Hi. We’re alive, baby. Hi. We’re alive. Great to see you. You’re looking good. You look really good. How many weeks has it been? I think five months. Five months. Five months, yeah. Wow. That’s September. So yeah. You look good. Thank you. All right, so I understand
the Philadelphia Eagles, since they won the
Super Bowl, gave you a ring. Yeah. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] So I was traded. But I spent a lot of time there. And it’s funny because
life came full circle. And it’s all of us. We followed the lead. You treat people with kindness. And ultimately, that’s
what got me invited back. And I got a Super Bowl ring
for really living a lifestyle of trying to be kind. And I’m very thankful. Really cool. That’s exciting. Really cool. All right, and I understand
you have a belated birthday gift for me? I do. I do. I’m so excited because I
wanted to give this to you. it’s a belated birthday gift,
so go ahead and open it up. OK. Yeah, and inside– we’re
not going to open this yet– it’s a cupcake. OK. I’ll take you, OK. Yeah, here’s the deal. When I come here and do tricks,
I’m usually doing all the work. So I wanted to do something
where I kind of take it out of it. And Ellen, here,
we have some cards. And I’m going to have
you do all the shuffling. And here’s what’s
really cool, is we’re going to shuffle this
in a much different way. Look, you ready? You’re just going to
take these and do this. So whatever you want, you
just keep shuffling them, and just turn them
over like this. Just go crazy. They don’t have to be in a
certain order, direction? No, no, no. And any card that’s faced down,
we’re going to get rid of. So when you’re ready, stop and
spread them out on the table. So help me out. Look, any card that’s face
down, just get rid of. Only faced down
cards, because we’re going to keep all the
face up card way up. Put that card. Yes, yes, yes, yes. There you go. Whooy. OK, and now look, we’ve
still got some left, right? Just look. You ready? look at this. Check this out. OK, go. Go, go, go, go. Any one that’s faced down,
you’re going to get rid of. OK, let’s go. You want to keep
going or is this good? No, that’s good. Toss it. There we go. And I tell you what,
how about this? How about this? We got two piles. Why don’t you– OK, stop, stop. Is that the pile? Yeah. OK, ready? So look. Ah, ah. OK, watch this. Watch this. We’ve got the box. And we’re going to stick
these cards in the box so you don’t even know
what you’re doing. And you’re just going to– and then put it on
the table and dump. Perfect, any card face down. Look, oh, my gosh. We got two face cards left. Turn the box over. Look, look, look. Yeah, I’m going to put
them inside, and then hold it up over, and then dump. Stop. Check this out. Check this out. One card remains. One card only. Is it queen of clubs? I got a gift for you. Open the gift. This is so sick. Inside, there’s a deck of cards. Don’t open it
because this is why. I thought I’d take a bunch
of cards, make a prediction, and every card matches the
only card face up, face down and went crazy. You made all the decisions. I did nothing. All right, hold on. I’m a magician. Yeah, this is where it
gets real funny real quick. I’ll tell you what, maybe I can
turn the ace into the queen. So, everybody, keep
an eye on the ace. This would actually
really, really cool. Watch. That would have been
good though, huh? That would have been sick. I’ll tell you what though. If we keep an eye on ace,
maybe we can do something else. If we just cover it this way,
we can get it to say something. Oh, wait, it says
unwrap your gift. It says unwrap your gift. Wait, there was a box. Oh, it unwrap your gift. Remember it came in the box? Yeah. I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you just
poke your hole? You see, if we just kind of– look, just grab that. And maybe if we
tear this down, I think if we unwrapped
your gift, Ellen, we could see that you
had a free choice. You shuffled the cards
face up, face down. You did what you wanted. We eliminated only the face
down, and here is your gift. We thought we
would predict this, because sure enough the
card that you picked will match the box right
there, the queen of clubs. She is the queen. She is the queen. Thank you. Thank you. Come on. We’re back with John Dorenbos,
who has had quite a life. And now someone is making
a movie of your life. Unbelievable, because
you grew up as a kid, you don’t really think that. You don’t really think that
you’re going to make a movie. So it’s humbling. It hasn’t really hit me yet. But I’ve been through a lot. I’ve made some mistakes,
and tried to cope with them. So I hope it inspires people. I hope they can learn from
the things I’ve learned. And we’ll see how it goes. Who do you want to play you? Yeah, I’ve thought about this. I’m not the best looking guy. So a Zac Efron would
be pretty sick, because he’s ridiculously
good looking. That would be pretty sick,
or Chris Pratt, stud. So hopefully it’s a guy
up here because I’m– Chris would be great. That’d be awesome. If you know him,
give him a call. I do know him, and I will. What’s the next trick? All right, this is cool. So we have a deck. And it’s in new deck order, OK? So the cards are in order
here, ace through 10, or one through 10. I’m going to take the
one through 10 here. And we’re going to stick them in
this wine glass like this so I cannot touch them. They’re going to
go just like this. And then I’m going to
give you the same thing. I’m going to give you the
one through 10 of hearts right there. Got it? Yep. I want you to take those in
your hand and shuffle them. This is what I think
is really, really cool. We’re all here because
you inspire us. And what I found
is that if we can follow the path of the people
that we want to be like, it makes our life
10 times better. Your creating a path right now. You inspire us everyday. You encourage us every day. Now shuffle them face down. Yeah, yeah. So you don’t even know. No, I don’t know. Perfect. I don’t know. That’s great. We’re just going to try
to get on your path. And check this out. You shuffled these
cards, and you have them in a certain order, an
order that you didn’t know and that I didn’t know. And here’s what
we’re going to do. I’m going to hold
these up like this, and we’re going to fan them
out so you can see them. And just do me a favor. Just say stop. Stop. Perfect. We’ll go straight down. Whatever this is,
it’s a four of hearts. We’re going to reverse it. I’m going to put these
in the wine glass like so, just like this. Hey, Ellen, I can speak for
everybody in this room right here. We’re just trying
to follow your lead. And I think if we just start
one card at a time– here, I got an ace. But if you just cover it, you
shuffled a five right there. So I thought I would
start with the five and then put mine in order,
just to follow your lead. You had an eight. I thought I’d shuffle an eight. You had an ace. I thought I’d shuffle an ace. Get these in order. There’s the tens. Check this out. There’s the nines. Let’s keep going. There’s the threes. [APPLAUSE] Hold on. Hold on, hold on, hold on. You could have reversed any card
you wanted, any card at all. You chose this bad
boy right here. You chose the four. So I thought right here,
we’d go through there and I would reverse the four. And sure enough,
there’s the sixes. Ellen, we love you. Keep doing what you’re doing
because you’re changing lives. We’re taking your lead. There’s the sevens. I’m John Dorenbos. Thank you guys for having me. We love everything you do. Thank you, guys.