AliasV: Andrea Mengucci scoops it up, Jean-Emmanuel
Depraz is going to the world championship! Depraz: My name is Jean-Emmanuel Depraz, and I come
from Paris, France. Last year I missed worlds by one slot… I was 25th in the rankings.
I was already very happy with my situation, but I had to watch people compete and I wished
I was there, the whole time I was watching. This year, at some point I was 8th or 9th
in the standings, and I started dreaming again about it, but I still needed to spike a big
event to get there. Depraz: Do I have a seat at worlds? Becca: Oh! Depraz: Is it completely locked? Becca: Do I get to tell you?! Depraz: Yeah, in the end I got there. I think for
some time, there has been a disconnect between the competitive scene of Magic and the more
casual scene, and I would like to be a player that can connect to both sides. I would love
to be in the Hall of Fame some day, some iteration of the hall of fame. That seems very far.
For now, I’d just be happy with a worlds win. My name is Jean-Emmanuel Depraz, and
the next world champion… is me.