Hi! Awesome. How are you? How are you feeling? Oh, man. Great day to be alive, huh? It is! Yes! Yeah, wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. You look good. Thank you. You look good. You look amazing as always. Thank you so much. I’d like to know what’s
going to happen, so– I’m ready to rock. What kind of trick
are you going to do? It’s going to be great
because here’s the deal. Twitch, I need you. And Andy, I need you too. And Ellen, I need you three. So we’re going to
use all you guys. So come on up here. All right. OK. Yes, come on up. And also, this is the best part. You guys stand right here, wait. I need somebody
from the audience. Who’s going to help out? Come on! [CHEERING] Come on! Uh– oh, watch out! Oh, OK. Here. Here. All right. Shh, shh. Take this pen. And I want you to initial it. It’s a brand new deck. Just write your initials
real big back there. All right? All right. Just, if we can get a close up
on this so everybody can see, we’ve got the initials
AJ right there. OK? Now you hold this. We’re going to get back
to you in a second. Make sure nothing happens to
this, but you have a seat. OK. We’re good. All right. Here we go. Oh, this is going to be great! All right. I got to travel the
country playing football. I got to see all over. So guess what I have? I have a giant map right here. (SINGING) Dah-dah-dah-dah! There it is. And guess what? We’re going to throw
footballs and select states. Now check this out. There’s numbers. The states are numbered. We’re going to add
up the numbers, and I got some money
here in the chest. Hopefully those
numbers make sense to the money here in the chest. And Andy, you get
to hold the key. Yeah, buddy. And Andy, you’re going first. Are you ready? Come on up. You guys can see. Now you guys can watch
and see how this goes. OK. Grab a football. You can snap it or you can
throw it at any one you want. I’m going to throw it. I’m going to throw it. Go. Oh, this is great. Hold on, hold on, hold on. OK. We got Colorado. That’s number 38. That was a great job. You guys can feel free
to clap on a great throw. [APPLAUSE] Twitch. Yup. You’re up next, Twitch. Now, check this out, man. You can snap it, you can throw
it, you can underhand it, you can place it–
whatever you want. OK, cool. I think the crowd would
like to see long snap one, but it’s your call. Yeah, I mean, I’m– Oh, you’re going
to underhand it. I’m just going to underhand it– OK, yeah. –just to kind of play it safe. I like that, that slow pitch– –just to kind of, you know? Just to give it that– Yeah, yeah. I gotcha. I gotcha. You know what I’m saying? Oh, there. OK. Whoa, all right. The corner of 44. You want Wyoming? Yeah. OK, Wyoming. That’s 44. So we’re going to
add 38 plus 44. And that’s Wyoming. So Twitch, we got Wyoming. Andy, we got Colorado. Ellen, guess what? You’re up. OK. Come on up! Yup. Oh, she’s in the game! Yes! [CHEERING] Making the long snappers proud! Yes! You did that? Look at that. And Ellen– Ellen,
you have hit Nebraska. That’s 37. So we’re going to add
up all these numbers. Here’s what’s great, we’ve got
44, Wyoming, plus 38, Colorado, plus 37, Nebraska. That gives us a number of what? 119. 119. 119. Andy, you got a
key to that chest. I do. OK. Hand me the key. I’ll open it just
to make this easy. I’m saying that there is
actually $1.19 in this chest. How great would that be? It’d be amazing. Amazing. Ellen, you can open it up. It doesn’t matter. Like I said, we have 44, 38, 17. Open up all that money. Count the money. You should actually
count out to $1.17. Count that out. Nope. No. What do you mean? You mean $1.19. Wait, count that out. That’s 75, 85, 97. 97 cents. Wait a minute, wait a
minute, wait a minute. First of all, it’s $0.92. [LAUGHTER] $0.92! It happens, it happens. You know what? Hold on, hold on. I was trying to give him
the benefit of the doubt. Thank you. Thank you. I was getting closer
to the number. Here is where I
think we went wrong. In the United States, we
actually print the states on the backs of quarters. Right. There’s a state– there’s three
states we landed on, Wyoming, was it Colorado, and Nebraska. Why don’t we turn over the
