it’s a world full of like real
complicated characters and one of my favorite things that we do on the show is that we
blur lines between good and bad and hero and villain that a lot of those
things don’t really exist even in the real world I mean there are very few
kind of like hard lines elected I think they’re like people who are only evil I
think most know now I’m starting to feel differently about what I’m saying as I’m
going out of my mouth I certainly like feel the opposite as we have some
examples that have been presented to us recently but I think for the most part
what’s exciting is that the show seems to reflect the real world in that way
that that reality that we live in is mostly gray yeah everybody’s a few
decisions away from a bad one and changing everything about them you know
on the show it’s fun to get to play with these characters that grow a lot and
sometimes they don’t grow in the best ways and it’s fun to explore that and
because I think that that like Jason was saying that’s reflective of what it’s
like to be a human