Hey guys I’m Jess, and this is the fortress
of nerditude today we’re flashing a custom ROM on our Epic
4G Touch The
first step is to boot into recovery
After creating a backup do a data wipe slash factory reset
Then wipe the cache partition and the dalvik cache Install the rom zip
Then the GApps zip Then reboot system
And that should do it. After a couple of minutes your phone should
boot into its fancy new software build. Here’s Scottie Ladeaux with a brief overview
of the ROM. Thanks jess. what’s up guys. Today we’re looking
at the illusion ROM version 2.5. It’s a cyanogenmod based ROM running android jellybean 4.3. Before
we get started big shot out to XDA senior member droidmaster92 for developing this ROM.
If we go into the general settings will find the app sidebar which is a pretty cool feature
it allows you to launch selected apps from a hidden menu on the side of the interface
so you don’t have to go to the app drawer. then we have the round R which is just a visual
tweak if you look at the lower left hand corner of the display basically this feature rounds
of the edges so that is not a hard right angle and it’s just kind of a visual thing no big
deal. But this is probably the most unique saying about the room I’ve never seen this
feature on any other ROM. So here in themes are just some pre loaded themes that you can
choose if you don’t want to take the time to tweak everything manually. and if we jump
down to the interface menu the first option is to adjust the halo settings. Most of you
are probably familiar with Halo if not it’s basically an Android variation of the iOS
chat heads for multitasking. Next if we take a look at the notifications drawer as usual
you have the quick settings and the notifications panel inside and the first thing that I usually
set is which side of the display will allow me to drag down into quick settings. And then
I configure my actual tiles which is as simple as long pressing any tile and dragging it
over to the trash can to delete a function then hit the plus symbol to add a tile it’s
not already there. Next if we take a look at the status bar menu they’re all kinds of
things you can do visually to tweak the status bar up on top of the display. Such as the
background color
the appearance of the clock and the battery icon even the way the bandwidth signal sisength
is displayed can be adjusted between text and numeric. Back at the interface menu is
something I always like to tweak which is the custom carrier label which is intended
for the cellular carrier that you subscribe to but I always like to put the name of my
channel instead .
you can type in whatever you like and it will appear on the baseline of the notifications
drawer. I also enabled the WiFi network label as you can see. Then if you jump back to the
navigation options you have settings for hardware keys… navigation bar which we don’t need
since the s2 has capacitive buttons and the pie control settings which by default
have triggers on the left right and bottom of the display. then there’s the power menu
which allows you to select what options appear when you hold the power button down. So that’s
pretty much it guys this has been the illusion rom version 2.5 . Good luck flashing and as
always thanks so much for watching will see you in the next one where more nerditude awaits.