Hi guys, my name is Yichao
and today I wanna talk about one of my favorite events:
Magic Prerelease. Whether you’re a long time player, or you’re brand new to the game Prerelease is one of the best events
to dive in and start playing magic. So whether you’re here
for a refresher course, or you’ve never done it before,
here are the top 5 things you ought to know about
Magic Prerelease. What is a Prerelease? Prerelease is a casual event
that happens one week before the set is even out! That means it’s your first
chance to rip open Magic packs. What do I get at the Prerelease? As part of your entry fee,
you’ll get a Prerelease pack which has everything
you need to play. Inside the pack you will
find: 6 booster packs a randomized date-stamped
premium promo card, a spindown life counter, an
insert with deckbuilding advice, What do I do with all my new cards? After you’ve opened your cards, it’s
time to build your 40 card deck. You can talk to the people
around you for help, or consult your deck building insert. Oh, ah and, don’t forget to add lands. Trust me, I’ve done it, wasn’t pretty. How long will the event take? You’ll typically have between 30
to 60 minutes to build your deck. From there you get to play matches
of Magic for the next 2-4 hours. How many matches you play is
up to your local game store, so you can check in with
them for more details. That means, over the course
of the Prerelease weekend, you could play a total
of…48 Prerelease events. Wait, that’s not right. How do I find a Prerelease? Check out Locator.Wizards.com
to find your local game store, and where you can play in a Prerelease. While some stores do allow walk-ins,
a lot of times events can sell out so I’d recommend you call
ahead and pre-register. And that’s it, you’re now
ready to go to Prerelease. You can also find out more
information at the Magic website at Magic.Wizards.com where you can
find articles on the latest cards, the newest mechanics, and primers
on how you can get the most out of your Prerelease event. Good luck, have fun, and
we’ll see you there.