4×4 we like to call the ‘switch flip’. This one is a little more advanced but it’s sure to impress a crowd. Approach the
jump in reverse. It is especially important to hit the jump straight in
reverse for this trick. Just after the model launches, turn the wheels to either
side and immediately tap the brakes. If needed, apply forward
throttle to fully rotate the vehicle. When timed just right, the model will
perform a twist and flip, then come down for a perfect landing. As you keep
practicing timing and throttle control, you can master these tricks and come up
with some new ones of your own. For more tips and tricks, subscribe to Traxxas Support here on Youtube.