– [Girls] What’s happening? (dramatic music) (lamp whooshing) (lamp whooshing) (lamp whooshing) (lamp whooshing) (playful music) – You summoned us. – I did what now? – You rubbed the lamp, dude. – I’m Dad? – Bye-bye. – No, no, no! You guys are the worst genies ever. – Whatever. What do you want? (dramatic music) – Help me. – In today’s video, I find a magic lamp and make some wishes, but
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and give us a big thumbs up. (bright music) (grunting) – Oh! I’m exhausted. – Stephen! – Yes? – It’s your turn to pack the attic! – The attic? – The attic. – The attic. (vocalizing “2001: A Space Odyssey” theme) What’s even up there? A hat? Fits perfectly! Uno? Dos, tres, cuatro. What is that? Oh! My goodness! (gags) A watch. Then there’s something else in here. I think it’s like all in the back. Chap stick. Still fresh. Well, it looks like I got everything. Wait a minute. Ugh. What’s this? Whoo. What is that? Oh! Oh, it’s getting heavy all of a sudden. Getting super heavy. (groans) Ooh. What is this thing anyways? (lamp rattling)
Whoa! (lamp squeaking) Oh, my goodness! What’s happening? Whoa! This is frightening. Oh, my goodness. (dramatic music) – Stephen! What’s going on in there? Are you all right? – Why won’t you let us in? – What’s happening in there? – No! Don’t come in, don’t come in. Don’t come in. Don’t come in here. (mutters nervously) Okay, guys? Guys, it’s okay. I got it under control. Everything’s fine. I’m good. – It doesn’t sound like everything’s okay. – Yeah, it sounds like a crisis. – No, nothing, just
cleaning up the attic, guys. Ugh. You don’t scare me. (lamp squeaking) Ahh! Oh no, what am I gonna do? Oh no! – What are you guys doing? – [Girls] What’s happening? (lamp whooshing) (lamp whooshing) (lamp whooshing) (lamp whooshing) – You summoned us. – I did what now? – You rubbed the lamp, dude. – I fit in here? – Yeah, how did that work? – It was really cramped. – So, what do I do now? – Oh, yeah. – Let’s get ready, ladies. Shake it out. (Arabian music) (vocalizing) – You have four wishes! – Sweet! Four? I totally thought I was
gonna get three, but four? That is awesome! – So each one of us
would grant you a wish. – Make your wish carefully! – Are all genies so short? – Hey, how do you expect us
to fit in that tiny lamp? – Oh, snap. Are you ready to make a wish? – Oh, so much pressure. – Hey, that’s right. – I got it! I wish I could play Fortnite all day long. – Really? – Uh, yeah. – Wish granted. (whooshing) – Whoa! What’s in here? Fortnite water blasters? These are awesome! But I’m not playing Fortnite right now. – Bye-bye. – No, no, no, no, no! Where’d you go? I wanted to play Fortnite. Hmm. (gun clattering) (whooshing)
– Hi. – Oh, you scared me. – Uh, you scared me. Do you like your Fortnite blaster? – It’s not what I asked for. – Hmm. Are you ready for another wish? – I’m gonna be extra clear this time. (whooshing) Whoa! (sighs) Stop doing that to me! – Do you have a wish? – I have it, I have it, I have it! – All right, make it a good one! – Oh, it is. I wish I were rich! (whooshing) Am I rich? Where’s all my money? I’m not rich. – Yeah, you are. – Hi, my name is Rich? What kind of genies are you? – Bye-bye. – No, no, no, no, no! (sighs) Ah, man! (sighs) This day is not going well. (upbeat music) (door slams) (whooshing) Oh, my goodness! – It’s time for your third wish! – I just want to get this over with. Fine. I have one for you. I wish to be the most
handsome person in the world. Like anything’s gonna change. – Wish granted. (whooshing) – [Steve Voiceover]
Unfortunately, we were unable to hire Zac Efron, Brad
Pitt, or David Williams from That YouTub3 Family
to play this role, so we had to settle for– – I’m Dad? – Bye-bye! – No, no, no! I’m not handsome at all! (yells) Where’s the last genie? – I’m right here. – You guys are the worst genies ever. – Whatever. What do you want? – Obviously, my other wishes did not work. I just want to be the
coolest person in the world. – No, really, that’s easy. I don’t know why you
would want that, though. – Look at me. – Wish granted.
(whooshing) (giggles) Gee, I don’t know why you would want that. – This is horrible! I wish I would have never found that lamp! – Well, we have fulfilled our wishes. Well, peace out. (dramatic music) – Help me. Hopefully you enjoyed today’s video. (whooshing)
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– And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. (blows) (panting) What is this thing anyways? Whoa! Oh, my goodness! What’s happening? – I fit in here? Oh, snap. (upbeat guitar music)