quarters and see what states– My eyes aren’t that good. –are on the back. I can’t even get out. [LAUGHTER] OK, over here, we have– wow, Nebraska. Nebraska. That was hit by,
I believe, Ellen. There you go. Put it there? Yeah, leave it right there. They’ll zoom in on that. OK, this one says Colorado. Colorado. Was it Twitch? Did you hit Colorado? Yeah, I did. One of you guys did. And the last one. Wyoming? Wyoming, must be. Give it to me. Wyoming. Wyoming. Put it right there
so they can see. Crazy. Now hold on. Hold on. Before we started,
what did we do? Honey, come here. Are you ready? What did we do here? We initialed this. We initialed this. But you’ve been holding
this deck the entire time. Yes. Yeah? Here’s the deal. Twitch. I’m going to need
your help, Twitch. All right. Yeah, here. All right. Here, look. This deck’s been
sealed the entire time. OK. What initials do you see? AJ. Put it right here. Put it right where? Yeah. And then check this out. We’re going to cut
this open like this. And then, do you want
to cut this open, or do you want me to? You open it. Check out. Yeah. Open up the box. Yeah, rip it. And then open the top. The sticker’s still on there. OK. I know, it’s the
hardest part, Twitch. Yeah, I know. OK, good. Now watch. I’m just going to dump these
out to make this quick. Look, if I take these cards
out in the center here– check this out. We actually got a few cards
in the middle right here. And we’ve got some
words written. We have three names. We have Andy, we have
Twitch, and we have Ellen. And Andy, I had a hunch that
you were going to Colorado. Wow. I tell you what– Wow. Twitch, I had a hunch that
you were going to Wyoming. How’d he do that? That’s crazy. And Ellen, we love you so much. Ellen, we knew you were going
to Nebraska right there. Give these three a big hand. We love them! Twitch, my man. Man, always good seeing you. That was amazing, bro. Love you. That was crazy. Hey, how about this long
snapper right here, huh? [CHEERING] Unbelievable. You said there was going
to be $1.19 in there. I kind of thought the states
on the backs of the quarters was kind of better than that. It’s pretty amazing. Pretty amazing. The old bait and switch, baby! All right, yeah. We’re back with the
wonderful Jon Dorenbos, and you have one more
trick for us, Jon? I do, I do. All right. Here we go. You can reach in here. Pull out whatever card you want. Uh, this one. Yup. And then I’m going to turn
away, show the camera. OK. OK. And when you guys all
got it, let me know. OK. We’re good? Yep. OK. Put it the center. Perfect. Leave it sticking out, so
you get– that’s it, right? OK, this isn’t really a trick. It’s more like a move. And I’m like a kid
in a candy store. So I’m just going
to show you this. So it can go in the center,
and then you just do this. And your card will
jump to the top without really doing anything. It was the ace of diamonds. So it goes from the middle
to the top with a dribble. [LAUGHS] No. Right. Any time a card acts up, you
always get rid of it, so– I tell you what, what was it? The king of clubs. Oh. OK, got it. Are you sure it wasn’t
that ace of diamonds? Pretty sure. You sure? If I flick the king, I can get
that ace back in one piece. Now the card you picked, name it
out loud one more time for me? King of clubs. Check out. Turn over the pieces
one by one on the mat. Oh my god. Turn them over one by one. Oh my god. Now, hold on. There it is. But hold on, hold on. Here’s the deal. Wait, what’s happening? No, here’s the deal. It’s this. It’s that we can’t
leave like this. And the reason we
can’t leave like this is because these guys
are actually in pieces. So we can’t do that. And when we leave your
show, we feel whole. We feel good about ourselves. So let me see your hand. Put your other hand on top. Check this out. Here’s the move, watch. Did you feel that? Yeah, I did. Pick your hand up. Just like you make
us feel every day. We come together. We feel whole. And we feel like new,
just because of you. We love you. The greatest woman in
the world, right here. Thank you. Great day to be alive! You’re amazing.