I feel like, throughout this process, like, a lot shapes you, right? Taking risks changes who you are. It’s not that you are so
brave and you’re standing up in front of these people
and saying, “I’m gonna start a business and it’s
easy and it feels good.” It’s that you’re terrified and there’s butterflies in your stomach and you still stand up and say, “I want something big for myself. I’m big enough for this.” (rhythmic techno music) Wow, where do we even start? This is my husband, Joey. He’s my partner in crime. Comin’ out after a few hours of thrifting. – Comin’ at you. – We’re coming at you
late on a Friday night. We’re ready to make some cards. Wicker Goddess sells vintage
furniture, home goods, hand-drawn greeting cards and prints. I mean, like, you can’t limit yourself. I couldn’t imagine two years ago, no, that I’d be here,
but I’m really grateful. Out and about finding
you guys some good stuff. This past year has been the most earth-shaking year we’ve experienced. (air whoosh) (light techno music) I just wanted to have like
a Bohemian-vibe wedding and wicker just fell into that. – Sarah was very attracted
to all this wicker (laughs) everything, wherever we could find it. – I vividly remember this one
day that it really started. We were, like, selling
things from the wedding, but it wasn’t a business idea or anything and we realized, it’s
how you stage a photo. It’s how you show someone what it would look like in their home and then it just, like, sparked this idea. And I was like, we have all of this stuff, we might as well try to sell it. We like shifted the
perspective and decided, like, we’re buying to sell, not we’re not just buying to enjoy. When GoDaddy and Jillian
started reaching out to us, like, it made us see like
this is a real thing. She told me about this
entrepreneur conference in San Francisco. I didn’t really know that
something like this existed. I knew about GoDaddy and
I knew their reputation with businesses, but I didn’t
know the amount of commitment that they had to the entrepreneur. We were just around such good company, entrepreneurs who were working towards something bigger and greater. If we weren’t inspired
before, we were like at 500% by the end of the day. It just really, like, amplified
how important what I do is. It was amazing. It was the best day of my life. (giggles) (music tones) (air whoosh) I left the corporate world because I wasn’t putting myself first. Because my mental health
was like, you know, 500th on the list of things
I had to do that week. And this offered me the
flexibility and creativity that I was searching for. The ethos behind Wicker Goddess is that we’re giving
these pieces another life. While we find them in places
that are dark and dusty as if someone has forgotten about them, we clean them up and
bring them into a space that brightens them and
gives them a chance to live a whole ‘nother life with a new family. (electronic sounds) – Happy Monday, everybody. Let’s go over what we’re looking to do with the website, Sarah. Obviously, you have
everyone on the phone here. You have the whole team, the whole crew. So let’s check through kinda
like what your looking for, what you’re wanting to do. Jenna will take some notes
and then we’ll go from there. – Sarah, it’s nice to meet you. I just kinda wanted to get your bounce on this first initial draft. So I’m gonna share my screen and we’ll get going. So this is your landing page. – [Sarah] It looks amazing. – [Jillian] Yay. – [Brandon] Yeah, Jenna you
outdid yourself on this one. I like this. (laughs) – [Sarah] The home page is
everything to me, Jenna. You’re a magician. I was wanting to kinda bring
some of those images in from our photo shoots. (camera clicks) – [Photographer] Oh, that’s great. – I like to get the prints
into as many shots as I can. I love the pop of green from plants. It makes your space feel alive. In a little bit. Perfect. – [Photographer] Yeah, that looks amazing. (camera clicking) – Thank you so much. (hand clap high five) Success. Figuring out the pieces of my business and figuring out myself were hand in hand. It was the wicker first and then it was me asking myself how I wanted
every day to feel in this role. And art fell into that
because it’s important to me and it brings love and
warmth into people’s homes in a different way that furniture can’t. I think I’ve never bought
a greeting card ever. I’ve always made one for
my friends and my family and people were complimenting
them and I was like, “Maybe I should just try to sell them.” Like, whatever, if it fails, it fails. And that’s what being an entrepreneur is. You just try it. You jump off the ledge and you hope that there’s
like a tiny net at the bottom and I started making these cards and started selling them online
and people were buying them. – Boot camp. We’re about to link with
Sarah, Wicker Goddess. We’re goin’ full force today. We’re talking about
websites, marketing, SEO, bookkeeping, professional
email, all of the above. – I’m learning all of
the behind the scenes of a website, which I have no experience in computer, development,
website, like, any of that stuff. Thankfully the GoDaddy website
is very self-explanatory. I think I’m just feeling,
like, excited and anxious to show people what we’ve been working on. I style my home this way. I write cards for people I love this way. This is me just being myself. So it’s scary, because I
want people to love me. I want people to love who I am for them and for this business. So that’s where the fear stems from. – Last week was really long for me and this week I’m trying to make the rest just as important as the hustle. So I’m taking care of myself,
I’m taking slow mornings, I’m making space for my
family and my friends. It’s just all reminding me how much work goes into something. It’s working for us on Instagram. We’re selling a lot of goods. But in order to access and reach people in different places, a
website is where we land. And it maximizes, you know,
our search optimization, which we need that. We wanna grow and be bigger
and greater and more connected. We are on our way to the
Gilbert GoDaddy offices. I’ll show you guys some behind the scenes. These offices are amazing. And then something exciting
is coming, so stay tuned. – Hey. – Hey. – Welcome, welcome. You brought Joey, too? – I know, we’re so lucky.
