well hello there everyone in gameplay
vids 24/7 here welcome back to my idle wizard gameplay walkthrough series for
the PC ladies and gentlemen our zombie is almost up to level 50 which is
absolutely awesome dude my druid is currently level 23 we are sitting on
15.75 trillion mana right now which is very very nice
I can’t exile myself right now if I want to I just don’t know if it’s worth it
right now don’t want to exile myself straight away or should I continue to
grind a bit more that’s the real question guys I reckon right now I’ll
keep grinding just for now anyway I mean I’ll check out your comments just in
case you guys think that I should exile myself straight away I what I will do
now though is purchase the upgrades that I have available which is new cultures
increases in chance of trees profit by 200% dexterity training increases
character critical chance by one eye experience sorcerer grants a third spell
scroll which is very good for us we’ll definitely use that conjurer greater
elemental definitely use that one eye clicks of power increases click profit
by 1% of your mana per second big rifts increases dimensional rifts proper by
200% spell craftsmanship increases spell shards generation from quick spy 1.50 ok
advanced mage craft increases grimoires profit by 200% very nice indeed right so
right now we’re earning six hundred and eighty nine million mana per second
right I want to upgrade the Nexus here I’ve never unlocked the Nexus before
it’s going to cost two hundred twenty 1 billion new manor they definitely not
the cheapest item in the game that’s for sure let me just keep on upgrading the
Nexus here as much as I can just to try and grind up as much manner as I can
there there we go next this is almost up to what is this level 10 which will give
it a 1 times 1 0 bonus that’s quite nice we have to save up for one point 43
trillion manor okay game no worries let me activate my
abilities right now just activated kanji less elemental and someone would land
creatures the Nexus is now level 10 beautiful stuff getting to point 16
billion mana per second we now have almost fifteen trillion manner there we
go we’re just a lot fifteen trillion manner increases quick profit by two
point two six mil very nice indeed that is cruising through here really no
issues whatsoever a stronger dimensional rift up here to twenty five we can yes
we can just gonna keep upgrading the Nexus there as much as I can I reckon
Nexus is pulling off the most amount of matter for me right now my druid is 24
which is great for us I think I can actually technically get a new pet right
now if I wanted to especially since it Sambas 48 unless there’s something else
I need him I’m missing reach total manner sources 423 and of what though
what was that 423 out of 1 million I think that is
there isn’t it appreciate us 1 million or 1000 would that be only one thousand
really reach eternal mana sources 423 ok manner sources everyone what is that
talking about look either way we have our conjurer lesser elemental and sullen
woodland creatures activated right now conjure greater elemental is just
grinding up here slowly but surely 23,000 shards for that I increase Nexus
or next sigh profit by 100% is that the Nexus is talking about yes it is that
was an extra stop Brad I just purchased then just purchasing as many upgrades as
I can here as well passive spelled char generation by 3 that’s purchased there
Boyd immobilizers increases how long void entity to remain on the void traps
by a hundred percent that could be nice what could I grow the Nexus again
technically which I think I might do it’s like where the next is just like
greater dimensional rift what’s up great a circle of power a
little bit there not too sure I’m just really gonna help we’re going max max to
ban unlocked bonding nice it’s got bonding apparently
dimensional rift is up to level 40 almost there
level 50 circle of power great staff there is a bat just get the bat then
Nexus level up there beautiful we’re level 26 draw level 48 zombie purchasing
all these upgrades here increases profits by 25% increase its offline
bonus by 50 percent increases dimensional rifts by 200% breaches
circle of power by a hundred percent British profits by 50 percent all
together there you have it bro we’re now turning
456 or no stropping Lusaka actually picked up a void trap or some sort of
void in the trap there without even realizing it that definitely gave us a
nice boost of damage and stuff guys and mana generation let’s upgrade manage em
grimoire spell fountain tree of life alchemy desk very good indeed lifelike
statue spell fountains profit 200% increased they’re not like it’s really
going to help me any point now really it seems the Nexus dimensional rift in
circle of power really pulling off the most mana per second
zombie wise we kind of stuck with a zombie for now
reach total mana sources 702 so that’s definitely levelled up somehow there’s
not too sure how and I level up 702 guys hardcore enchantment enchant the trees
profit by 200% increase done just remember of course as well to hit that
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series before and you’re like and what you’re seeing that zombie though dude
that’s barely leveling up right now that’s kind of capped out at 48 isn’t it
geez dude I didn’t actually realize how slow they’re zombies leveling up at this
point interesting stuff water spirits
increases spell fountains profit by 200% bull women torii increases alchemy desks
by a hundred percent okay augmented Flast around a fifty eight trillion
boost together time increases pet experience game by one point fifty so
