I’m Joe Marshall with expertvillage.com
and today we are going to learn how to predict the future. The explanation for the dice effects
works because of the actual dice themselves. Whatever number has come up, no matter what
they are it is not going to make a difference because the total is always going to be 14
and that is going to be your prediction number that you write down before you start, so you
just make a prediction and you want to place it off to the side and they can just roll
whatever number and say in this case it is 7, when they flip the dice over to add up
the other, it actually going mirror it, it is always going to be multiple of 7, it is
always going to 14, I will you show you a different example like this and 7 as well.
This is 10, when they flip it over to add 10 to the bottom, they are going to add 10
to 4, so it is always 14 so it is just one of those things that people never think about
when they are handling dice, but it is something a magicians can use to fool them.