– Good to see you. – Good to see you.
– Good to see you. Come on in. – Thank you – Make sure everything looks
good before we get it launched, let’s get this right. – Yeah, it looks amazing. – Okay. Your domain is already connected. – I’m scared. (giggles)
– Up to you. – I feel like we’ve built up
so much anticipation for this as if, like, something
crazy is gonna happen. – Something crazy is about to happen.
– Okay, I’m doing it. I’m doing it. (giggles)
– It’s on it. – Your site is live, as it says. So we’re gonna view the site. (Sarah gasps) How do you feel now that it’s live?
– I feel relieved. (laughs) – Now that it’s live. – And nervous. I hope people go to it. – Now you just gotta start
fulfilling these orders. – That’s right. Oh, Jillian’s calling. – Hi! – Hi. – Happy launch day! – Yeah!
– Whoo whoo! (laughs) – Thank you for calling. (air whoosh) (fast acoustic guitar music) (car motor running) Hey, I just got an order on my website. – [Joey] Nice. – Whoo! I’m going to pick up my print order. I had to do like a last-minute order because we have market this weekend, just to like support business and make sure we have enough. It looks great! They’re nice. They organized them and then they cut them in half for me, which is like super helpful. I’m gonna prioritize. So holiday cards, I’m gonna do first because I need them tomorrow. Whereas the wholesale order,
I’m delivering next week. I’ve gotten pretty fast. Used to take me a long time. (cutting) Good morning, you guys. I’m coming at you with a lot of feelings, a lot of things going on for me today. We had a market. I
worked on a lot of stuff all weekend, so I didn’t
really feel like I got a break, which is okay. The market was slower
than our past markets at this location, so I was
definitely a little bit bummed. I know that we are our
hardest critics always and I try to be really gentle with myself at the end of the day
and check in and say, “You know, I did the best that I could and I’m still growing and learning and things don’t happen overnight.” It’s funny you can sell a million things and then one day comes and
you don’t sell one thing and you forget about the million
and you focus on the one. I feel like what really,
like, gets to me in my anxiety is the fear that people won’t like what I’m putting out there. And usually things sell really quickly, but if it doesn’t sell right away or I don’t get a response right away, I just, like, get in my head. With pick ups and with, like,
making cards and folding them and packaging them and then,
like, mailing them out, it is growing really fast, like faster than I thought it would. And we got into our
first boutique last week. Did I tell you that? – I saw it on your Instagram. – Yeah, the Local Nomad. So they placed a wholesale order with us and we filled it already. So I have one here and
here, the “Desert Vibes.” I didn’t really know that wholesale orders were gonna be, like, in my
queue of things to offer. So really it was like
understanding that my business is really multi-dimensional. It can scale because of
this, because this space, you know gave me the confidence to think why not go in another
space and another space? Someone bought a card in here. She got, she bought this
card, “There is Magic in You.” And she’s, like, my
daughter just got pregnant and she has a little baby inside of her and they’ve been trying to
get pregnant for so long. And I felt like this card was perfect. And I was, like, there were
almost tears in my eyes. That, like, this is why I make this stuff. Like I’m excited and grateful. And also, like, when do
people get to the point where they, like, hire someone,
because I’m, like, already, like, just working so much. Hi, good morning. It is Wednesday. I’m doing a little bit of thrifting today, so maybe I’ll bring you
guys along for the ride. – [Joey] There’s
definitely difficult days, but I’m just here for it. And I support this goal.
