Hi this is Mike Lopez with Expert Village.
Today we’re going to be discussing Magic: the Gathering the card game. Now we’re going
to go over starting a game. After you get your deck, which you can buy a starter deck
at any hobby store that sells Magic: the Gathering cards. Grab yourself a deck or two, grab a
friend and here’s how you start. You shuffle the cards, which you can shuffle in any number
of ways, but the most common way is just to shuffle like you were doing playing cards.
Set the deck down and then you draw 7 cards from the top as you would in say, gin rummy.
From here, after you have your cards, you cut to see who goes first. The cut for the
number is a converted mana cost. Now see, I have a land. Now say your opponent cuts
and he has land also. Then you would cut again. I have two. Now say your opponent cuts and
he has a land or he has a converted mana cost less than 2. Then it will be your turn to
go first. However, as we can see here, I have 7 cards, but no lands. In this case you can
take a mulligan shuffle, which means you put the cards back in the deck, reshuffle the
deck. However you want, some people do it this way. Some people do the old classic style.
A lot of players that collect cards, won’t do the old classic style because it bends
the cards, but for today we’re just going to do it this way. Now after taking a mulligan
shuffle you’re not allowed to draw 7 cards. You are now only allowed to draw 6. Now that we have 6 cards and there’s a mana.
Once again if you do not have mana by this point you can mulligan as many times until
you get mana.