that’s all gonna take some time and effort though have to kind of wait until
my abilities here my spell was come off cooldown I’m getting closer and closer
to unlocking conjurer greater elemental there is a void in the trap which is
great for us that’s really gonna generate that matter right now
fantastic bro just get away for kanji later conjurer lesser elemental should I
purchase water spirits now or not I guess so I purchased water spirits just
for the of it would you have an idle bonus right now
for 140% increased production which is nice
I’m gonna use kanji less elemental right now I think just to try and generate
more of the spell shiz I think it that’s our work the more I automatically click
some more spell shard to have a chance of getting conjured great alimentos
while we’re waiting on right now alchemy desk increase the silver 75
alchemy – they’re pulling off one point zero eight percent of the overall damage
so great a dimensional rift in the circle of power I can level up or change classes right
now for one to push our pic and I can pick the necromancer or the demonologist necromancer increases Auto profit boners
with time spent as this class has access to spells and I’m very favoring idle
style really necromancer choose master of the Dead I can’t pick it right now
for one – was it Arkin escaping this yet another thing I can reach cast spells 69
– 500 okay I guess I need to keep on casting spells obviously interesting I’m
gonna skip the demonologist and go straight to the necromancer phi-1 – I do
want to use conjurer greater elemental first I think I’ll just wait and get
that quickly conjure elemental everyone see how powerful it is here we go seems
quite powerful actually look at that that’s Auto clicks ten times per second
with a 5% critical chance in seven hundred and fifty percent critical
prophet there you have it that definitely would help with someone
woodland creatures for sure definitely stack all those abilities up one by one
there is a bats just cover the bat then cut experience my zombie is in our level
50 beautiful priori level 50 zombie that’s how you do it that’s awesome man
alright now I’m just having a look at what else we got here that’s about it
for now once the ability wears off I reckon I’ll
try and activate the next class as I said I have nots what’s its
mysteries earned after exile e90 mysteries going to exile makes you lose
progress and restrain from message by exchange for mysteries mysteries earn
after exciting 90 each mystery increases profits by three percent that’s an
overall boost okay very interesting indeed
but don’t want to do that now later it’s the problem reckon what I’ll do is I’ll
go to a necromancer right now but I think I can choose that until I exile
that’s the game did tell me didn’t it don’t think I have a choice a exile now
if I want to swap classes up then a problem then like the other problem is
then I have to restart completely which is quite lame but then I get the
increased production of what oh hey I’m just gonna got a void in the trap there
so that’s boost production even more using it someone would land creatures as
well really generating that’s mana right now see on to queue a priestess pad
experience boost Nexus boost dimensional rift boost circular power boosts big
boost right now do this is very nice for us cheer my loft
oops okay really generating everything that we need right now aren’t we look at
this someone would land creatures definitely helped us out a lot
Sura is helping us more than conjugate elementals but then again we did have
void Manor actually helping us along there gotta keep that in mind of course
alright well what else we got here Oh mr. Zurn up the Exile 200 kneeling good
staff dude unity and serenity level 32 order right
now idle mode is now on as well somehow I did lose idle mode I don’t know if I
clicked accidentally a while but yeah actually did lose my heart on mode then
trying to get to 200 mysteries if possible to get that big bonus
I think we can pull it off we’ll find out really do hope so dude just having a little EXO 201 mysteries
wow that’s awesome this activated conjul s elemental there as well
Nolan it’s really gonna help us out too much when it comes down to it that’s
okay pumping out that damage conjure greater elemental still not available
really I get the next pack yet no 779 out of 1000 breached total amount of
sources increased profits grunts and mana source level PTR periodically period based a number of sources on mana
sources I mean but that just be upgrades perhaps so what that’s the problem right
now I’m not too sure bro interesting I’ll either way we’re comers gonna hex
tile in a second guys what do you all think hey we should exile a lot I can
that’s what we’ll do almost at 250 mysteries they’re
definitely making some good progression I’ll wait until 250 mysteries or not
that’s the it’s also another question there’s upgrade everything else they
achieve a lot garden nice 808 Manor sauce right now apparently they go up
once I level up my items yes it does 809 well there you have it dude that’s
that’s the way it works so it counts overall levels into the items on the
right side there let’s go into exile right now lose your mana sources man
avoid mono character and pet experience upgrade to a new earning mysteries which
boost your progression speed yep done a first time for everything achieve
unlocked day achievement secretive and a first time for everything that is here
I’m an apprentice now I was starting fresh with 238 mysteries mana per second
