So right now we’re going to learn how to throw
some cards. I don’t know if anybody was like me growing
up watching X Men wanting to be Gambit. I thought this was the coolest thing. It basically works just like this. You just take a card, right? You hold it right between these two fingers,
right between your second and third finger and you just. Now, the way you throw a card, you start with
the grip. Right? And the grip is basically just right here
between the second and third finger. You want to pinch it just like that. Not too hard because what’s going to happen
if you pinch it too hard is when you go to release it’s not going to get its full spin
out of itself. If you hold it just loose enough what’s going
to happen is the momentum, if you’re not stopping it by pinching it too hard, it’s actually
just going to pull itself out of your hand and that’s where a lot of the energy is going
to come from. Now, there’s two things that you want to think
about when you’re throwing cards. The first is obviously spin. And the other is penetrating power. Right? The more spin the card has the farther it’s
going to go and the straighter, you know, the shot’s going to be. So what you’re doing, you’re pinching it right
here, just like we talked about, you’re bringing it up right here. I like to kind of, you don’t necessarily have
to, you can start here. I like to come up on an angle and then as
I come down I straighten out horizontally, right? So it just rolls right off. So hopefully what you get is this thing. Boom! Just like that! Now, one really important tip for when you’re
practicing throwing cards, the wrist. Momentum. You’re going to generate a lot of momentum
coming down right there, right? But what’s really going to send the card into
that spin is this flicking motion that I’m doing with my wrist here. Right? You can actually throw a card without the
arm at all if you really wanted to, right? You’ll won’t get quite as much momentum but
the wrist is really what’s going to carry that into its spin. A great way to practice this, now you’re going
to make a mess obviously. A great way to practice this is start, you
know, at close distances. Start about you know, maybe about three, four
feet away from a door and just start making sure you’re getting the hang so that it’s
not just, you know, flapping around in the wind. As you’re getting better, start moving further
and further back. And what you’re going to find over time is
you’re just going to kind of keep getting better at it and eventually you can start
shrinking the targets as well. And that’s how you throw a card.