I was so blown away by our next guest the
last time he was here that I got him back here as soon as I could
possibly get him back here. From the Philadelphia Eagles,
please welcome the magician John Dorenbos.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Congratulations, so you won, you beat the Falcons on Sunday-
>>Yeah, that’s a good team, too. A good team, so
we were pretty excited about that.>>Good job. Yeah thanks.
>>Alright. So.
You’re, he’s amazing I can’t believe you’re
a professional football player and then you do this. You’re amazing.>>You know what? It’s a pretty good gig.>>Yeah.
>>[LAUGH]>>Thank you. Here’s what I wanna do cuz I’m
really excited to show you this. Last time I was here, you know I’m
a shuffling guy.>>Yes.
>>Just say stop.>>Stop.
>>Okay, take it, look at it. Show the camera and
then show everybody at home. Okay, everybody got it? Yes.
>>Okay. Good, good, good. Put it right here. All right, now this is a normal shuffle. This is what’s really cool. You’ll notice this. Both the halves are face down, you got it? So, when I shuffle them
everything looks normal.>>Yep.
>>Okay good talk.>>[LAUGH]
>>If we do this, this is when you take some face up,
some face down and you actually do what’s
called a slide shuffle. And we actually shuffle
these together like this. And it’s sloppy. You see that?>>Right.
>>And then we kind of show these guys like this. And you can see they are all mixed up.>>Right.
>>To find it, I need you to name your card. Because I am not that good to find it. I told you that last time. So just name it. Six of spades.>>It’s a riffle. Hopefully we can get them all to go back
in order, except that six of spades, then we can find your card.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Okay, okay, thank you. Now hold on. Now, I’ll tell you why
that’s not that good. I’ll tell you why that’s not that good,
because you didn’t know what to expect. So I caught you on the off beat. Were gonna do this together. Some has facedown,
some faceup, some facedown. Some faceup. And you see this two piles. Look, we’re gonna shuffle
them together and this time you can see what’s gonna happen. See that, I tell you what,
why don’t you do this. Look look.
Why don’t you take this two halves and kind of push them and the other.>>Alright!>>Yep, here, here. Go ahead! Ok. [LAUGH]
>>I did it. [LAUGH]
>>That was really good.>>Yup.
>>I’ll tell you what let’s have more fun. Watch this?
Why don’t you take these and kind of toss these in there? Like take some of those. Just some of there,
some of there, some of there. And see that- just take them and go.>>Okay, alright.>>Perfect!
Good, good, good. [LAUGH] And
now we’re gonna square this out. Now this is a lot harder, because this
usually takes me one or two shuffles.>>It’s still over here.>>No.
>>[LAUGH]>>Okay, we’ll figure that out. Well, I can’t find it again, so
I told you what I thought I’d do. Even with you shuffling,
because you picked a spade, I thought I’d put them all in order,
except all the spades and put the spades in order, so
they’re the only ones reversed.>>What.
>>[CROSSTALK] And there we have all the spades
to match your six. Ace, two, three, four, five. Here’s six right there,
seven eight nine ten, jack queen king ace. Ellen. Now hold on. Walk with me, Ellen, come here. Walk with me. No, this is gonna get good. Here’s the deal. I love Ellen’s show, and
I love everything about your energy. Grab that pen. I’m gonna throw this ball into the crowd, and what I want somebody
to do is catch it. There you go, cool. Stand up, stand up. Stop, right there. All I want you to do is tell me
the feeling that you have when you watch Ellen.>>Happy>>Boom, right there. Just write the word happy.>>Alrighty.>>Yes. I love it. Happy. Take that ball and I want you to
throw that ball to somebody else. Yes. Stand up, stand up. How does Ellen make you feel? When you watch the show and you see her?>>Great.
>>Great good. Write great. We have happy, we have great. So far so good. Take that ball, give it a heave. We have happy, we have great,
that’s a big toss. Awesome.
Stand up. Whats your name? Maddy.>>Maddy, what’s up, how you doing?>>Good.