by on creases mana per second by 3% and current bonus is 714 sin beautiful
alright well that’s that let’s generate that manner to purchase amount of gems
straight away and I keep on level out the manager as much I can hear okay
Keith wants to be aiming as well and I think I can choose my pet right now I
need to level up my apprentice first that’s okay there’s a baton there’s a
void got some void manor there that’s pretty like he got void –
straight away dude I’ll take that gladly brim wise leveled up lever up heavy clicks level up mana
quartz the shouldn’t I guess that long to level up dude for real we should be
able do this pretty easily which is nice at least regenerating 700 some ink mana
per second position to go into idle mode now everyone I’m gonna activate idle
mode see if you can carry us should be Audi theoretically it’s get a hurry up
and wait to activate it there’s any problem void man is still going up or no
technically is going down now I was gonna say we still have Boyd mana which
is nice but we’re about to lose it there was a pretty solid buff for us when we
did our first exile I can definitely see the difference they were getting much
more manner than when we first started that’s for sure
just purchasing the upgrades as soon as possible as well bout to hit level 3
level 3 it has been a lot it’s gonna choose the pixie as the first pet
they’re very nice indeed lost my idle mode a game but you sure why I lost my
idle mode them it’s pretty interesting to me that’s ok I must have clicked
maybe who knows they’re just purchasing upgrades here as
well just waiting seeing how it’s still gonna go down bro get ready shards in
pool 25 shards and have a spell I activate at the moment let me use magic
missile some reason I did not have a spell available silly me
definitely use my spells as soon as possible that’s for sure pretty much if
you don’t use your spell with your wasting the shards and that’s something
you don’t want to do you don’t wanna waste shards when I raise them do you
not I mean they keep on upgrading everything here
make some very nice progression I’m actually very happy with how this is
going exile was definitely the right choice and waiting to exile was also the
right choice as well pretty happy with 238 mysteries just use my magic missile
then as well got the first bribe unlocks available to me there which is nice purchasing everything I can wizard the
wizard was it wizard G wit wizardy I don’t know
visiting quicks we just go without wizard – wizard Lee clicks everyone
can’t pronounce it buddy game keep going level 4 now is well great and choose a legacy if I won to level 40
near to me to beat a druid necromancer then we’ll go with necromancer as soon
as possible should be out with you right reach time
in idle mode 2 hours reach I’m adding grimoire 300 need to be level late for
that though it’s any problem just lovely all my items to the right
there as well use magic missle purchase those upgrades excellent generating 20k
manor per second right now which is very nice my Pixies level to apprentice level for an exile again obviously it’s a waste of
time just gonna keep on grinding it out right now pretty much at this point I
think guys spell labour nice level 5 apprentice right now the other moment we
have a 50% increase to production just for going idle so the game really want
you to go idle which is nice love games are making your idle dude
save so much time and effort matter gems at 52 grimoire Bellefontaine excellent
manage aid beep living up the items to the right so
I’m almost up to 100k mana per second right now magic missiles off cooldown
well it should be yeah there it is priest profits by 50% overall now we’re
going for 140k excellent start Majesty clicks okay previous click
profit by 567 that should be too hard just got it then very nice two hundred
fifteen thousand mana per second right anyhow guys still pumping that up every
time I upgrade an item great stuff dude this makes me very happy increases offline bonus by 50%
definitely take that increases mm animate assistance a little bonus
increase nice take that for sure as well idle production is now 87% it’s at a 50%
there you have it and I’m almost level 7 as The Apprentice nice do you hope you
guys are enjoying my way I really do like this game a lot there’s a bat got a
manage him okay I’m just gonna manage em everyone no worries
Chris’s spell shower generation imbuing orb crease the hour can be – there’s
some void manor gmail and lodged void trap are nice don’t try and grab these
upgrades as soon as possible upgrade the hour can we desktop great all my
abilities after the right side then I spell scroll requires level 9 okay I’ll
do spell focus maybe be spell focus down there insulin grants 35 spell shards I
can’t be that bad surely keep spamming that and stack magic missile they can be
a good combination I reckon anyway yeah it seems you’re working out all
right just keep stacking spell shots here guys good very good indeed then use magic massage straight away
yeah it’s working out that’s a good combo man we’re up to three point eight
million mana per second actually we’re very well my Pixies now
level four when I’m level ten that’s how you do it bro
no worries all right we’ll look either way thank you all so much for tuning in
I do hope that y’all to enjoy that’s gonna be end of this episode of our
wizard really appreciate you guys taking the time out of your day to watch my
videos hopefully I can catch you all the next episode in one to two days thanks
again guys hope you check out my early content as well I’ll catch you all
around see you later on the next episode