Hey everyone, welcome to my channel, it’s
me Gamerturk and today, in the middle of all my Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel
playthrough uploads, we are going back to Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void and I’ll talk
about how you can upgrade your characters’ rank all the way to S-Rank! Just a disclaimer, upgrading to A-Rank is
relatively easy, however, upgrading to an S-Rank is a very frustrating and disappointing
process, so if you are determined, you need to have an iron will. It is just as frustrating as attempting to
get an S-Rank from a Gacha, if not more, since you can receive an S-Rank quite reliably with
all the bad luck protection going on in the game. But without further ado, the way to upgrade
your Character Ranks is the Talent Shuffle mechanic. Especially for casual players, I’m sure this
is a mechanic that is very out of sight, especially considering unlike Stars, Skills and Equipments,
the game never notifies you with an exclamation mark that there is something to be done in
the Talent tab. To give you a basic understanding, which if
you already have you can skip ahead for upgrading character Ranks, because Imma explain some
hefty stuff here. But the gist of it is, Talents are your characters’
passive abilities. C-Ranks have 1 Talent, B has 2, A has 3 and
S-Ranks come with 4 Talent slots to make your character even more powerful and this difference
is the core differing power factor between Ranks, so you definitely should not overlook
talents by focusing on sheer Ranks. A properly specced A-Rank will be more powerful
then the S-Rank Limited Alice you never shuffled before. There are many different standard Talents,
such as Increase Attack, Increase Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Physical Defense, Magic Defense,
Health Up etc, most of them come in fixed amount Talents and percentual amount talents. Chances are, if you are not in early game,
you will prefer percentual benefits. You can use these to spec your character accordingly
and create synergies, and the most important thing to keep in mind is that pure DPS is
not the best strategy, you gotta consider the abilities of your character. For example, Asuna is my DPS character, but
I did not go for Valor and Ardor at the same time, which is the percentual and fixed damage
increase, because Asuna benefits greatly from increased Crit Rates. Similarly, if you have Limited Alice for example,
you may want to spec her to be a tank instead of DPS. That is for you to strategize. On top of this, there are character specific
Talents as well, each character has one unique trait, which generally speaking, you should
definitely go for. Remember when I said Asuna benefits greatly
from crits? That’s mainly because unlike other characters,
she can have double the Crit Rate Increase, thanks to her Aincrad Conqueror Unique Talent,
which makes her a very reliable crit character and then you can pretty much nuke everything
with Mother’s Rosario. When I get Asuna into S-Rank for example,
the fourth Talent I’ll add will definitely be Crit Damage increase. Of course, you can further enhance these via
your equipment, but that’s an entirely different topic. How do you Talent Shuffle? It’s very easy, although if you have never
done it before, it can require a little experimentation. For starters, you got 2 different currencies
you can use to Shuffle. The first is the Character Specific Fragments,
which you should always prioritize. And then there are the Fragment-Origin thingies,
that you can get through a variety of sources like certain missions, event exchanges, Void
Expedition Coins etc, but don’t spill these onto random characters you will never use. These are your joker cards, especially useful
for Limited Gacha characters for example, since chances of getting duplicates to use
as character Fragments is pretty low in Limited Banners. The next step is, well… Simply shuffling. So hit that little Shuffle button to enter
the Shuffle menu, which will highlight all your Talents. Ideally, especially early on, so around Blue
Tier Skills, don’t bother optimizing. Your goal should be to reach purple tier Talents
for the highest benefits. So just keep shuffling. As you shuffle, the talent has a random chance
of reaching the next Talent score and eventually to the latter tiers. My personal recommendation is that you always
upgrade the lowest score Talent to just push your character upwards. Once you reach Purple Tier, now is your time
to actually shuffle for the specific talents you want and properly spec your character
the way you want him or her to function in battle, as at this point, you will rarely
get a score upgrade anyways. But how does this factor in to upgrading your
character Rank. Upgrading Character Ranks are achieved through
simply Talent Suffling and is sadly completely reliant upon RNG, which means whether your
character will be upgraded upon Talent Shuffling is determined randomly and that’s why upgrading
from an A to an S is incredibly frustrating. Generally speaking, C-Rank will get an upgrade
to B-Rank within 5 Talent shuffles, it’s borderline guaranteed, it has a really high rate. Getting from B to A can require a bunch of
extensive Shuffling Sessions. My general belief, and I’m highlighting that
it’s my belief because the game does not explicitly state much, is that you get a better chance
of upgrading your rank, the higher your overall Talent Score is, according to the color of
your character. That’s why it’s easy to go from C to B, because
in 5 shuffles, chances are, you’ll already reach blue tier Talent. Getting 2 purple tier talents on a B takes
naturally longer, and thus your time investment to bring a B to A will be higher as well,
but it’s still a very reasonable goal that shouldn’t intimidate you. However, once we are talking about bringing
A to S-Rank, now that is some major threat to your sanity. For starters, as I mentioned, once you reach
Purple Tier Talents, your Talent Score progress almost comes to a halt. And on top of that, now you have 3 Talent
slots to progress through, which starts burning through your fragments very quickly. Since the launch of the game when I received
my A-Rank Asuna, all my main effort has gone into upgrading her. With a couple hundred Fragments spent so far,
I reached all 65 Talents and have spent countless Fragments on them without reaching 70 on a
single one. I was getting so hopeless in my journey that
I was starting to think 70 Talent score simply did not exist and surely, the game makes no
mention of a max possible Talent Score in the first place. Eventually, it took me around 60-70 Fragments
to reach 75 Score on a single Talent. I don’t think anybody has confirmed this either
but people seem to state that 100 on an individual Talent is the Max Score. And naturally, based on my previous statement
of “You get a better chance of upgrading your character as your Talent Tier surpasses your
Character Tier”, so far I had no luck of upgrading my Asuna from an A-Rank into an S-Rank. But throughout my journey in the game with
other characters, I managed to upgrade multiple B-Ranks into A-Ranks, so as I said, unless
you are trying to upgrade from A to S, it is a very reasonable experience. The most important lesson to learn from this? Well, there are 2 takeaways. First off, it is very easy upgrading your
character from a C-Rank all the way to an A-Rank, so if you can’t get that S Rank Shana
from the Rate Up Banner, just focus on whichever Shana you have and get her to A-Rank. A properly specced A-Rank or even a B-Rank,
will surpass a non-specced S-Rank. Secondly, your chances of getting an S-Rank
is much higher through Gachas, with all the bad luck protection involved, than actually
attempting to upgrade a character from an A-Rank to an S-Rank. But I hope this video was useful for you! If you want a gift pack in the game, you can
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starting with the mod-compensation and then the Limited Gacha Rate bugs, but I genuinely
think they were simple mistakes and nothing devious. I was going to make videos on them but I was
too busy as is and couldn’t share my opinions on them, so sorry about that. Once my schedule is a little bit more relaxed,
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