>>I want you to give me a feeling. When you watch Ellen,
how does she make you feel?>>Excited.>>Excited, excited it is. We have happy, we have great,
and we have excited. I love it. Why don’t you throw the ball up here? Yup. Perfect, that’ll work. There’s one thing I love about your show. On your show,
you end it the same way every single time. You say be kind to one another.>>Right.
>>I think that’s one of the most powerful messages there is.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So do me a favor, write be kind to one another. Be kind to one another. We have a choice in this world. And we have a choice on
how we choose people. Happiness is a decision. To feel great, it’s a decision. And to be excited, it’s a decision
that we all make every single day. And that comes from watching your show,
and it motivates every single one of
us to be great to one another. Awesome.
>>I hope so.>>Yeah, yeah, before we started,
hold on, before we started, I actually, before we started I was on plane and
I’m sitting here thinking to myself. Why is it Ellen that I actually get so
excited. To be on your show. And you know what? I made a list myself. And I thought, man, I tell you what,
if I make this list. And why don’t you hold this out for
me, right here, I thought to myself first of all, I get more excited
than anybody to come on your show. And your show makes me feel great. And when I feel great, I am so
happy Ellen that I watched you. And all I can
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Think to myself is I too, will be kind to one another.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of
the greatest people in the world. I love it, thank you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Be wise, be happy, be excited.>>We’re back with magician and
>>Philadelphia Eagle Jon Dorenbos, and we have another trick.>>Yeah, yeah.
Okay. Same thing, say stop.>>Stop.
>>Okay, take it, look at it.>>Yup.
>>Show to the camera. I’m gonna show you guys
a really cool move. A lot of people wanna know how do
magicians get cards from the middle to the top so I’m gonna show you. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
put it face up so everybody can see it.>>Okay.
>>It helps me out, too.>>Yeah, cuz you can now see it.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah, I can see it.>>Watch the hand. If you take it this way,
and you just cover it, see that’s when your card will
jump to the top from the middle. Now, I know what you’re thinking. That’s called palming, and it is. So watch the queen. It’s when I palm it off the top. Let me see your hand. And then that’s when the queen will go, and that’s when you can
get it to disappear. So that’s how he does it. Now, here’s a misnomer right here.>>[LAUGH]
>>Everybody thinks it’s the top card. Everybody thinks it’s the top card,
but if you actually wait, it’s actually the second card. You see the seven? It’s when we just tap it, that your queen
will come back whenever we need it. We get your queen to jump. [SOUND] So that’s how he does it. I tell you what, watch the queen,
see it watch the queen. We’re gonna go here. Ellen, all I need you to do,
is snap your fingers in just seconds. Watch the five, snap your fingers. When you snap it jumps to the top
whenever we need, we can find it. Now, here’s the deal. I love doing tricks and I love this but the last time I
was on your show we had a picture. It’s one of my favorite pictures. I think this is really cool. I wanna bring it out and
show to everybody. It’s actually a picture of you and I but if you remember I’m actually
you thought of a 10 of spades.>>Yup.
>>Do you remember that?>>Yup.
>>Here hold it just like this. I’m gonna take your queen, and well we’re
gonna kind of make this up as we go here. Why don’t you hold one of the corners. The problem with this memory,
is when I look at it, it’s not up to date because there’s
a ten and you picked a queen.>>Mm-hm.>>Make sense?>>Yeah.
>>So if I hold the queen against the glass, watch. Hopefully we can get it to go through. See that? And see now I’m holding the queen there,
and we can actually go here too, and I actually thought what the heck. We’ll hold your corner as well, and
see that’s me holding the queen and the corner, and
there’s your picture just like that. Isn’t that cool, no,
I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that’s not that good, but
hey, I wanted to leave you with a memory. Because I have a memory and
you have a memory, so I thought you know what, what the heck. I thought I’d leave you with this as well. I wanted you to have a picture
just like I have a picture. And I wanted you to leave
holding that queen, just like the one I have in my house.>>Wow.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Ladies and gentlemen, Ellen DeGeneres. Thank you.>>What! What. [LAUGH]