I see the vision of it. – When we said “yes”
to marrying each other and said, “I do,” in front of everyone, it was also saying, “I do,”
to each other’s dreams. And that meant at any
expense, we would show up for each other and make it easier when it was hard on the other person. And I need that, when you’re
in a work environment, a corporate environment, hopefully you have a boss or a colleague that’s also doing that. It’s okay for me to, you know,
take my hat off for the day and say, “I need someone else to be the business owner with me today.” I’m a one-woman show running
like 45 shows. (laughs) But, at the end of the day, I’m not alone. – Hi.
– How are you? – Good, how are you? So good to see you. – This is my friend Ashley. Yeah, she bought a wicker piece from me and then we became friends. – [Woman] Oh, my gosh. – It’s like the match
made in heaven. (laughing) Let’s see the shelf. – Yes. This is in such good shape. – I love it. Thank you for picking it up for me. – Of course, I’m glad it was there. – It was meant to be. – It’s honestly so inspiring to see how much your journey has grown. But I think it speaks volumes
to who you are as a person and just how people can
connect with you individually. – When I launched the
website, I was so terrified. Like no one’s gonna buy anything. I put all this work into it and all this pressure into myself of, like, presenting this to the public and it was, like, the night
the website had launched and I hadn’t gotten any orders. And I had, like, posted on
Instagram, posted it everywhere. And I was freaking out to Joey. And I was like, “This is the
end, like, we have to quit, close Wicker Goddess, like,
shut the doors.” (laughing) And he was like, “You need
to take a deep breath.” And then my phone dinged
and you placed an order. And I was, like, screaming,
running around the house. Like, we made it! It’s phenomenal when you
ask for your community to show up for you, they do. And I know if I do need help, I literally just shoot a
message and Brandon’s like, “Hey how’s it going? What do you need? And here’s all this stuff,
just in case you need it.” The GoDaddy team is like my hype crew. They, like, see me do something new and they’re, like, “This is amazing. We didn’t even know you made stickers.” Or, like, whatever that is. But a lot of times it’s
Jillian shooting me an email. And she just, like,
shows up for me in a way that I don’t think anyone,
like, really ever has, who doesn’t, like,
isn’t in my close circle of, like, family and
relationships and friends. It, like, literally brings
tears to my eye. (laughs) Oh, I need to pull it together. (rushing notes) (air whoosh) What we’re learning is that our website has all of these
opportunities to reach people. And one of those is email marketing. We are loading for the market. I wanted to send out the market
that we’re having tomorrow. You can send it all at once
to all the subscribers. We stacked the car, it’s full and ready. (rolling music) I think this is the busiest. Most people have come to this market ’cause they need holiday gifts, which is really awesome. It’s like a built-in need to be shopping. It feels good to kinda see what people think of everything. I feel like I’m learning
everyday what it looks like to run a business, when to turn it off and
call it quits for the day and how often and available
I need to be to my customers so that both they’re happy, but, you know, my mental
health is coming first also. We’re coming up on a
year of Wicker Goddess. We invited all of you guys because you’ve been super supportive and present with us over the last year. And we just wanted to
share some love with you and love on you guys. We are so grateful that
you’re in our lives. – Let’s just keep it rolling. (laughing) – I’m amazed at how
fast she posts something and then 30 minutes later posts, “Sold.” – I don’t know another person
really doing what she’s doing. – I’m excited to see the
creative spark ignite even more than it already has. – I’m guessing what’s she’s doing today is gonna be just a small fraction of what she’s doing a year from now. – So, you guys, these glasses are the start of Wicker Goddess. We thrifted these for our wedding, so we thought what better day to drink some champagne out of them than our one-year anniversary
of Wicker Goddess, not our wedding. (laughing) (cork pops) – [All] Whoo! (laughing) To success and abundance
and happiness and health. – [All] Cheers. I always knew that I was
meant to be an entrepreneur. And I think it was just me stepping boldly into
it without hesitation. – Work now for Sarah, a lot of the time, is creating and making art and that is so cool in my eyes. – When you’re building a business and you’re not quite sure
everything it’s gonna hold, you’re also kinda building yourself up and you’re not quite sure everything you’re gonna hold, right? And as you peel through layers and move into the future of
what your business looks like you’re figuring out also what
you look like in that space. Nothing is impossible. This year, we’re
expanding into new things. We’re coming up with new
ideas to keep it fresh and exciting and keeping that same feeling of gratitude through the years. I feel like I finally landed. And not that Wicker
goddess is huge and amazing and we’ve arrived where we wanna be, but that I’ve landed in the way that I want my everyday life to feel. (rhythmic orchestral music) (air whoosh)